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American Bleak House (The Complete Collection)

by Mark Brine

Released 2019
Kjk Recordings
Released 2019
Kjk Recordings
"THE Folk Protest album for the 21st Century. A recording of enormous SIGNIFICANCE, This is a declaration of independence from tyranny both social and artistic." - The late Joe Phillips (liner notes from the producer of the 2008 reissue)
  • 02:24 Lyrics Yankee Doodle Return

    Written by: Mark Brine

    I’m still waitin’ on YANKEE DOODLE
    t’ come ridin’ inta town
    sportin’ that feather stuck in his cap
    and bouncin’ up ‘n down
    Whistlin’ away on that patriotic old tune
    about freedom found (bound)
    Yeah, I’m still countin’ on Yankee Doodle
    t’come ridin’ inta town
    (Yeah, me I’m countin’ on Yankee Doodle 
    t’ come ridin’ inta town)
    With his chin up proud ‘n  unashamed
    I see him prancin’ along
    Pony Expressin’ ‘n bringin’ back
    any spirit that was gone
    He ain’t no politician
    He ain’t no high fallutin’
    He’s the everyday person like you
    Still believin’ in the truth 
    ‘N God we trusted in 
    t’ help us carry freedom through
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:54 Lyrics Nobody Hears the Heart

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    A million sounds all around you in constant hum
    Easily heard except for the calling of one
    Yes the one most needed hearing and so we’re apart
    In war and in cold ‘cause NOBODY HEARS THE HEART
    Nobody hears the heart
    So faintly reaching out
    Yet, its everywhere about
    Nobody hears, nobody hears the heart
    His word were so true its obvious He really knew
    ‘N He spoke with a wisdom so profound that it cut right through
    All that ever’d been said ‘ n it tore all their logic apart
    So they took His life ‘cause no one will hear the heart
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:17 Lyrics A Nation's Will
    • Written by: MARK BRINE

      Industry's grown quiet.. in more recent times, I find
      Factories 'n textile mills.. no longer pound 'n grind
      the workhouses 'n warehouses.. the America of my youth
      has disappeared, a mist.. with the once-believed-in truths
      Yes, streets were once so active.. there were trucks 'n lifts, thick traffic
      I pass in mid-day silence now.. awed by death laid-out, so graphic

      What has happened to us.. have we grown too big, too fast?
      have we shipped it overseas ? .. are we truly of the past?
      a vacant building, gutted-out.. with echoes ringing still
      of the voices we believed in.. who were forging.. A Nation's Will

      The hammering irons.. the forging steel.. the sparks that lit my dreams
      so rarely flash to kindle.. what, now, is lost, it seems
      the men you see them drunk now.. on the shanty town's main street
      begging worn-out ghosts.. with too much time upon their feet.... yes...

      What has happened to us?... have we given-in too fast?
      Have we drowned in apathy?.. are we truly of the past
      A vacant building, gutted-out.. with voices ringing still..
      of the voices that we trusted in.. who were writing.. A Nation's Will
      ©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 04:11 Lyrics American Nightmare

    Written by: Mark Brine

    I had an awful dream last night
    Lord, it was a terrible, terrible dream
    ‘N I saw our country falling
    In a series of many scenes
    It was an awful thing to witness
    An even harder thing now to share
    But I watched the American dream
    Turn into the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE

    I saw the innocent blood of millions
    Of little infants bein’ shed
    ‘N all’a the homeless, hungry faces
    In all’a the plenty still goin’ unfed
    ‘N it made me feel so sick ‘n helpless
    ‘N so alone in all’a my fear
    As I watched the American dream 
    turn into the American nightmare
    Chorus 1:
    There was an avalanche of confusion
    A cyclone of great despair
    Mass injustice spreading and you could see it everywhere
    Criminals released on the streets
    Committing atrocities beyond compare
    Yes and I watched the American dream
    Turn into the American nightmare
    There was tremblin’ people on their knees
    All prayin’ to God in vain
    ‘Cause for so long they’d rejected Him
    ‘N even tried to erase His name
    ‘N they’d slowly built their laws to dodge His
    For all’a their selfish wants ‘n cares
    ‘N I saw the judgment come down
    Like Sodom ‘n Gomorrah to the ground
    Chorus 2:
    ‘N I saw our flag ‘ a blazin’ 
    and the ashes sweep ‘cross the ground
    To where the tombs of the dead unknown soldiers
    Lay forgotten without a sound
    ‘N I saw respect disintegrate 
    along with all the morals, faith ‘n care
    (Doesn’t anybody out there care?) 
    and I watched the American dream
    Turn into the American nightmare 
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 05:33 Lyrics At the Gates (The Sentry's Observation)

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    There’s an ivory-colored castle
    Pen-quill from its stand
    Someone’s scratching a message
    To a far off distant land
    A rider on a pale horse
    Races thru a storm-filled night
    Lightnin’ cracks the bleak dark sky
    Casting pale ‘n frightening light
    A scarlet cloak is flapping 
    With a heavy gust-like snap
    A sentry moves to the gate
    From the tavern just beyond him
    Where the ales are passed and swung
    By the unaware and unconcerned
    Too lost in drunken fun
    A two-edged sword, it slices
    The wind in violent swipes
    The horse pounds on through the mounting storm
    To a harvest ever-ripe
    As the tear-stained ink dries on the notes
    that are rolled up in a grasp
    And the wax seal hardens the impression
    From the sacred ring (that it was cast
    The smell of death reeks the air
    The Sentry reacts
    Involuntary shivers bolt up
    And across his tightened back
    He turns toward the laughter
    Growing louder in the night
    Then in a jolt, back out to a thunderin’ sound
    In the dim and ghostly light
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 05:48 Lyrics In God They Trusted

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    IN GOD THEY TRUSTED, in God they came (went)
    In God they endured beyond all the pain (no matter what they were sent)
    Thru sufferings and toils to a new found land (in this)
    In God they trusted to lend (them) His hand
    They sailed for  the New World missionaries on a quest
    The Promised Land, Plymouth Rock each day further west
    And in all their hard travels no mater how dreams got dusted
    They never turned back for in God they trusted
    In the Revolutionary War one nation under Him
    Fought against tyranny ‘n was blessed to win and
    In the Civil War  they all prayed in a song
    Yes, when this country was divided they sang His truth marches on
    In God they trusted, in God they marched
    Thru the death and the mis’ry with that song in their hearts
    Thru the mud and the blood thru the terrible fight
    In God they trusted to lead them to right
    The World War’s came and they turned to Him
    Believin’ in freedom and that He’d help them again
    ‘N in the good times as well you’d always hear them sing
    God Bless American from shore t’ shore it would ring yes
    In God they trusted, in God they’d sing
    In the schoolrooms’ ‘n just everywhere you’d hear it ring
    For the blessings He’d shown for the freedoms they’d known
    In God they trusted never standing alone
    Then this nation forgot all that He’d brought them thru
    Turning their backs on the God they once knew
    ‘til they slowly unraveled ‘n lost all they had
    ‘N the world still remembers them in this epitaph sad
    In God they trusted in God they received
    In God they did things almost too great t’ believe
    But in God they grew tired too (high ‘n) mighty to tell 
    And for  that very reason in God they fell
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:49 Lyrics Amen

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    You and your evil message you are Satan’s advocates
    Spreadin’ his spiritual A.I.D.S. to our young, impressionable kids
    It makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear your trash
    Clutterin’ up the airwaves sellin’ your souls away for cash
    Promoting the god you’ve chosen here on earth in what you say 
    With your arrogant disposition you are going to have your day
    Sellin’ suicide and distorted life ‘n when it all hits the fan
    You run off ‘n hide your spineless self ‘n wash your blood-stained dirty hands
    Yeah, it’s off to your sin-bought mansion cryin’ “nobody understands”
    But, I’ll tell you what Mr. Superstar fool the rest of the world if you can
    ‘Cause I can see right thru your make-up and your snarlin’ 8 x 10s
    There’s a day of reckoning comin’ and when it gets here I’ll say “Amen!”
    Yes, your rewards foretold in the Lord’s own words why don’t you take a look sometime
    In the Good Book Luke Seventeen verse two ‘n it’s all just a matter of time
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:52 Lyrics Somebody's Child (The Atonal Dirge)

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    With tears in his eyes 
    He looked up at me
    In a doorway deserted
    In such a bitter agony
    Yes, ever cold was that night yet still
    Warmer than mankind
    I stood there in a sorrow
    That still weighs my mind
    Then turning in a glance
    With his tear in my eye
    Thru the smearing I could see
    Yet not understand why 
    For below me in my scan
    Of the neon-lit city
    There was lined and empty buildings ‘n I wondered
    Who more t’ pity
    Somebody’s Child, nobody’s own (anybody’s own)
    So precious, so innocent, yet (once precious, once innocent)
    Left all alone
    No one to reach out in a world full of hands
    All tuck in their own pockets
    Will they ever understand
    One inner city youth
    With no recalls of a Dad
    No direction, no example
    Of a man, has he had
    A message blastin’ in his ear
    From a perverted warped mind
    Who’ll call himself ‘brother’ but
    Really all the time, he’s just another
    Kinda slave trader one even 
    Worse than the first
    Who’ll sell not only a body
    But a soul for his thirst
    Of power and money then by the six o’clock news
    He’s somewhere out of the picture of one more 
    Dead inner city youth
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:27 Lyrics One Big Body

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    This World is ONE BIG BODY... try'na stay alive
    I need you, you need me... we work together to survive
    like the heart that pumps its life-givin' blood …
    like the one hand that washes the other
    This world is ONE BIG BODY... 'n we all need each other

    If your heart refused to do its job.. oh, what trouble you'd be in
    why, your members, they be hangin' around..
    with no means in which to begin
    'n that's the very reason.. that our world is in this mess..
    too many lazy hearts, ungiving.. all try'na
    feed their selfishness... but....

    If your brain said to your feet.. "Let's move, there's danger on the way"
    'n your feet said.. "no, I don't have t'... I'm gonna stay right here 'n play"
    well, we all know what'd come of you.. but, in the same breath, we can't see
    how our world is headed down the very same path...
    for its own stupidity... yes...
    ©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 03:14 Lyrics Plea for Forgiveness

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    I was driving down the road, the other day
    Coming to a red light I stopped there to wait
    When I overheard through my window a man in a crowd
    Screamin’ “BLACK POWER” with such anger and hate
    Sitting there in my sadness my mind drifted back
    To the sixties ‘n how I marched and how I  truly believed in all that
    Yes, that men are equal and universal Brothers in one
    Like Jesus once taught us to forgive and to love
    But it seems like no matter how hard that we try
    t’ make up for wrongs we just can’t let ‘em die
    Innately we’re all trapped in our self serving greed
    For power and money so no one is free
    Yeah, its us against them and them against us
    There ain’t hardly no one in this world you can trust
    Except  for dear God so we put our belief
    in Him ‘n ignore his true road to peace
    Yeah, its white against black and poor against rich
    Muslims against Jews, Protestants and Cath’lics
    Yeah, everyone’s fightin’ too self-righteous to see
    That it ain’t good for nothing except more misery
    What a sad world it is and it just breaks my heart
    How mankind is so hell-bent on bein’ apart
    When the answers so simple ‘n in the words of Our Lord
    Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called
    The children of God
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:28 Lyrics Old Fashioned Girl

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    She's tender soft.. 'n sensitive.. with a barrette in her hair
    I see her still.. in her laced-white blouse.. complexion, pure 'n fair
    as she graces through her world.. so undefiled 'n precious...
    An Old Fashioned Girl...

    o-o-o-Old Fashioned Girl … how could I ever be unkind?
    Show the slightest disrespect... or even let it cross my mind?
    for your sweet innocence deserves.. to be cherished in a world
    where it's so rare to come upon... an Old Fashioned Girl

    The perfect Lady... her words are clean... 'n around her, I watch mine
    'cause, tears come easy...'n they ain't put-on.. it's just she lives a different time
    of when a girl was held to be a girl... 'n a man behaved accordingly...
    around his Old Fashioned Girl
    ©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 03:15 Lyrics Old Folkies at Home

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    Callin’ up talk radio complainin’ on the phone
    Everybody gets their fifteen minutes to moan

    Yeah, the old folkies at home
    Sittin’ on a sofa all alone 
    Watchin’ the world news
    Where’d it all go wrong?
    Pointin’ the remote another station flicks on 
    For the old folkies at home
    And, it’s women who love men who loved folk music
    Who’ve lived t’ see Hattie Carroll played out in reverse
    In the carnival courtrooms where justice puts
    Another (a different)  tragicomedy mask on
    For the old folkies at home
    The old folkies at home
    Livin’ in the aftermath of an 
    Age, that’s so unknowin’
    Of everything they worked for … and 
    Sang about in song, yes, the old folkies at home
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 09:25 Lyrics P.C. Blues (I Just Can't Civilize Myself Enough)

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    Po-lit-ically correct? no siree
    You’re lookin’ at Mr. Non-conformity ‘ cause I won’t
    No I could never civilize myself to be
    What I know ain’t me, I like t’ be free
    Think for myself not collectively so I don’t
    No, I could never civilize myself enough
    Like I could by inta what Mr. President says
    But I know it’s theatrics ‘n just messin’ with my head so I 
    Don’t ‘cause I just could never civilize myself t’ politicians
    ‘Cause they’re so full’a crap ‘n patronizin’ riff-raff that
    It don’t make no sense no how ‘ n I’m smarter than that
    So you see, I could never civilize myself’ t’that
    F’ instance I could agree that it’s alrite
    T’ take an infant’s live before it’s ripe but I don’t
    ‘‘Cause I just can’t see ‘n I doubt I ever will 
    No I’m sure its’ a fact y’ wouldn’t need t’ do that
    If it wasn’t alive in the first place n’ matter which end it’s 
    At so ya see I could never civilize myself t’ kill
    No I just can’t  civilize myself t’ sell myself give up
    Myself t’ please someone who don’t even know how in 
    The world t’ think for themselves
    Hey I could believe we evolved from the apes
    Like the intellects say but the thought just escapes my mind
    No I could never civilize myself to just bananas!

    ‘Cause the make-up of man ‘n nature is so
    Precisely constructed why even a fool would know there’s a God
    No I could never seen no truth in what they hand us
    And E-col-ogy it’s important t’ me
    But I’m much more concerned with the pollution of young minds y’ see
    And it’s rampant yet no one gives a damn ‘bout that reality!
    No, they fend for the whales ‘n owls ‘n trees
    ‘N promote the annihilation of innocent humanity bass ackwards!
    With their Dr. Death self-righteous piety!
    ‘N they scream about guns ‘n how they all should be 
    Outlawed with no mention of res-pon-siblity but I never
    Seen a weapon go on t’ college ‘n get itself a degree
    ‘Cause it ain’t got no brain hey it’s only a tool
    Like a hammer or an axe the end result’s what you choose t’
    Do with it good ‘n evil that’s just a product of you ‘n me!
    No I just can’t civilize myself or tell myself convince myself 
    That someone else is somehow t’ blame for the things that I do 
    No I accept it myself
    Yup I could to like alotta folks do
    look out for number one ‘n worship money, too but I can’t
    ‘cause I could never civilize myself t’ do 
    what I know is all wrong, yeah I feel that strong ‘n that’s why
    I’m strugglin’ barely getting’ along but oh well still
    I could never civilize myself …
    Example, I could write songs that I know would sell
    ‘bout evil ‘n sinnin’ ‘n the road t’ hell but I don’t
    ‘cause, I could never civilize myself t’ tell
    (you) what I know ain’t true ‘n what’d only hurt you
    ‘n that’s why I hate ‘em ‘n suffer for what’s true, yeah I do
    Still I could never civilize myself …
    Yeah, the things that I write come straight from the heart
    I never been a yes-man ‘n I ain’t ‘bout t’ start f’’ no one
    No, I could never civilize myself t’lie
    for some financial gain I think it’s a shame
    the filth I hear turned out mis-using art as it’s name ain’t so!
    ‘n I could never prostitute myself f’ money!
    No, I just can’t civilize myself, sell myself, give up myself
    t’ please the world who ain’t got a clue just where they’re
    headin’, no I preserve myself
    Civil rights, I full agree
    but there’s a handful ‘a people that take it to the extreme degree
    of absurdity, no I just can’t civilize myself t’ see
    Some ‘a them far-fetched claims why you’d just have’ta be insane
    like our judicial system not t’ see thru the games people play
    no, I just can’t civilize myself t’ greed
    Hey, no don’t get me wrong you know damn well who I mean
    them criminals ‘n lawyers with their blood-money schemes it’s
    disgusting! ‘n spit in the face of everything that’s right !
    Hey when you’re outside of the law, you don’t deserve any law!
    You forfeit it buddy shoulda thought’a that before so bear with it!
    ‘n accept the fruit’a your eviil way of life!

    ‘n all the private-interest groups, they just get on my nerves
    with all their squawkin’ ‘n complainin’ ‘bout what they deserve
    it’s a beach, I wish they’d all just go ‘n get themselves a life!
    ‘steada complicatin’ mine with their public displays
    of perverse promiscuity ‘n all that “We’re in your face!” get a grip
    ‘cause I’ll just never agree with what I know deep down ain’t right!
    Y’see it’s like “Lord of the Flies” children unsupervised
    as the good’s slowly pushed out the evil will rise don’t be fooled
    no, you should never civilize yourself enough
    t’ where ya can’t see what’s wrong or right anymore
    ‘cause the Man’s coming back mite even be at the door so be ready
    ‘n don’t you ever civilize yourself enough ‘n that’s why
    I just can’t civilize myself, sell myself, give up myself
    t’ please the world who refuse t’ see where they’re headin’
    no, I just deal with myself
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:46 Lyrics Only Way Out'a Here Alive

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    Jesus is the ONLY WAY OUT’A HERE ALIVE
    In this war that’s ragin’
    (This battlefield’s a ragin’)
    Attacks on every side
    Land mines (pit falls) everywhere ya step
    Evil’s on the rise ‘n
    Jesus is the only way out’a here alive
    Have ya looked around ya, lately
    At what’s coming down
    The mess this world is in
    Insanity abounds
    Satan’s on the loose
    Violence on the rise
    Are these the days of Tribulation
    That were prophesized?
    Jesus is the only way out’a here alive
    If you’ll only follow Him ‘n stay rite by His side 
    (he’ll lead you to a new life)
    He’ll lead you to the clear beyond all this crazy strife
    (above this mass confusion, this never-ending strife) yes
    Jesus is the only way out’a here alive
    Yeah, freedom’s disappearing
    One by one they’re takin’ away
    Everything ya once believed in
    Never thought you’d see the day
    Twistin’ and a turnin’ and a warpin’ everything
    From the Constitution t’ the Bill of Rights
    ‘til they just don’t mean a thing
    Mutilators, serial killers
    Makin’ millions on their crimes
    From movie rights t’ sellin’ art
    D’ya think we’ve lost our minds?!
    The laws protect the criminals while
    The crud’s boiled to the top
    ‘N no one’s doin’ nuthin’ ‘bout it
    D’ya think it’s gonna stop?
    The city’s are exploding’
    There’s an earthquake goin’ on
    Yet, everybody’s so absorbed ignorin’
    All the wrong
    But it’s never gonna go away
    Believe me day by day
    It’s only multiplyin’
    Ya, now’s the time t’ pray ‘cause
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 04:57 Lyrics Down Amity Street

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    The Raven swoops down.. 'n in through the sliver-like street
    You follow as it glides.. through the darkness...the narrow 'n bleak
    into the dismal haze that has settled, complete...
    like a fog.. thickly silent... running... Down Amity Street

    In the Attic, hunched over a desk.. like a madman, in chains that caress
    He writes in a flickering.. candle-lit-ness
    his shadow quivering on the wall's yellow-ness
    'n his thoughts... they wander away... Down Amity Street

    Oh, if the world only knew.. the pain that you suffered through
    (2. That they put you through)
    the rejection 'n poverty (2.sadness) too
    the Artists, they always mis-use
    the Gifted, they forever abuse... Yes,

    Edgar... it's just too true
    ©2008 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

"If I was a rich man I'd buy about 50,000 copies of Mark Brine's CD "American Bleak House" and not only send to all my friends for inspiration but to politicians, preachers, lawyers, scam artists, greed hounds, and every other rotten egg that tears my world apart. Forget comparisons to Dylan and Guthrie. This is pure Mark Brine, screaming, pleading, and bleeding from the heart, with a double shot of truth we all need to hear.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "- Eddie Russell/Country Eastern/Outlaw For Peace Radio.

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