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American Bleak House

A Nation's Will

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Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: MARK BRINE

Industry's grown quiet.. in more recent times, I find
Factories 'n textile mills.. no longer pound 'n grind
the workhouses 'n warehouses.. the America of my youth
has disappeared, a mist.. with the once-believed-in truths
Yes, streets were once so active.. there were trucks 'n lifts, thick traffic
I pass in mid-day silence now.. awed by death laid-out, so graphic

What has happened to us.. have we grown too big, too fast?
have we shipped it overseas ? .. are we truly of the past?
a vacant building, gutted-out.. with echoes ringing still
of the voices we believed in.. who were forging.. A Nation's Will

The hammering irons.. the forging steel.. the sparks that lit my dreams
so rarely flash to kindle.. what, now, is lost, it seems
the men you see them drunk now.. on the shanty town's main street
begging worn-out ghosts.. with too much time upon their feet.... yes...

What has happened to us?... have we given-in too fast?
Have we drowned in apathy?.. are we truly of the past
A vacant building, gutted-out.. with voices ringing still..
of the voices that we trusted in.. who were writing.. A Nation's Will
©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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