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I Deliver

by Mark Brine

Released 2006
KJK Records
Released 2006
KJK Records
Early styled 12 bar blues originals, old saloon piano work and some great finger picking.
  • 03:47 Lyrics Jessica Blue
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Jessica blue...I love you
    Really do... Miss Jessica Blue
    ... I can see you in your bedroom light
    ... While I sit out here in the moonlit night
    ‘N just sing for you... Miss Jessica Blue
    2. It’s just so hard...  for a shy boy t’ say
    What’s on his mind...  but I’m gonna some day
    But for now, I’ll just sit up here in this loft
    Until your bedroom light goes off ‘n I’ll just
    Sing for you ... Jessica Blue ... (‘n play this guitar, too)
    Chorus 1:
    Wishful thinkin’ ‘bout the one I love
    Jessica Blue ... it’s you
    Day in day out ... It’s like a never-endin’ thing ... Yeah,
    That’s all I ever wanna t’ do ...
    Cause, Jessica Blue ... I sure got these blues for you
    Chorus 2:
    Sleepy dreamin’ of the one you love
    Who could it be, Jessica Blue?
    What I wouldn’t give just t’ know it was me ... Why,
    That’d make all my dreams come true ... ‘cause
    Jessica Blue ... I’m just wild about you
    Yeah, Jessica Blue ... I sure got the blues for you
    ©1985 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:56 Lyrics Cranky Ole Cantankerous Cow
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Got a cranky ole cow ... she’s an onry ole grouch ... ain’t got
    The faintest idea of what bein’ cheerful’s all about
    She just chews her cud ‘n frowns all day
    She’s forever on a down ‘n that’s why I say
    She’s just a cranky ole cantankerous cow
    2. When she ain’t in the mood ... Which is pretty nearly all the time
    She won’t give me no milk or even any peace of mind
    she’ll just lie up in the barn..’n snarl ‘n snort
    ‘til the cows come home… And it’s because of course ...
    She’s just a cranky ole cantankerous cow
    Got me this mean ole cantankerous ...
    Sometimes it’s disastrous ..  try’n get along somehow
    with that cranky ole cantankerous cow
    3. I’ll say “Good mornin’, Mrs. Cow”
    And I’ll give her a big smile
    She’ll just say “What’s so good about it, you ole crocodile!!”
    I’ll give it one more try ... “My, don’t you look good today”
    She’ll just shake her head… ‘n just walk away
    What an impossible, cantankerous ole cow
    ©1989 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:06 Lyrics Let's Get Down Tonite
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. You hang around ... your face is down ... why don’t you just
    Come around ... oh, baby ... let’s get down tonight
    You contemplate ... you sit ‘n wait but ain’t no time to
    Hesitate ... ooh, baby ... let’s get down tonight
    Chorus 1:
    You sit ‘n fuss ... you won’t say much ... It’s been so long since
    the two of us ... oouuu, baby… Yeah…
    Let’s have fun ‘n get undone ... let’s not wait
    ‘Cause the night’s still young ... oh, baby ...
    Let’s get down tonight
    2. Let’s move our feet ... get up off that seat ... ‘n find some place
    Where they got a beat ... oh, baby ... let’s get down tonight
    You wear your smile ... put it on a while ... ‘cause, we’re gonna do this
    Up in style ... oouuu, baby, let’s get down tonight
    Chorus 2:
    You sit ‘n pout ... you won’t go out ... you won’t do nuthin’
    But, mope about ... and baby…
    That’s the main thing wrong ... it’ll all be gone ... if you just listen
    ‘n come along ... oouuu, baby ... let’s get down tonight
    ©Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 05:37 Lyrics Still Waitin' For a Train
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Still waitin’ for a train.. t’ take me from this lonesome town
    All around the station.. ‘n the blues keeps fallin’ down (like rain)
    2. Look’it that moon slowly rollin’ across that dark molasses sky
    Yeah, time creeepin’ like a lazy clock ... Still that train gonna git
    Here, by ‘n by
    I swear, I just don’t know if I’m gonna make it
    ‘Til the hour ..that train arrives
    3. There’s people in this town.. make a career out’a puttin’ me down
    Yeah, there’s some people in this town make me feel like I ain’t nuthin’
    but some kinda dirt t’ kick around
    But when the mornin’ come up, real early  ... I ain’t gonna be
    nowhere to be found
    4. But, still .. still waitin’ for a train
    ‘N the blues keeps fallin’ down
    Still waitin’, still waitin’ ... got my head hung down
    ©1994 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:31 Lyrics Chickenfeed
    Written by: Mark Brine
    It’s come to my attention these last couple of days
    About human beings ‘n animals.. ‘n the roles they come to play
    Now, this farm is a prime example.. of who’s the beast of burden breed
    And who’s got it made on Easy Street... ‘n who gets ... Chickenfeed
    1. Now, you take that fat ole pig, I wish you would
    ‘Cause all he does … is oink a lot ‘n fill his face
    ‘N roll ‘round in the mud
    But me, I work my buttock off for everything
    in life I need.. And all I ever got for all my work is ... Chickenfeed
    2. That lazy rooster crows at the break of ev’ry day
    Lovin’ on them chickens ... that’s what pays his way
    Why couldn’t I have a job like his, ‘cause really
    it’s more my speed
    No, instead I gotta slave ... for chicken feed
    Chickenfeed ... Chickenfeed ... these farm (yard) blues
    are killing me  ... eeeee ...
    I put my heart ‘n soul in.. tryin’ so hard to succeed
    ‘N what’d I get ... you guessed it ... Chickenfeed
    ©1987 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:54 Lyrics I Deliver
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. When you’re sitting ‘round the house ...on those boring, lonely nights
    And you start to cravin’ love to satisfy your appetite
    Well, baby, you know my number ... there’s no need to go without
    ‘Cause I’m just waiting by the telephone for whatever you need carried out ...’n..
    I deliver ... No, don’t you ever feel ashamed (2.hesitate) to call
    I deliver ... Whether it be an order large or small ... anytime at all ...
    ‘cause, I Deliver
    2. In the early morning hours ... when the hunger gets the worse
    Through the middle of the day ... always think about me first
    ‘Cause though I know there’s lots of competition out there ...
    When you call me, it’s understood
    That what you’re going to get is top of the line ... and mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
     good ... ‘cause ….
    ©1993 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:37 Lyrics Mrs. Blues
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. So long, Mrs. Blu ... uu ... es ... that’s the perfect name for you
    Always mopin’ around ‘n scuffin’ your shoes
    Forever unhapp ... pp ... y ... With ev’ry thing I’d ever do
    Yeah, hello peace of mind ... So long, Mrs. Blues
    Chorus 1:
    Hello peace ‘n quiet ... So long, Mrs. Blues
    I bet my ears will ring for about a week or two
    But just knowin’ that your squawkin’ ‘n complainin’s fin’lly thru ...
    well ... Hello peace of mind ... So long, Mrs. Blues
    2. Goodbye, undertaker ... well, that’s the way you always looked
    Like someone had just died ‘n you were completely overtook
    ‘N if it wasn’t that long fa ... aa ... ce ... then it was them
    famous sour grapes ... yeah, ‘n it got t’ the point, baby,
    where I just dreaded t’ see your face
    Chorus 2:

    Hello peace of mind ... So long, Mrs. Blues
    I bet my heart will break for about a minute or two
    But just knowin’ that you’re leavin’ ‘n you’re swearin;
    it’s all thru ... well ...
    Hello peace of mind ... So long, Mrs. Blues
    ©1984 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:34 Lyrics Tom Cattin'
    Written by: Mark Brine

    Struttin’ down the alley with my white spats on...lookin’ for some pussycat
    to carry on... I’m Tom Cattin’ ... Yeah, I’m Tom Cattin’
    Now you best believe that I’m lookin’ good ... slickest Mr. Cat in the
    Neighborhood… Tom Cattin’
    Tap a little rhythm on the garbage cans ... I’m high on nip
    ‘n I’ll have you understand… I’m Tom Cattin’ ... Yeah, Tom Cattin’
    Now you best believe that I’m feelin’ good ... flying like a kite thru
    the neighborhood.. ‘n Tom Cattin’ ... Yeah, Tom Cattin’
    Now tell me when you’ve seen a more debonair cat
    Pin-striped zoot suit and a black top hat
    Swinging my  gold chain ... Gonna lasso (pronounced ‘lass-sue’) some stuff ...
    Looking for a nine lives lover on my stray cat strut... ut...ut...ut...ut...ut ...
    © Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:02 Lyrics Ukulele Yodeliln' Blues
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1. I’m a ukulele ... Ya hardly ever hear me these days
    Just a little ukulele ... An instrument nobody plays
    So, I got these blues ... I feel so Uke-less these days
    Ukulele-lay-lee—Lay-lee- yeah, that’s me
    2. Yeah, I feel so little ... Man, I feel about two feet tall
    All them other instruments..  make me feel so small
    Yeah, my ole self-esteem ... hardly got any left at all
    (I got these ... ) Ukulele ... Nobody-plays-me---blues
    3. Yeah, no one seems t’ need me ... ain’t this music business cruel
    I’m obsolete ‘n useless ...  it’s such a drag bein’ so uncool
    ‘N wouldn’t you know it the only person who’d play me
    Is some ole yodelin’ fool ...  I got these ...
    (Yeah, I got these ... ) …Ukulele ... Yodelin’ ... Blues
    ©1993 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:49 Lyrics Like Crazy
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. You ... love me like crazy ...
    ‘N you ... might as well accept
    That of all the men in this ole world ...
    I’m the best you’re gonna get ...
    ‘N you ... love me like crazy
    Call it what ya want t’, baby, tell it like it is
    When they ask ya “Who’s heart is that, little girl?”
    I can hear ya sayin’ “It’s his”
    Yeah, I realize I’m number one on your list
    ‘N it really don’t amaze me ... ‘cause
    You love me like crazy
    2. You ... are forever puttin’ me down
    Yeah, sayin’..  that I’m a down-right lazy
    But, fact ‘a the business, baby, truth of it is ... when it all
    Comes right down to it ...
    You ... love me like crazy
    ©1985 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 04:14 Lyrics El-Duke-O Blues

    Written by:  Mark Brine


    1.I met Duke, back in '85.. when I first come t' this town
       we was both giggin' at the same joint then.. he's one'a the first
       few friends I found
       He was a real Classic Bluesman.. 'n I just loved what he was puttin'

    2.Yeah, Duke played the piano.. 'n he sung with all'a his heart
       he worked with Billie Holiday 'n alot'a them Jazz Folks..
       back when they got their start
       yeah, he sure knew his history.. he was a Master of his Art

    3. Me 'n Duke used t' run together.. even after he took sick
       'cause, music 'n people was better medicine.. than any Doctor
       could prescript
       Yeah, gettin' out 'n livin' life for ole Duke.. that'd would always do the

    4. In '93, ole Duke gave in, he couldn't take it anymore
       'n I lost myself, in this ole world, a pal that I won't see no more
       but, I'll guarantee ya, I'll never forget him.. no, I won't forget
       him, 'n that's for sure!

    Tags: Yeah, I won't forget ole Duke.. I still can hear him singin'...

       "Flip, flop 'n fly.. I don't care if I die"...
       "Ernestine is out tonite!"... Yeah, I know ole Ernestine.. Tina..
        she's a real sweet gal.. 'n...Yama... that's what Duke used t' call
        him... Ole Yama.. Yeah, I know all them folks.. Sure do!....

        "Flip, flop 'n fly... I don't care if I die!... Bye, Baby, Bye", etc.

    ©1994 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 02:54 Lyrics Love is a Game
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. There’s folks that’s gonna tell you that it’s easy
    That love’s a game of simple give-n-take
    But I ain’t ever known it to be like that ..‘cause..
    I’ve seen the many hearts that love can break
    2. Yes, the easy-come ‘n easy go romantics
    Never stickin’ with the hard times, sure t’ come
    ‘N before y’ know it, another life’s been shattered
    ‘N the pieces cut like glass when it’s all done
    ‘Cause love is a game but the stakes are high
    Y’ lose, y’ lose big ‘n it hurts inside
    Like Russian roulette it can take your life
    Love is a game but ‘cha gotta play it right
    3. So take this word of warning, if y’ will ‘n
    Never jump in without knowin’ from the start
    That the water might be deeper than you can handle
    So, beware ‘n keep a good eye on your heart .. ‘cause..
    ©1990 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 08:29 Lyrics Skinny Dippin' Blues

    Written by: Mark Brine

    1.Now, the woods up in Winooski, I'll tell ya..
    there as thick as I've ever seen
    I remember it was a Summer back in the real early '60's..
    when I was visitin' there.. I was just about gettin' into my teens

    2. Me & Cousin Harold we were out playin' in there
    just messin' around in them Vermont forrest-greens
    when along thru the thicket come his friend, Gibby..
    in his baseball hat 'n ole blue jeans

    3. He says "I'm goin' t' the pond over at Perkin's place..
    gonna take myself a nice cool dip
    why don't ya's join me, with this sun so hot.. I'll guarantee ya
    it'll be worth the trip?"

    4.Cousin Harold says "Hey, Gibby, you gotta be crazy..
    you know old Mr. Perkin's mean as a bear..
    besides, we ain't got any swim trunks.. 'n we don't wanna
    have'ta go all the way home t' get 'em, back there"

    5.Gibby returned, real cool.. "Hey, I ain't no fool...
    Ole Perkins, I saw him leave home at dawn..
    he's off t' town, he won't be around..
    'til this mis'rable Sun's gone down"

    6."And as for swim suits.. well, who really needs 'em?..
    we're all boys.. so what's the big deal?...
    c'mon, let's go".. 'n off they went... right onto
    the nearby field (Goin' t' Perkin's place)

    7.Now, I'll admit, I was a little nervous 'bout it all..
    but, I tagged along despite
    'n when it came t' strippin' down, it really felt strange..
    t' be standin' around like that, in the broad daylight...

    8.But, once we was in the water, it gotta feelin' pretty good
    'n as a matter of fact, we gotta havin' a real time!
    'n the 3 of us got so lost in fun.. to the world, all around
    we were totally blind

    9. So blind, I'll tell ya.. we didn't even notice
    Mr. Perkins when he came to a stop...
    on the edge of the water... on top of our clothes...
    with a shotgun in a loose arm-lock

    10. "HEY, WHAT'A YOU KIDS DOIN'!", we immediately froze
    then scattered like a school of Bass..
    off t'wards the opposite-safe-side-of-the-pond
    'n up, we flew, across the knee-high grass

    11. Pantin' 'n gaspin', we fin'lly got off'a his land
    'n into the thicket we come to a stop
    it wasn't until then that we realized
    all of our clothes that we'd very-hurriedly forgot

    12. "Gibby, I oughta kill you" "Hey, Harold, hold on...
    I think I know what we can do..
    let's go check out the Thompson's family clothes line
    with all'a them kids.. there's bound t' be a thing or two"
    (So, off we went thru the woods.. like nudists... Ree-eal Scared nudists!)

    13. Now, the Thompson's backyard was silent...
    not a soul came into view as we sneakingly crept
    up t' the clothes line t' only find some lacey dresses
    then we heard 3 of the owners on the back steps

    14. The screams of the girls had our heads in a whirl
    'n Gibby was so anxious t' make his flee
    he tore one of the dresses right in half...
    'n grabbin' another.. he took off, right behind me

    15. As red as 3 beets, we fin'lly made it into the woods
    'n into the dresses, we tangled our way
    at last, fin'lly clothed, we looked at each other..
    only t' be more embarrassed that way

    16. then off thru the woods, like 3 ballerinas
    we scurried t' get ourselves back home
    ran into a couple people along the dirt road.. felt really silly..
    just kept on lookin' straight on (don't look back!)

    17.when, at last, we got there.. we were real fortunate..
    'cause, Harold's Dad 'n Mom were somewhere's gone
    so, we made our way upstairs.. 'n got out 'f those dresses
    'n into somethin' that felt much better t' have on
    (Yeah, don't like them dresses... especially lacey ones!)

    18. That night at dinner, we all sat around real quiet
    'n Gibby stayed over our place (he's scared t' go home!)
    I must'a looked as guilty as they did
    judgin' by the expressions they had on their faces

    19.Then, all of a sudden, we heard the trucks pull in the driveway
    'n sure enough, the knocks come on the door
    Mr. Thompson 'n Mr. Perkins.. both at the same time
    need I tell ya what they was comin' by for? (Double Trouble!)

    20.Well, we got our hides tanned.. 'n I'll tell ya what
    I didn't think of skinny dippin' for a real long time after
    Yeah, it took a good couple'a years ...though we joke about it now
    to recover from that whole disaster
    (oouuu… I had those skinny dippin' blues)

    21.Now, if there's a moral to this whole story
    I guess it's, that if ya ever get caught in the buff
    it's better t' just own up.. 'n take what's due...
    rather than t' make it worse.. 'n try 'n cover it all up
    (yeah, don't try 'n cover it up!)

    22.'n I might suggest, if y' do skinny dip
    why don't ya leave your outer clothes on one side of the pond
    'n your unders… on the other... just in case...
    somebody out'a nowhere chances 'long...

    (Tags: Fading)

    that way y' got somethin' t' go on
    'n don't go doin' it around Winooski..
    I think ole Mr. Perkins is still up there...
    bad place t' pick... t' Skinny Dip...
    Good place t' get the Skinny Dippin' Blues...
    oouuu… the Skinny Dippin' Blues (etc.)
    c2006 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 03:51 Lyrics In the Hands of God
    Written by: MARK BRINE
     Leave it in the hands of God
     In the hands of God
     You can trust your life
     (2.You can find your warmth)
     (3.You can find relief)
     (4.It will disappear)
     (5.You can place your soul)
     In the hands of God
     When the world casts you away
     Into the bitter storm
     Come unto the Lord
     He will keep you warm
     Problems weigh you like a stone
     Like a heavy stone
     When it gets too much
     To carry it alone
     When temptation leads you on
     And confuses you
     Do not be mislead
     I’ll tell ya what to do
     Even in you final hour
     When the dark comes down
     There’s no need to fear
     He will be around
    ©1995 Black Pottery Music (BMI)
Brine does early styled 12 bar blues ("I Deliver"), old saloon piano work and implements some great finger picking tunes. His final song, "In The Hands of God" he does his best with twangy vocals and beautiful guitar work. Brine does the best traditional American roots music that I have heard in quite a while. -- John Shelton-Ivany Top Twenty-One

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