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My Christmas Song for You

by Mark Brine

Released 2006
Saltbox Recordings
Released 2006
Saltbox Recordings
If it’s original Christmas music you are looking for, Mark Brine & his herald angel friends bring it, in spades.
  • 05:39 Lyrics Mary Had A Choice Too (Behold Mother)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Behold Mother - I make all things new

    Mary had a choice
    And blessed is she
    'Cause she freely accepted
    And trusted in belief
    That God would make a way
    And supply her every need.. so..
    In spite of fear and danger
    She followed faithfully

    Yes Mary had a choice
    To bear the Son of God
    And bring to us salvation
    And raise this child, our Lord
    Yes no one forced her hand
    And even, when a man
    She followed Him right to the Cross
    Though she did not understand

    Then Mary had a choice too
    With her heart pierced painfully
    (2. in agony)
    To believe (2. trust) or lose her faith in God
    For what seemed such a dark reality
    But she never gave up hope
    No she waited patiently
    (2. she trusted and believed)
    Yes, Mary had a choice too (2. like you)
    And her dream it came to be
    (2. And what joy there came to be)
    Yes. Mary had a choice
    As every woman does
    To do what's right in God's sight
    And guard her love because
    each woman will determine
    In the decisions that they make
    And maybe just like Mary
    Make this world a better place
    ©2006 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:44 Lyrics My Christmas Song for You
    Written by: George Mooney (a.k.a. Will Travis)
    I remember Christmas mornings
    Round the tree with the family
    All the sights and the sounds
    And the feelin' of home
    Those were good days
    And I was young then
    But every Christmas I'm young all over again
    'Cause my memories are my friends

    This is my Christmas song for you
    I hope it finds you home this year
    Home with the ones that you hold dear
    This Christmas day
    To all the children in the world
    Both young and young at heart
    I hope you get what you asked for
    This Christmas day

    That time of year is here again
    The time when everyone's a friend
    Oh how I wish it wouldn't end so soon
    This is my Christmas song for you
    Lots of happiness and cheer
    This is my wish both far and near
    This Christmas day
    ©2006 Bivens Music (BMI)
  • 03:27 Lyrics Emmanuel (God With Us)
    Written by: Mark Brine

    A Babe is layin’ in a manger
    Lullabied by all of Heaven’s Angel choir
    In the beam of yonder glowing star
    In poverty the Prophesized Messiah

    In the village-small of Bethlehem
    To honor Him in awe they come to see
    The newborn King, the Prince of Peace
    Sent to save all humanity
    Emmanuel … God with us
    Come forth, see the world to tell
    Of the Baby Child, Emmanuel
    The key He holds to the gates of hell
    To set us free Emmanuel … God with us
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:55 Lyrics Snowfall

    Instrumental by Geoff Bartley 

  • 03:38 Lyrics Your Doorway (Christmas Eve)
    Written by: Mark Brine

    There were stenciled angels on the window glass
    And I stopped on the snowy sidewalk, on Christmas Eve
    As I walked past YOUR DOORWAY, our old doorway

    Then I saw us in the window from another Eve
    You were smilin’ like ya used to in your tender lovin’ way
    And I just couldn’t leave your doorway, our old doorway

    Your doorway had a wreath with a ribbon tied
    And as I focused thru the tears that blurred my eyes
    I saw it, the new name on it, on your doorway
    (on our old doorway)

    Then you came to the glass but didn’t see me there
    'N I started thru the snow, I felt to call you thru the frozen air
    Oh, just to be in there, inside your doorway, yeah, our old doorway but
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:44 Lyrics Watching Their Flocks

    Instrumental by David Nevue

  • 03:42 Lyrics It All Began With Love
    Written by: Keeve Brine
    He will stand for everything
    That encompasses love
    Peace, and forgiveness
    Understanding and trust

    Just like us others
    He was born in the night
    By advocating love
    He will put day into light

    It all began that day
    Now love knows no end
    It all began that day
    Now love knows no end

    Chorus (extended):
    It all began that day
    Now love knows no end
    It all began that day
    Now love knows no end
    It all began with love
    Real love has no end
    It all began with love
    Real love has no end
    He will stand for everything
    That encompasses love
    Peace, and forgiveness
    Understanding and trust
    ©2006 Keeve Brine
  • 03:21 Lyrics Medley: Hark the Herald Angels Sing/I Wonder As I Wander

    Instrumental performed by Greg Szczesek

  • 02:56 Lyrics Three Holy Men
    Written by: DOUG ATKIN
    Three Holy Men saw a star rise in the east
    And they traveled far throughout the night to greet the Prince of Peace
    They brought gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh and laid them by his bed
    Then one by one they knelt down in adoration they all bowed their heads

    It was the night the world changed
    In a manger in town called Bethlehem
    Our Lord gave us his only Son
    A precious gift from the Great I AM

    It was the perfect moment
    The Blessed Mary and the Holy Son
    And then a choir of angels sang
    Peace on earth to each and everyone
    ©2006 Doug Atkin
  • 04:59 Lyrics Wise Men
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Wise Men still search for Him today
    Wise Men still seek the Light the
    (1. perfectness) (2. selflessness) (3. loving way) of Christ
    Yes, Wise Men still search for Him each day (today)

    Christmas time reminds us of
    The Wise Men 'n Goodwill
    The giving gifts and giving love
    The happiness they instill
    The striving more for Godliness
    That each of us should do
    Thru-out the year-thru-out our lives
    His way we should pursue 'cause

    Yes, Christmas time is giving time
    'N oh what joy it yields
    There is no greater fulfillment
    Than the good it makes us feel
    Yet how easy we forget
    'N return unto our greed
    But those who seek the Lord are blessed
    With Wisdom's ever-living seed, yes
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 01:38 Lyrics O Holy Night

    Instrumental performed by Linda Joseph 

  • 02:30 Lyrics The Christmas Tree in Mother's House
    The Christmas tree in mother's house
    Was alive with shiny lights
    It took me back through all the years
    To other Christmas nights

    I watched our children have their fun
    With there toys and games
    It made me think of Santa Claus
    And all the reindeers names

    Jingle Bells and Silent Night
    And all the songs we sing
    With all the joys of Christmas past
    And the memories they bring

    There was a year so long ago
    When I got my big red bike
    There was a doll for sister Sue
    And a bear for little Mike

    It somehow seems like yesterday
    But many years have passed
    And now our children play our parts
    But they're growing up too fast

    Someday soon they'll be gone
    The same way that we were
    But the memory will linger on till
    Christmas time next year
    ©2006 Doug Atkin/Larry Whinnery
  • 02:01 Lyrics The Carol (aka The Christmas Carol No One Listens For)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Of all the Christmas carols
    There is one we overlook
    And without it this Christmas Eve
    The whole world would be shook

    If Jack Frost didn’t whistle his
    There wouldn’t be any snow
    ‘N it just wouldn’t be so pretty
    Every single place you go

    So listen close for Jack Frost
    As he whistles in the wind
    With frozen little whiskers
    Pokin’ off his pointed chin
    Dodgin’, dartin’ everywhere
    Through window cracks and doors
    Whistlin’ the Christmas Carol
    No one listens for

    There’s carol sung for Rudolph, Frosty
    Lots for Santa too
    We’re all so well aware of ‘em
    We’ve sung em through and through
    But without Jack there be no need
    For reindeers or for sleighs
    And Frosty the Snowman
    Why he’d just melt away

    He loves whistlin’ through the windows
    That we always smudge
    Just to take a peek out
    At the icy work he does

    Yet no one ever listens for
    The little man I’ve named
    It’s such a pretty tune
    Now don’t you think that it’s a shame
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 01:58 Lyrics Silent Night

    Instrumental performed by Tom Pomposello 

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