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Mark Brine and His Folkabilly Bluezgrass

by Mark Brine

Released 2012
Wild Oats Records
Released 2012
Wild Oats Records
  • 03:06 Lyrics Why I Yodel
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. For oh so long, I hung my head actin’ like a proper fool
    Despisin’ the world and’a broodin’ about the way it always seemed so cruel
    2. Never realizin’ how times a passin’ with me dwellin’ on my many regrets
    Then one day, I threw ‘em down ‘n I started lookin’ ‘round ‘n I never stopped t’ find them yet
    So, if you’re wonderin’ why I yodel
    When I haven’t got a reason to
    If you’re wonderin’ why I yodel ... I gotta tell ya that
    I do, too
    But, I do ... do ... da do ( without reason ...
    Yeah, you could call it medicinal ...
    Hey, what can I say ... If ya wonderin’ why I yodel
    3. Ain’t’a gonna do n’ good if ya do y‘self no good ... might as well
    try’n make it your day
    ‘cause, if ya waitin’ for some help ‘n don’t enterain y’self
    You’re gonna find yourself pretty dismayed
    4. So, why not yodel when ya work, even yodel when ya hurt
    ‘cause nuthin’s ever gonna change
    Might as well keep ‘em wonderin’ why you’re happy all the time
    That’s the secret of the game ... yeah ...
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:00 Lyrics Factory Blues
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Workin’ on a factory dock ... that CSX passin’ by
    Thinkin’ about my home far away ... feelin’ like I could cry
    Wonderin’ if that ole freight train might just be headin’ that way
    Boy, if I could ride, I’d sure be gone ‘n leave this old town t’day
    These factory blues ... I’ll tell ya, it’s true ...
    (2. I know it’s true ... )
    Ain’t no kinda life f’ me ...
    Give me m’ guitar ‘n a highway sign
    That’s pointin’ t’ where I should be
    ‘steada stackin’ these skids ... 'n a liftin’ that load ... no
    That ain’t for you-know-who
    No, I got a mind on headin’ back home
    ‘n leavin’ behind these factory blues
    2. I use t’ think I had it bad...but,
    Little did I really know
    What a good  thing I had right where I was
    But, ain’t that the way it goes
    Livin’ ‘n learnin’, 'n a hurtin’ ...‘n
    Stuck where I shouldn’t be
    And every sad moan ... that train whistle blows
    Just serves t’ be remindin me ...that...
    ©1995 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:16 Lyrics Hey, Lil' Girl
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. (I said) ... Hey ... Hey, lil’ girl
    I’m just a lonely boy
    Lookin’ for someone to love
    Yeah, just a lonely boy
    Lookin’ for someone to love
    ‘n I came into this place ...
    I seen that face
    ‘n, babydoll, it liked t’ drive me wild
    ‘cause I’m just a lonely boy
    Hey ... pretty babe
    I’m just a country boy
    Lookin’ for a real good gal
    Yeah, just a country boy
    Lookin’ for a real good gal
    I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout for one nite ...
    No, I’m talkin’ life
    ‘cause, baby doll, I wants to do this right
    'cause,  I’m a country boy
    Yeah, just a lonely boy ‘n a lonely girl
    We could have us a time straight (right) out’a this world
    If you’d give me a chance ‘n let me be your man
    I could love you, sugar ... don’t you understand
    ‘cause, I’m just a lonely boy
    ©1985 /Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:03 Lyrics Who's Been Diggin' (The Garden Blues)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Who’s been diggin’ down ... in my ground ...
    Plantin’ seeds in my garden when I ain’t around
    Who’s that stranger who’s been sneakin' (2.messin’) around
    (3.pokin’ around)
    1. Someone I don’t know been getting’ downright dirty
    diggin’ in..‘n thinkin’ what I don’t know won’t hurt me
    Yeah, some green-thumbed fool thinks he’s playin’ it cool
    But when I catch up with him, he’s gonna have some broken tools
    Yeah, tell me ...
    2. Seems like whenever ya fence somethin’ in
    Everybody’s gotta get right in it
    The prettier the spread ... the more ya need t’ defend it
    Always wantin’ what they can’t  have, ‘til that reaper come around
    ‘n catch 'em in the act ...with them old plants down ... yeah ...
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:48 Lyrics Springtime, Tennessee
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. When springtime comes to Tennessee
    I’ll be right there behind it
    It’ll be early ... like it always is
    Tho, nobody’s ever timed it
    2. When springtime rolls around ‘n it usually does
    Two guesses where I’ll be headin’
    Like a bird on the wing ... I know my thing
    Instinct ain’t easy forgettin’
    Chorus 1:
    Yeah, you can be sure ‘n take it from me
    When springtime comes to Tennessee ...
    Oouuu, it’s so pretty
    3. When spring time settles down way up on them Smokies
    ‘n the iris is bloomin’ like crazy
    The scent in the air’s like magic ev’rywhere
    it just makes me feel s’ downright lazy
    Chorus 2:
    It’s a matter of fact ... yeah, you can take it from me
    When springtime comes to Tennessee ...
    Oouuu, it’s so pretty
    Yeah, when springtime rolls around ‘n it usually does
    Two more guesses where I’ll be goin’
    Like that bird on the wing ... I’ll be doin’ my thing
    Down where the cool southern breeze is blowin’
    Chorus 3:
    It’s a well known fact ... you can take it from me
    When springtime comes to Tennessee ...
    Oouuu, it’s so pretty
    ©2000 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:22 Lyrics Momma's Tears
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Momma’s tears ...  keep haunting me
    I still can see them in her eyes
    And though it’s oh so far behind me
    Momma’s tears will never dry
    1. We never had a lot to call our own
    Lookin’ back we were poor
    But like Mother Hubbard in our shabby home
    Momma’d go without to give us more
    2. ‘Cause time’s was hard ‘n money scarce to find
    And though she’d try more times than not
    I’d come home t’ find her head just restin’ there
    On that old red ‘n white checkered table cloth
    3. I was younger then, i didn’t understand
    So many times i broke her heart
    With selfish things I did ‘n words i said
    Sometimes it tore her world apart
    4. But, she’d be patient in her gentle way
    She’d rarely ever raise her tone
    Which makes it all that more regrettable
    ‘cause, it’s too late now to atone
    ©2000 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:55 Lyrics In Between the Raindrops
    Written by:  Mark Brine
    I'm walkin'.. walkin'.. In Between the Raindrops
    thinkin' what my Daddy used to say
    (2.waitin' on a brighter, sunny-ier day )
    (He'd say).. I'm walkin'.. walkin' .. In Between the Raindrops
    waitin' on a brighter, sunny-ier day
    (2. dodgin' all the Blues that come my way)
    1. Whenever Daddy'd come home in a rainstorm
    my Momma always thought it awful strange
    'cause, he'd never wear a raincoat or an umbrella
    yet, he's never wet enough to even change...
    he'd say...
    2. So, now that life has brought me so much sorrow
    a part of me would just assume give in (but..)
    I find myself rememberin'... that ole sayin'... 'n ..
    I sing to myself, again & again... Yeah...
    ©2011 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:03 Lyrics Somethin' to Cry About
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Lady ... All you ever did was cry ‘n sulk
    When your tears run out ... you’d sit ‘n pout
    So, look out your window, baby ... I’m checkin’ out
    Now you got somethin’ to cry about
    2. Girl, you couldn’t see what you were doin’ t’ me
    But, it’s too late now, just leave it be
    Yeah, I know your misery needs company
    But, it’s gonna have’ta get along without me...Yeah...
    Now you got somethin’ to cry about
    You oughta be thrilled ‘n cryin’ out loud
    ‘Cause didn’t you have a thing for being down ‘n out
    Well, now you got somethin’ to cry about
    3. Please ... don’t say you love me
    I’m sure that you do
    But, it’s like they say ... ‘this is gonna hurt me
    More than you' ...
    No, I never bargained for no constant blues
    So, look again, baby ... I’m movin’ my shoes ...
    ©2000 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:28 Lyrics Kid At Heart
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. When I was young ... I dreamed about
    how I’d grow up t’ be
    All the things that I was so sure
    were ideally meant for me
    Fantasizin’ ... all the time ... I still can’t tell apart
    reality ‘n make-believe ... ‘cause, I’m just a kid at heart
    2. Searchin’ for ... the best in life
    Enjoyin’ what  I find
    Livin’ out my good feelin’s , makes me freer in my mind
    Now, some folks say ... “It’s immature” ‘n some think it’s an art
    But, I don’t never listen, ‘cause, I’m just a kid at heart
    I guess I’ve always been ... a kid at heart
    ever since this life of mine ... took its early start
    If God gives me t’morrow ... I just hope that He’ll impart
    That’ll still be this same ole ... kid at heart
    (Tag:) And I’ll still be this same ole ...
    3. I never cared for money ‘cause it never cared for me
    It slips right thru my fingers ... quicker than the eyes can see
    And I love all humanity ... I can’t tell folks apart
    As long as they accept ... that I am just a kid at heart
    ©1985 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:26 Lyrics Those Lonesome Whistles
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1. As a boy ... I’d lie awake ‘n listen ’til the hour late
    To hear the trains droning whistle pierce the night
    ‘N I’d dream away of how one day I would wander far away
    Into the world ... out beyond that dim moon lite
    Lo-o-o-o-nesome whistles
    Reaching through the night
    Calling me to follow (ramble) ... those ...
    Lo-o-o-o-nesome whistles
    2. And, as a I grew ... I always knew it was something I must do
    Like a calling in my soul’s most inner ear
    'n tho the noises of this life try hard to drown out
    What I know is right ... somehow beyond it them
    I can always still hear ... those
    ©1993 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:45 Lyrics Willie (Can You Hear Me?)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Me and Willie, we’d run away
    Out here to Styles pond
    ‘N stay here till the early hours
    would meet the break of dawn
    Then one night Willie drowned here
    In a still-unanswered way
    But, in the memories of my youth
    He’s still alive today
    2. Willie would’ve have been my age, but
    God just didn’t plan
    On Willie’s ever growin’ up
    To be a full grown man
    But, through the spring years of our lives
    We pal’d together here
    I’d talk about the future, but Willie’d
    Never seem to hear
    Willie, can ya hear me?
    I wish-t-God you could
    It’s almost like ya knew it, Willie
    I just never understood
    Willie, are ya happy?
    Are ya where ya wanted to be ... or
    Willie, do ya ever come back here
    And reminisce like me?
    3.Willie used to say that he
    Could hear God’s angels sing
    And even to this day, I always
    Just sit here, listening
    And sometimes I believe I can hear them
    When I stare across the pond
    And way off in the distance, I swear I’m hearin’
    Willie singin’ long
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:32 Lyrics Banjo Ringin'
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. I woke up this mornin’ ... fell out’a bed
    Banjo ringin’ in the back’a my head
    My travellin’ shoes was’a clickin’ their heels
    Tap-toe’d dancin’ ... out across the field
    2. A southern wind ... with a cornbread whiffed
    Closed m’ eyes ‘n I started t’ drift
    Down the open road ... where m’ dreams had strayed
    A thousand times ‘n I was on my way
    So, ring out the banjo ‘n bring me home
    I’ve been ... so long gone
    Homesick kid on the highway gone
    Banjo rinigin’ ringin’ ... I’m’a comin’ home
    3. I pulled m’ britches ‘n suspenders up
    Tucked in th’ ends ‘n swallowed a cup
    Grabbed my pack ... swung it on m’ back
    Hit the interstate ... 'a wavin’ m’ hat
    ©1988 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:54 Lyrics That Ole Screendoor Song
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. I’ve done everything I could ...
    To satisfy you, baby ...
    Worried myself thin, ‘til it like’ta drove me crazy
    Now, in spite of all I done ...
    You’re threatenin’ to go away ...
    So, let me leave you with this thought 
    ‘n the last few words I’ll say
    Don’t let that ole screen door ... hit you in the butt
    I’ve done everything t' please you, woman.. but, darlin’ you know what
    I’ve finally reached the end, won’t go thru this again
    So, listen up close ‘n then ...
    Don’t let that ole screen door ... hit you in the butt
    2. Every time I’d try’n get along with you
    You’d try’n take me for a fool again
    So sure I’d come around to your way of thinkin’
    But , sorry this time, my friend
    ‘Cause, you can take your little games ‘n shove ‘em in your suitcase
    And direct yourself to that front door
    And when you’re bendin’ down t’ put it on the porch
    Remember what I told ya before ... yeah ...
    ©1989 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:52 Lyrics The Picture That My Daddy Drew
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. The picture that my daddy drew
    It hangs in my memory
    As a boy, I’d sit there by his knee ...
    And watch his hands move, so gracefully
    As with the patience of a true artist
    He would brush each every line
    With an affection, I could hardly understand
    For the youth and simple-ness of my  mind ... Yes ...
    The picture that my daddy drew
    Was a masterpiece, so great
    The unselfish love (2.selfishness) that went into it
    Makes it true task to duplicate
    Still, it hangs there in its frame ...
    Forever there (2. for all the world) to see ...
    The picture that my daddy drew ... yes
    The picture that my daddy drew ... in me
    2. The diversity of all the many colors ... that blended so meticulously
    The good, the bad, the happy-sad in it ... executed with devout accuracy
    Precisioned with all its many flaws ... imperfect, so perfectly ...
    when visioned at this great distance...with these adult eyes, now to see ... that  ...

    ©2011 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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