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All Alone & Blue - 21 Solo Performances

by Mark Brine

Released 2015
Kjk Recordings
Released 2015
Kjk Recordings
A Collection of Country-Blues "LIVE in the Studio" Recordings.
  • 02:22 Lyrics Top 'a the Mornin'

    Top ‘a the mornin’... to you... you... Yes, the darkest
    hour is over now ... It’s time t’ start anew...
    So.. Top ‘a the mornin’ to you...
    1. It seemed to take for-ever for that sunlight to appear
    But the dawn is clear... ya, it’s fin’lly here...
    time t’ wipe away those tears
    Yeah, I know it’s been a hard time
    tryn’a make it through the night
    but , it’s over now we pulled through somehow
    Let’s welcome in the mornin’ light
    2. Cock-a-doodle-doodle, yeah, that rooster’s got it too
    He ain’t no fool... he’s been patient too
    Hear ‘im croonin’ way the blues
    Yeah, rise ‘n shine... No there ain’t no time
    for dwellin’ in the past
    No, let’s celebrate the new daybreak ‘n
    live it while the moments last   .. and…
    ©1985 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:51 Lyrics Got Love?
    Written by Mark Brine
    Got Love?... Got Love?...
    Baby, You got Love?... You Got Love?
    Well, if you ain’t Got love.. I sure got plenty of
    (love for you)
    Got a Man?... Got a Man?
    Baby, You Got a Man? .. You Got a Man?
     if you ain’t Got a Man, baby.. Well, here I am
    I see you walkin’ down the street everyday
    You’re always by yourself.. ‘n you pass my way..
    ‘n I can’t help wonder why a girl (gal) like you ..
    Would ever be alone… ‘n I got to say…
    C2015 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:19 Lyrics All Alone & Blue
    Written by: Mark Brine
    All alone ‘n blue... Don’t know what in this world to do
    All alone ‘n blue
    All day long... All night too
    All I can think about is you
    Blue tears... Blue tears fallin’ from my eyes
    Blue... Tears
    Since you left me baby... Blue tears keep fallin’ like raindrops from the sky
    Please, baby... Please come home
    You know, you’re good man... He just can’t survive like this for long... Yes
    (Repeat verse one, fading)
    ©1985 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:07 Lyrics Duck Day Blues
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. It’s a duck day out here... Baby take a look
    It’s rainin’ like cats ‘n dogs
    Hey, let’s not spend all day..  just try’n to’ dodge
    in ‘n out’a them wet raindrops
    Yeah, it’s an H20 day.. ‘n it’s gonna stay that way
    We might as well settle on in
    ‘N make the best .. of the tryin’ not t’ get wet
    ‘Til ole Mr. Sun pokes his head out again
    Makes ya want to yawn... Lay up all day long
    There ain’t a whole lot you can do
    (2. I think I know what we could do)
    Hey, baby, pass me my guitar... I believe I’ll write a little tune
    (2. First let me play you my guitar ‘n sing ya this little tune.. ‘n I…)
    All about these duck day blues
    (2. Believe I’m gonna call it ‘The Duck Day Blues’)
    ‘N now that it’s all done, baby, let’s go ‘n have us some fun
    ‘N love away these duck day blues
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:08 Lyrics Some Ole Rambler's Shoes
    Written by: Mark Brine
    I feel about as worn out as some ole rambler’s shoes
    Been down too many highways... Had way too many blues
    1. I need a long vacation and you just don’t know how bad
    Been stepped on, done wrong for so long and it’s really kinda sad
    ‘Cause I never meant t’ hurt no one
    Tried t’ keep a Christian view
    But I feel about as beat-up as some ole rambler’s shoes
    Yeah, I feel about as worn out as some ole rambler’s shoes
    Been down too many highways... and way (2.much) too many blues
    Nothing makes no sense no more.. though it hurts to say it’s true...
    But, I feel about as worn out .. as some ole rambler’s shoes
    2. Always had my willpower… t’ keep me goin’ on
    But I swear that will’s been crushed so much
    “Til the power’s all but gone
    And I just can’t see no future ..It’s as dim and out-of-view
    And as faded as the shine on
    Some ole rambler’s shows
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:10 Lyrics Like a Norman Rockwell Print (Come to Life)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. With the boy in your arms we stood before the Judge
    In that office all cluttered ‘n piled
    His secretary in the background she was polishin’ her nails
    The Judge rose ‘n stood ‘n he smiled
    2. At the two of us there in our Sunday beset
    A little nervous yet in love as could be
    Then he recited those lines, those ever-famous weddin’ lines
    ‘N began the ceremony
    “N it was like a Norman Rockwell print come t’ life
    That day you became my wife
    Me in my suspenders, you in your bonnet
    With a prayer it’d all turn out right.. just like a
    Norman Rockwell print come t’ life
    3. Just a simple event... very little money spent
    We couldn’t afford t’ go on a honeymoon
    No, I remember we just went out t’ some restaurant
    Some late night diners
    ‘N sat there staring out at the moon
    4. While the kid banged away with his silverware drumstick
    on the plates ‘n just anything he could find
    Y’ know baby as simple as it all was I wouldn’t 
    change it for nuthin’... It’s gotta be
    one of my mem’ries of all-time ‘n like a ...
    ©1985  Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:23 Lyrics Cabin Fever Blues
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Cabin fever has truly got me down
    Ever since you left me, baby all I do is mope around
    And stay inside like some recluse
    Pinin’ away with these cabin fever blues
    2. I can see the lites .. in the valley below
    And I can’t help wonder darlin’ .. where you go
    And who you’re with ‘n what you do
    And it only complicates these cabin fever blues
    3. If I didn’t need you, woman... Lord knows I’d be gone today
    Somewhere’s down the highway
    Somewhere ‘bout a million miles away
    No, instead I just sit here like some poor excuse
    of a man with (these) cabin fever blues
    ©2003  Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:27 Lyrics Mr. Lazy Today
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Mr. Lazy today... Don’t want to do a single thing
    Feelin’ crazy that way.. just like a school boy in the spring
    Pickin’ my ole guit on the hammock swing...
    Ain’t some people got it made?
    Ain’t feelin’ my oats but hey what can I say
    Just suckin’ up lemonade the shade cause
    2. I’m Mr. Lazy today.. Don’t want to even talk
    Totally hazy today... Ain’t payin’ attention to the clock
    Watchin’ the world as it hurries on by
    Don’t want to get involved
    Do me a favor..  if you got you a problem
    Go somewhere’s else.. to get it solved please ..‘cause
    I’m Mr. Lazy today
    Mr. Lazy lackadaisical lazy me
    Ain’t gonna work up no kinda sweat, you bet, ‘cause
    I’m Mr. Lazy today
    3. Yeah, I’m Mr. Lazy today... Don’t want to do nuthin’
    Feelin’ dazed you could say..  ain’t no ands, ifs or buttin’s (‘bout it)
    Yeah, I’m Mr. Lazy today, etc.
    ©1987  Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:10 Lyrics Warren's Lil' Fix-It-Shop
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. You got a bike that won’t ride
    A cup that won’t drink
    Maybe your TV is on the blink
    Well ya don’t have’ta worry .. just make a little stop
    Yeah, bring it on by.. Warren’s lil’ fix-it-shop
    2. Hen won’t lay? Record won’t play?
    Clock won’t tell ya the time ‘a day?
    Well ya don’t have’ta worry .. just make a little drop
    Yeah, you can get it repaired at Warren’s (etc.)
    3. Pencil sharpened to the common first aid
    Ain’t too much that he can’t save, no, ya don’t (etc.)
    4. Toaster  cook the bread charcoal black?
    Drop it in the mornin’... It pops right back ? (etc.)
    ©1991 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:06 Lyrics Riverboy
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Ooouu... Ooouu... Ooouu... River boy
    Old man river’s calling you away
    Ooouu... Ooouu... Ooouu... River boy
    Follow your dream
    Leading you upstream... River boy... River Boy
    2. Ooouu... Ooouu... Ooouu... River boy
    A new world’s out there that you’ll enjoy
    It’s callin’ you... River  boy
    Chorus 2:
    So don’t look back now
    Just keep on movin’ somehow... River boy... River boy
    Maybe you’ll spend your life lookin’ back
    “N find out that you never can go back
    But River boy
    3. The time has come for you to go
    Day in, day out it’s beckoned your very soul
    Like a distant secret that you’ve just go to know
    ©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:49 Lyrics Sunday Ride
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Sunday ride, let’s take a Sunday ride
    Up ‘n down the country sittin’ close side by side
    Bring along the children.. Pack up them sandwiches, too
    ‘Cause I ain’t hurryin’ back.. from this Sunday ride with you
    2. All week long I’ve been waitin’ for the week t’ end
    Just so’s we could get out ‘n take a Sunday ride again
    Y’ know, sweetheart, your Daddy..  he’s really too easy t’ please
    Yeah, all I’m askin’ of ya..  is a Sunday ride with me
    We’ll find a little fruit stand
    Or a penny candy store
    We’ll just keep on drivin’
    “Til the road don’t go no more
    Sunday ride, yeah, let’s take a Sunday ride (please, baby)
    ‘Cause, darlin’ it’s relaxin’ ‘n it leaves me satisfied
    3. Some folks like Europe, others folks travel worldwide
    But I don’t need t’ go that far, I’ll settle for a Sunday ride
    There’s plenty ‘a scenery, plenty ‘a thing t’ do
    On a Sunday ride ‘specially when I’m ridin’ with you
    ©1989 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:34 Lyrics Old Black Joe

    Written by: Stephen Foster (arrangement by Mark Brine)


    Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay
    Gone are the toils of the cotton fields away
    Gone to the fields of a better land I know
    I hear those gentle voices calling, "Old Black Joe"

    I'm coming, I'm coming
    For my head is bending low
    I hear those gentle voices calling, "Old Black Joe"

    Why do I weep when my heart should feel no pain?
    Why do I sigh that my friends come not again?
    Grieving for forms now departed long ago
    I hear their gentle voice calling, "Old Black Joe"

    Where are the hearts once so happy and free?
    The children so dear that I held upon my knee?
    Gone to the shore where my soul has long'd to go
    I hear their gentle voice calling, "Old Black Joe"

    Public domain

  • 02:58 Lyrics Fishin' Day
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Today’s gonna be a fishin’ day
    I can feel it in my bones
    The birds are chirpin’ in the early dawn
    As if that ain’t enough reason alone
    2. Yeah, them fishes they’re gonna be bitin’
    I can tell with just one look
    Today they’re gonna be snappin’ up practically anything
    that ya want to be slappin’ on a hook
    Goin’ down t’ Beaver Creek
    With my ole cane fishin’ pole
    Either gonna bring me back a big one
    Or the greatest fishin’ tale ever told
    Ain’t gonna show at the job today
    Ain’t gonna work, no way!
    No I deserve a break today.. ‘n it’s gonna be a fishin’ day
    3. Yeah, today’s gonna be vacation time
    Playin’ hooky on the human race
    Gonna prop my back up against’a  river bank log
    ‘N smack a big ole smirk right across my face
    4. Ain’t a soul gonna spoil my hard-earned fun
    My time’s rolled around t’ play
    Don’t care what no-body’s got  t’ say...
    This is gonna be a fishin’ day.
    ©1989 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:52 Lyrics Too Many Blues (Lookin' for Some Colors)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    I’m lookin’ for some colors ‘cause I’ve got too many blues
    I’m lookin’ for someone who’ll know exactly what to do
    To brighten up a lonely heart (2. Life) with a love so good ‘n true
    Yeah, I’m lookin’ for some colors ;cause I got too many blues
    1. There’s a rainbow somewhere out there
    And it’s waitin’ just for me
    An un-tapped source of feelings
    Just waitin’ to be freed
    -a canvas waitin’ for  a brush
    To paint a masterpiece
    A romantic work of art
    Done with style, grace ‘n ease, yeah...
    2. Yes, somewhere in this world so dark
    There’s a light that’s shinin’ bright
    That’ll help me find the shades I need
    To make everything alright
     - as sure as there’s a mornin’ sun
    There’s a ray of hope for me
    Another day... Another chance
    For this poor heart to be free
    ©1988 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 01:52 Lyrics Lady, Where Do You Get Off?
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Lady, where do you get off
    Tellin’ me what to do?
    When it comes to the bein’ boss ‘round here
    Who commissioned you?
    you’re always givin’ orders like
    Some cluckin’ mother hen
    But this rooster’s had it up t’ here
    ‘N that’s all comin’ to an end, yeah...
    Tell me naggin’ lady
    Where do you get off? ...
    You’ve been ridin’ too long
    I believe you’ve missed your stop
    Ain’t try’na be rude.. I’m really not
    But, Madame, where do you get off?
    2. Every single day
    It’s the same ole jive
    You’re like some Hitler or Mussolini
    Walkin’ ‘round here alive
    Always dictatin’ on me
    Runnin’ off of your mouth
    You’re like a fountain of  fussin’
    With a wide-opened spout
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:44 Lyrics Love Is a Game (Like Russian Roulette) -Solo Version
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. There’s folks that’s gonna tell you that it’s easy
    That love’s a game of simple give-n-take
    But I ain’t ever known it to be like that ..‘cause..
    I’ve seen the many hearts that love can break
    2. Yes, the easy-come ‘n easy go romantics
    Never stickin’ with the hard times, sure t’ come
    ‘N before y’ know it, another life’s been shattered
    ‘N the pieces cut like glass when it’s all done
    ‘Cause love is a game but the stakes are high
    Y’ lose, y’ lose big ‘n it hurts inside
    Like Russian roulette it can take your life
    Love is a game but ‘cha gotta play it right
    3. So take this word of warning, if y’ will ‘n
    Never jump in without knowin’ from the start
    That the water might be deeper than you can handle
    So, beware ‘n keep a good eye on your heart .. ‘cause..
    ©1990 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:49 Lyrics Come Spring Blues
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Come spring I’ll be movin’ down the line (2x)
    Believe I’d move my shoes right now
    But it’s too cold in the winter time
    2. Come spring you won’t be seein’ me no more
    You’ll think about me sometimes … but you won’t see me anymore
    No, I believe you’ll appreciate me better then…
    When I don’t come ‘round your door
    Come spring it’ll be so darn pretty
    There’ll be flowers everywhere
    You’ll peek out your window lookin’ for me
    But I betcha I won’t be there... Anywhere... ‘cause
    3. Come spring I’m gonna be movin’ on down the line
    Yeah, come spring I’ll be doin’ just fine
    Can’t be waitin’ on you no more
    Sittin’ ‘round with this worried mind
    4. Come spring I won’t be your nuisance no more
    You won’t have’ta sweat about me like you’ve been doin’ more ‘n more
    No, you can save you lies ‘n promises
    For the next fool at your door
    ©1982 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:49 Lyrics The Ukelele Made Me
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. I came home this evenin’..  feelin’ all weary ‘n down
    Wadn’t in the mood f’ nothin’.. ‘cept for hopefully sleepin’ sound
    But there she was in the corner..  just’a starin’ up so sweet
    With that lil’ come-on look that spelt .. immediate trouble f’ me
    2. No, I didn’t want t’ do it .. but no matter how I tried
    She wouldn’t take her gaze off’a me.. with that Jezebel in her eyes
    Yeah, I knew there was no escapin’..  ‘n I soon lost any hold
    The more I tried to dodge it... The inevitable took control
    Yes, the ukelele made me.. I wadn’t in the mood
    But soon I was all entangled in writin’ this uke-a-diculous tune
    And I don’t know how they do it.. It’s a mystery to me
    But the ukelele made me..  ‘n they just won’t let ya be
    3. It’s a crime the way they lure you on... There oughta be a law
    A ukelele amendment or somethin’.. to prevent the way they awe
    You inta doin’ what ya really don’t want to... It’s a dirty rotten shame
    Yeah, it’s ukelele harassment,.. ‘n once again, guess who’s t’ blame
    ©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:53 Lyrics Guitar Boy
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. The guitar boy... he’s passing through
    Don’t matter where he’s from... it’s where he’s goin’ to
    ‘Cause when he sings them songs... the feelin’s what ya hear
    His message like water ... universal clear
    2. His britches are torn ‘n his shoes all worn
    From a hard road gone ‘n a many sung song
    Social commentary or a little romance
    A lilt or two for ‘s t’ make us dance.. hey
    Guitar boy
    Sing (pick) us your tune
    ‘N pass that ragged hat...
    We’ll tip you, too
    ‘N applaud you when ya done
    For your gift of joy
    ‘N be waitin’ your return someday...
    Guitar boy
    3. The guitar boy... he’s ragged but he’s right
    He helps ya forget all your worries ‘n strife
    ‘N when the early mornin’ comes he’ll be somewhere’s long-gone
    Miles down that road .. still ‘a pickin’-out that song... so...
    ©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP) 
  • 02:31 Lyrics Consider the Lillies
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Whenever I get t’ feelin’ I deserve much more in life
    Monetary compensation for the things I’ve done right
    Yes, the work of my own hands (that) I should be doin’ anyway
    It all just seems so selfish in the moment that I pray
    Consider the lilies that’s what Jesus used to say
    They neither spin nor toil yet how beautifully arrayed
    Our Father up in heaven He knows your every need
    (2. He has given you your wealth)
    Have faith and never worry... share amongst you and believe
    (2. To share with those less fortunate... yes, it’s yours to hoard or help)
    Yes, how we strive for comforts greater than what we yet have
    Feeling we’re entitled never seeing all the bad
    Yes, the hopelessness and hunger all around us, so much need
    Then we accuse our God that it’s His job when it’s really it’s our greed
    ©2001 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:34 Lyrics Time for Me to Be Gone
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. I think I’ve seen enough of this town ‘n it’s come time for me to be gone
    Yeah, I can hear my name ‘a callin’ down the line and it’s a tellin’ me to come on
    It’s like that ev-rytime .. it sorta echoes in my mind, until I’m long gone
    Then you see me on the tracks, the fadin’ image of my back, goin’ away from
    Yeah, it’s come time for me to be gone
    It’s come time for me t’ move on
    All I got ta say is so long
    ‘Cause, it’s come time for me t’ be gone
    Y’ know I couldn’t agree more like I’ve always done before with my own suggestion
    Yeah, cause movin’ down the line, it always suits me real fine without a question
    Y’ know, this hangin’  ‘round ‘n feelin’ down, I’m sure that it’s the key to my depression
    And so these shoes are gonna move ‘n when they do, they always do in some direction
    Y’ know, I’ve tried to settle down so many times but like the stone I keep on rollin’
    Ev’ry place I ever been’s another place I left or somewhere’s I was goin’
    And I can feel it comin’ on, it’s like a storm that’s buildin’ up, I’ll soon be blowin’
    Yeah, like that wind I’ll disappear before they get the chance’a ever really knowin’
    ©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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