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for Karrie

by Mark Brine

Released 2003
Wild Oats Records
Released 2003
Wild Oats Records
“Mark Brine must be Americana’s best kept secret … I tell you, I am absolutely knocked out by "for Karrie" and its warm stories and beautiful picking.” – Pete Smith, Country Music Round Up
  • 03:31 Download Lyrics Up On Elk's Ridge
    Written by Mark Brine 
    Up on Elk's Ridge ... where you promised to be mine. 
    I carved your initials in that evergreen pine
    'n whenever I would see you ... down at Coggin's feed
    with your Daddy by your side ... you'd always sneak a wink at me. 
    Gosh, I couldn't sleep, back then ... I'd lie nights in my bed
    with visions, so private ... rushin' thru my head
    'n whenever I would see you ... they'd replay in my thoughts
    'n I'd flush that you might see them ... 'n somehow I'd be caught. 
    Chorus:  Yeah, up on Elk's Ridge ... where it all began. 
    I was a boy ... becoming a man (2. I was your boy but now I'm your man)
    and you were a girl ...a lady to be
    (2.  And you're still the girl ... the lady for me..’cause…)
    and we made our commitment ... beneath that evergreen tree ...
    yes, you 'n me, babe ... up on Elk's Ridge.  
    Well, our children, they've grown up ... and all but moved away. 
    It’s been many'a year, now ... since that so-eventful day. 
    And, darlin' my feelings ... they've grown, but haven't changed
    you're still my young sweetheart ... so let's go back again ... yes ... 
    ©2003 Mark Brine  -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:28 Lyrics for Karrie

    Written by: Mark Brine
     I wish ... I could write ... a song FOR KARRIE
     one that would win her love for me
     'cause, for Karrie I would give my soul
     'n tho that cliche might be overused 'n old
     it's just so true ... of what I feel ... for Karrie
     If I could only put in notes ... what I feel ... for Karrie
     'n find the choicest lyrics 'n word them perfectly
     'n place them just so right.. none that seem the slightest trite
     oh, how I wished ... I could write a masterpiece ... for Karrie
     for Karrie is my every girl
     My one 'n only true love in this world
     But, she doesn't know what I truly feel in me
     She thinks I'm just another fool in love
     with her natural, pure femininity
     But, it's so much more than that
     that makes me yearn ... for Karrie
     If I could serenade like Romeo ... beneath her window
     A romantic piece I'd composed 'n maybe win her
     But, my poetry's so weak ... it'd need be so unique
     to be like some knight ... in shining armour ... for Karrie
    ©2003 Mark Brine -   Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:37 Lyrics Baby, You Move Me
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Lookin’ like a snake you wiggle in
    Baby, get so excited, I just don’t know where t’ begin
    You got that black dress on ‘n it’s so sleek
    ‘n you’re so slick ‘n ... baby, oouuu
    Hey, baby doll let’s stay right here ‘n get a word
    ‘n get this straight between me ‘n you .. ‘cause baby
    You move me ...  Yeah, baby… 
    You move me
    ‘n I can feel it shake just like an earthquake above my feet
    ‘cause, Baby you move me
    2. Sizzlin’ hot property, baby that’s you
    I know my lady when I see her ‘n I do
    You got more going for you than most woman ever dream of
    Yes, whatever you are needin’ sure I’ll do my best t’ see ya through
    ‘cause ... (chorus)

    3. What’s a man like me supposed t’ do
    As lucky as I am t’ have me a lady like you
    I just can’t help it, can’t control it, wanna hold it back but baby doll can’t do
    So let me express it to you, darling.. ‘cause I swear it’s gonna satisfy ya too
    Yeah, baby .. (Chorus)
    ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:17 Lyrics Once A Soldier (Always A Hero)
    Written by: Eddie Russell
    You know who you are.  I don't have to say your name. 
    But I would like to thank you for the sacrifice you made. 
    A pair of combat boots a closet tucked away
    is all that you have left ..for the price you had to pay. 
    Chorus:  once a soldier.. always a hero
    every man and woman.. who fought for Uncle Sam
    deserves a golden medal.. and a pedestal on high. 
    For those of you still living and for those who had to die
    once a Soldier always a hero. 
    Yes I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
    I don't believe in war but the war you didn't start. 
    You only did your duty, your patriotic call. 
    America's true hero and I thank you one and all. 
    ©2003 Eddie Russell/Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:40 Lyrics You Ain't Feelin' With A Full Deck
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1. Got a feelin' in my heart
    that you ain't feelin' with a full deck
    the way you keep me hangin' on
    just what else do you expect. 
    You ain't been givin' all the way
    'n I can feel your cold neglect
    And it hurts t' say it darlin’
    but you ain't feelin' with a full deck. 
    Chorus:  You ain't feelin' with a full deck
    You ain't been doin' your good man right
    Ain't feelin' with a full deck
    when you deal your cards at night
    You been puttin' your doin' off
    Ain't been checkin' up on what you should check
    'n baby I just can't help but think ...
    you ain't feelin' with a full deck
    2. Every night it's just the same
    I lay 'n count the ceiling cracks
    while you are fast asleep 'n dreamin'
    it's hard to talk to someone's back
    'n it just don't seem to get no better
    more 'n more it’s takin' affect. 
    'n day t' day I'm more convinced
    that you ain't feelin' with a full deck
    ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:18 Lyrics 8th Grade Romance ( ... And They Danced)
    Written by: Mark Brine
     8th GRADE ROMANCE at the Friday Night Dance
     the boys in one corner 'n the girls in the other
     then I seen her come in ... in her plaid dress so trim
     angelic white blouse her girlfriends gathered about
     petite with silk hair all I could do was stare
     at her charismatic smile time stopped for a while
     then, the lover boys darted, even me I started
     till my shyness took hold 'n I just stood there cold ...
     AND THEY DANCED ... and they danced ...
     And they danced ... and they danced
     Each one of them wishin' he could be
     the boy t' walk her home, t' call her his own
     yeah, every one except me ...
     No, I (2. they) just stood there watchin'
     too afraid t' take a chance
     As they danced ... and they danced ... and they danced
     Out of the boy's room ... her, out 'a the girl's room
     "Hello, there" she said ... I turned my head
     Embarrassed a bit ... she overlooked it ... said
     "I couldn't help but notice you when I came in" ... I said "Me, too"
     "Was hopin' you'd ask me t' dance, but you passed me"
     I explained I felt shy ... she said, "That's the very reason why"
     she'd been taken to me 'n I came then t' see
     that sometimes what we hide is really, all the while, on our side
     'n if ya think I was surprised .. ya should'a seen the eyes
     of all 'a my friends when the new couple came in ...
    ©2003 Mark Brine  -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:12 Lyrics Always Open Arms

    Written by: Mark Brine
    Where do I go ... when the wind blows bitter cold
    to where it's always peaceful, warm ..and I’m always free from harm. 
    Yes, where is there always ... the truest love found waiting
    when there's none left, in the world
    and it's so unsettled and uncalm ...
    Chorus:  Your always open arms ..Yes, your (2.  Lord, your ...)
    forever out-stretched arms. 
    You're my port in every storm ..when I'm injured, hurt 'n torn ...
    where do I return ... Yes, where do I always turn ... to ... your always open arms. 
    Where is my strength ... when I'm all, but, beaten down
    and crushed, just like a flower ... in the world's cruel, gripping palm. 
    Yes, where is there the magic ... and the cure-all for my ails. 
    Where is all the love, I'll ever need ... in your ... always open arms ... 
    ©2003 Mark Brine  -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:21 Lyrics Riverboat

    Written by:  Mark Brine
     A scene comes back from, oh, so very long ago
     of a barefoot boy, upon these banks ... and the RIVERBOAT
     Riverboat ... carry me away
     (3.Before you go ... please carry me away)
     School days lost to wanderlust ... while my feet would soak
     in the flow of dreams ... that brought me you ... oh, riverboat
     Riverboat, you've passed my by ... oh, so many years
     Take me to where 'er you go ... 'cause you'd surely know ...
     Just anywhere ... oh, riverboat ... riverboat
     carry me away
     Time has aged you so ... old riverboat
     in the blurry mist ... you glide so slow ... old riverboat
    ©2003 Mark Brine -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:42 Lyrics Mae West Momma
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Got me a Mae West Momma.  She looks like that movie star. 
    Got me a Mae West Momma.  She acts like that movie star. 
    She got a birthmark on her cheek and her elbow on the bar. 
    She got a frontside that don't quit, a backside that don't fit. 
    She's always cussin' anybody that gives her any lip, my
    Mae West momma.  Man, that Momma's fine. 
    If you don't treat her with respect Lord-o-Lord, she'll slap ya blind. 
    She's stoppin' traffic on the street.  All them cats give up their seat. 
    Just like a fryin' pan on feet, whenever she turns on the heat,
    My Mae West momma.  Shoot, that gal is sweet. 
    She's a sight for my sore-eyeballs whenever hers, and my lids meet. 
    She hangs down the casino, sometimes from a chandelier. 
    She got arrested for assault ‘n  she bit the sergeant on the ear. 
    She knows a buncha good half Nelson's. Man, that gal is mean. 
    She's my Mae West momma, and she can handle any scene. 
    She's got a mink that don't stop growin',a credit card at Saks…
    diamonds and big hairdo's there ain't nothin' my gal lacks – my
    Mae West momma.  Lord, that gal is cool. 
    She waves a fan made in Japan, and she ain't anybody's fool. 
    ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:54 Lyrics Stephen
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Those days we spent in Chinatown becoming friends again.
    Fate brought us together, once more that we might speak of then. 
    Yes, our early years in Cambridge when we longed for nothing less
    than, how the future would unfold when we would finally leave the nest ...
    oh ... oh ... oh. 
    Chorus:  Stephen ... my childhood friend (2. old) (3. life-long)
    if I could only see you again ... oh ... oh.  (Who can foresee the ends)
    Stephen ...
    I took South to search it out.  You went to Broadway. 
    I wrote songs about the past.  Your film retold those days. 
    Was it all so sacred to us?  Yes, it truly must have been
    for I still find myself returning 'n peeking back now 'n then ...
    oh ... oh ... oh ... (Chorus)
    How much we shared as Brothers in our music and love for art
    and that last time that I saw you still darkly warms my heart ...
    yes ..never to be forgotten like when we spoke of it all back then
    in those days we spent in Chinatown ... becoming friends again ...
    oh ... oh ... oh 
    ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:55 Lyrics Even Blind Faith Has To See

    Written by: Mark Brine
    Girl, you're always ... leadin' me on
    what you're wantin' me to do
    is follow with my eyes closed
    but, I can't help doubtin' you. 
    'Cause, I've given you, just every chance
    but, the way it looks to me is, time has come for provin'
    'cause, even blind faith has to see. 
    Chorus: Yes, even blind faith has to see the dawn of hope ... eventually. 
    Every highway leads some place ... somebody wants to be. 
    So don't ask me to follow ... 'cause, somethin' keeps on tellin' me ...
    that words are only words ... and even blind faith has to see. 
    Your sensuous moves, and your quicksand eyes
    I'll admit, they turn me on. 
    But, every night my loneliness reminds me I was wrong. 
    If this is just some ... ego thing ... and ya think the wool's pulled over me. 
    Well, baby ... that just don't get it 'cause, even blind faith has to see. 
    ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:24 Download Lyrics Blue Roses

    Written by: Mark Brine
    Mr. Florist ... could you fill an order that, I know, might sound strange. 
    But I'd like to send them to the lady that used to wear my name. 
    Blue Roses ... if ya have them.. might express the way I feel
    'cause, even tho, it's been some time.. my love for her's still real. 
    Chorus: Blue Roses and a note that says Je t'aime ... pour la vie. 
    'Cause, she might think I'm over her ..but that's just never gonna be. 
    And even if it's too late, I'd like to still send them along
    so, she'll know I'm really sorry that I treated her so wrong. 
    There always was a special place.. for roses in her heart. 
    And, I was like that too, once.. but, now we're worlds apart. 
    And I know, now.. what she meant to me.  I was just too blind to see. 
    But, it's better late than never and, there might still be time, so please. 
    ©1983 Mark Brine/Streets of Gold Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:33 Lyrics Back Roads
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1.I wandered down the back roads last nite
    Deep into the sleeping hands of time
    Back to the home that we once knew
    and I saw a fleeting glimpse (there) of you
    in your school uniform with your long blonde hair
    ‘n that tie you used to wear
    And we were pals once again
    In those few short moments lost in space
    And I remember feeling just so overwhelmed
    At simply seein' your little face
    And I ran my hand across your head (for good luck)
    Like I always used t' do way back then
    As you showed me your drawing of a truck
    And in that moment, the dream came to an end
    Back roads - back roads
    Down the back roads of ( time
    Back roads - back roads
    Down the back roads of my (2.your) mind
    2. It’s sad how the paths of life just stray
    Fathers and sons how they go their separate ways
    Yes, I realize it’s all the Master's plan
    He molds you in His hands - you've become a full grown man
    But, I only hope that one day in your travels
    No matter where the road may go 'n how the tale unravels
    Yes, somewhere when you stop to look behind
    You'll know I'll always be there
    down the back roads of your mind
    ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI) 
  • 05:25 Download Lyrics Fly Away

    Written by: Mark Brine
    The mist above the graveyard looked like freedom reaching up
    caressing the early darkened sky. 
    And I felt a part of me let go and it felt so good to feel my spirit fly –
    fly away, fly – away. 
    From all the madness and sadness of this world the never-ending wars. 
    Of pig-piles, groping, twisting, tanglin', fightin' for the pie
    and yet still always wantin' more - no, fly - away, fly – away. 
    Bridge:  Fly – away, fly – away. 
    The seed is placed deep in the dirt or else it cannot bloom. 
    Still the flower just takes so very long
    to come up thru the filthy earth and reach out towards the sun
    like as if, to fly – away.  Yes, to fly away. 
    Shedding of its seed and self upon the tilled earth's surface bare. 
    Yes, it’s all the Gardener's plan to pick His special roses
    for His mansion in the air - and in the air, we fly – away, fly – away.
    ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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