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Old Timey Tunes, Vol. 2

by Mark Brine

Released 2016
Released 2016
  • 04:56 Download Lyrics You're an Old Timey Tune

    Written by: George Mooney (aka Will Travis)

    1.  She had all the qualities my Daddy said to look for
        before I got married
        a sweet disposition.. a practical mind....
        were some of the traits that she carried
        She never got bothered... by things that would bother
        an average soul...
        And she said she looked forward to growing old...
        and I would always smile at her... 'n say...


        You're an Old Timey Tune... you're a picnic in June
        and a ride on the Merry-Go-Round
        You're the Penny arcade... you're a pink lemonade
        and a Summer night under the moon


    2. Well, we courted much longer than people our age...
        but, we had our reasons...
        like knowing each other...'n knowing ourselves
        'cause people can change like the Seasons
        We said all the vows when we married... 'n we understood them
        (yes, we did)
        'n after we both said "I do".. I kissed her 'n said...


    3.  Well, now we have children.. that do as we tell them..
        'cause, we do the same things...
        we raise them right... so, they won't do wrong..
        we let them learn by our example
        we pass along all the things that will help them..
        when they're men 'n women...
        'n then when they meet the right ones.. they'll
        probably say... 


    ©2000 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 01:51 Lyrics Hot Dang!

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. I got a promise she told me t’day
    Tonite’s the night  ... what can I say but
    Hot Dang!!! ... Yeah, Hot Dang!!!
    Yeah, the way she said, I’ll just never forget it ... ‘n out it sprang
    Hot Dang!!!
    2. Yeah, she give me the word ‘n when I heard
    I was clickin’ my heels ‘n went up like a bird
    Hot Dang ... that sweet thang
    She said, “I Love you gonna prove it, too” ‘n the birdies sang
    Hot Dang

    Hot Dang it’s ‘a gonna be great ... Man alive I can hardly wait
    Like a schoolboy dreamin’ I was hopin’ ‘n prayin’ ‘n then bang!! Hot dang!!!

    3. Been walkin’ around with m’ head in the clouds
    Ain’t said nuthin’ but m’ mind’s screamin’ out loud ...
    Hot Dang ... Yeah, Hot Dang
    Yeah, the way she (etc.)

    ©1985 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 03:19 Download Lyrics Love (In the Purest Form)

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. There’s a boy ‘n girl sittin’ on a swing
    He reaches out ‘n touches her hand
    An awkward attempt with the fear of rejection
    It’s a scene we can all understand

    It’s love in the purest form
    As touchin’ as a babe bein’ born
    (2. As touchin’ as when their babes’ll be born)
    (3. As glorious as the moment re-born)
    Another soul seekin’ refuge ‘n relief from the storm
    And love in the purest form

    2. The organ plays ... She comes down the aisle
    All his world he can see in her eyes
    With the ring on her hand they become woman ‘n man
    Vowing to devote their whole lives

    (repeat chorus, making lyric changes)

    3. An old man so feebly tries to get dressed
    In his suit ‘n his tie
    She straightens his collar ... brushes off some lint
    What’ll she do without him by her side
    (repeat chorus, making changes)
    ©1984 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 02:44 Lyrics The Honky Tonk's Rippin'

    Written by: Mark Brine


    Everybody’s dancin’ ‘n boogyin’ on down
    Swingin’ their partners around
    It’s Friday night ... Got the pay-day blues
    Been waitin’ all week just’a move my shoes

    The Honky Tonk’s rippin’
    Perspirations just drippin’
    Right off my (2.& 3. their) face ... What a wild ‘n crazy place
    Yeah, the Honky Tonk’s rippin’

    Big gal Minnie’s got her new pumps on
    Smackin’ her lips chewin’ bubble gum
    Kate’s shakin’ her arms like some preacher carryin’ on..’n..
    Tomorrow mornin‘ she’s  gonna wake up numb but

    Little Johnny Mean’s got his hot machine
    Blockin’ the doorway ‘n he’s makin’ the scene
    With little Miss Laura ‘n it ain’t no use
    ‘cause when they get rockin’ they really get loose, yeah…

    ©1984 /Mark Brine/ Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • Lyrics Elaine

    Written by: Mark Brine


    Elaine ... Ooouu...Elaine
    Remember all the fun we’d have when we would walk around in the rain
    Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
    We was kinda crazy, kinda young, and now it’s gone and it’s a shame
    Elaine... Do you look back sometimes, Elaine

    Elaine ......
    Nights out on the porch we’d sit and try’n solve each other’s growin’ pains
    Elaine... I think I get them still, Elaine
    Remember babysittin’, getting’ caught and ooouu I really felt ashamed
    Elaine, but they went through it too, Elaine

    I guess it was never meant to be you and me, Elaine
    But, who coulda convinced us then...Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine

    Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
    July 4th on the Common, firecrackers, runnin’ through the crowd,
    I call your name, Elaine, can you still hear it now, Elaine
    Meeting down the avenue, the ice cream shop and days to never come again
    Elaine... It’s never gonna come again
    Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
    Elaine... It’s never gonna come again
    Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
    ©1978 Chip ‘n Dale Music (ASCAP)

  • 03:45 Lyrics My Folks Were Like Ma & Pa Kettle

    Written by: Mark Brine


    My folks were like MA & PA Kettle
    That’s just how my childhood appears
    Now that I’ve grown up ‘n wandered away.. y’ know,
    It’s really been quite a few years

    When I’d  run in slammin’ the screen door
    “Hey MA what’s for supper tonite?”
    And like a sensitive mom she would listen to me
    Play my guitar , well I was tryin’, not quite

    But they always had some understanding
    Of what I was doin’ ‘n why
    And when I think of the craziest things that I’d did
    I’d feel awful just known’ they’d cried

    ‘Cause my folks were like MA & PA Kettle
    Strugglin’ day after day
    And with all of us kids, they done the best that they could
    Provin’ where there’s a will there’s a way
    And at times it was hard but the storms always settled
    ‘Cause my folks were like MA & PA Kettle
    Yeah, my folks were like MA & PA Kettle

    And, the children well they’re mostly all grown
    There’s a few at the old house back there
    But bein’ the oldest, it’s memories for me
    Of a time that we no more can share

    But in the back of my mind, there’s a screen door
    And now and then, I can still hear it slam
    And I’m back home again with MA & PA Kettle
    And I’m happy for the times that I am

    ©1980 Chip ‘n Dale Music (ASCAP)

  • 02:02 Lyrics Baby, You Make It Feel Alright

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. When the world gets to me
    And there’s no place left to run
    When I’m desperate and hopeless
    And I really need someone ... Baby ...

    You make it feel alright
    Yeah, baby, you make it feel alright

    2. When trouble’s at the door
    And I can’t handle anymore
    The things that make me wonder
    What-on-earth I’m livin’ for... Baby... (chorus)

    That’s the world... it spins no matter what
    Without concern for anybody’s
    And’s or if’s or but’s... But baby... (chorus)

    3. Yeah, that’s the way it goes... Life ain’t
    Ever gonna change
    But as long as you’re here with me
    I’ve got shelter from the rain... And baby...
    ©1988 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 03:33 Lyrics I Remember Ruby

    Written by: Mark Brine


    Ruby used to cook and sew
    And wash the family clothes
    And Momma didn’t like her very much
    As far as color goes
    But Ruby never seemed to care too much
    At least it never showed
    ‘Cause, Ruby loved us children
    Like as if we’d been her own

    She used to smile and hold me close
    And call me honey-child
    She’d rock me in her arms asleep
    And hum a little while
    ‘Cause momma had too much to do
    With socials and ‘noon bridge
    And didn’t have the time to give
    The love that Ruby did

    I remember Ruby like my mother should’ve been
    Findin’ time when there weren’t none
    Between the chores she’d tend
    Chasin’ us all around the room and
    The funny things she’d say
    I remember Ruby in a special precious way
    (2.I remember Ruby.. like my mother’d never  been)

    Daddy sent a telegram
    It reached me late today
    Momma’d passed away last night
    Her heart just gave away
    But back when Ruby did last spring
    It hurt me worse back then
    In my mind Ruby was the mom
    My mother’d never been
    ©1974 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 02:51 Lyrics How Come We Can't Live Together?
    Written by: Mark Brine
     Ever since we've been apart, we've been the best of friends
     When one of us needs anything, the other one wants to lend
     And when I'm down now you seem to care more than when I was home
     But when we lived together, we had to go it all alone
     How come we can't live together under the same roof
     The way we get along so good now you'd think that it be proof
     But no we're always picking at each other, disagreeing all the time
     How come we can't live together and try and get along this fine
     My personal kept secrets even now I still tell you
     'Cause I know deep down I trust you more than anyone I ever knew
     Its like no matter where we are in this entire universe
     Our minds are so in tune but in the flesh it just won't work
     So why don't you tell me …
    ©Chip 'n Dale Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:50 Lyrics Back with My Wife

    Written by: Mark Brine


    I carried my belongings as she sent me in the night
    But I’d forgot so many things I’d left back with my wife
    The memories and moments half asleep but still alive
    And those were all the real things that I needed to survive.

    But it seems like when you share a love you don’t appreciate
    The good things that you have together ‘till it’s far too late
    Now, we’re a million miles apart we live a separate life
    And it really hurts to reminisce the days back with my wife

    I remember memories in boxes stored away
    That I’d forgotten then back with my wife
    Lord, if I could go home, I’d re-open them today…Yeah..
    I wish that I could be back with my wife

    Now that I have freedom, I’m imprisoned in the past
    We were once so happy it’s a shame it didn’t last
    And I know just where it’s buried if she’d only help me look
    It’s underneath the dust and the for-granted that we took

    ©1982 Streets of Gold (ASCAP)

  • 02:45 Lyrics Singin' a Different Song

    Written by: Mark Brine


    One day you’re gonna reach for me
    And I’m gonna be gone
    You’re gonna wake up too late ‘n see
    How you treated me wrong
    You’re gonna wish someday you held on
    And you’re gonna be singin’ a different song

    You’re gonna be singin’ a different song one of these days
    You’re gonna be listenin’ for me ..but I’ll be gone away
    And you’re gonna be singin’ a different song

    You’re gonna be singin’ the blues all alone
    It wasn’t written for harmony
    Rememberin’ the times and the things we’d do
    And the days we were happy
    And you’re gonna be regrettin’ that you didn’t hold on
    And you’re gonna be singin’ a different song

    ©1988 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 03:13 Lyrics If I Die (I'll Never Speak to You Again)

    Written by: Mark Brine


    I know I prob’ly sometimes cross your mind

    But you’re re- married now and no longer mine

    And your new life it’s got you chained and

    though you’d like to say it, too, ya can’t say ‘I still love you”...

    But I will ‘cause I do


    ‘Cause if I die, I’ll never have the chance.. to say

    What’s really on my mind

    And I’d want it that you knew .. you were my

    Best love of all-time

    But don’t feel you owe me words (things) you said back then

    ...It’s just that if I die I’ll never speak to you again

    Yes, I’ve been lonely ... You’re still on my mind

    No, there’s no one new... I ain’t really tried to find

    No, my new life it got me chained and though I’d like to

    Love anew... Can’t say I really do

    But I will say... ‘I love you’...

  • 02:25 Lyrics Dreams ('nother One of Them Dreams)
    Written by: Mark Brine
     You and me, we were so happy
     Like a melody in perfect harmony
     Now all that's left are dreams
     Of the things that used to be
     Dreams, 'nother one of them dreams
     Happens ever time the thought of you crosses my mind
     'Nother one of them dreams
     You'd think by now they fade
     Just like the love we made
     But no, another one of them dreams
     Why, tell me why can't I let the past go by
     Instead of holding on to what we had
     Before you said goodbye but every time I try
     It's the same ole - ole reasons why each time I try
    ©Chip 'n Dale Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:53 Lyrics Mr. Marty
    Written by: Mark Brine

     I was sitting in the barroom sipping on a beer
     When I noticed by the window, this old man sitting there
     He kept on staring at the street each time a truck went by
     He looked like he just lost a friend, so I thought that I'd oblige
     So I sat right down there with him and I introduced myself
     He said, "I'm Mr. Marty," I asked if I could help
     He told a summed up story of how he'd retired from the road
     'Cause once a trucker gets too old they gotta let him go
     Look son, ain't she beautiful, a diesel coasted by
     If I was only young, a tear came to his eye
     Well me, I'd never drove a truck like Mr. Marty had
     Still knowing what it meant to him, I couldn't help feeling bad
     'Cause you see a man has got to do the things
     That drive him to go on and old age shows no mercy
     If the lovin'-it's that strong
     It tempts you to your grave if times deserted you behind
     The same way that the passin' trucks haunt Mr. Marty's mind
     Look son ain't she beautiful another truck went by
     If I was only young, a tear came to his eye
     Well me I'd never drove a truck like Mr. Marty had
     Still knowing what it meant to him, I couldn't help feeling sad
    ©Chip 'n Dale Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:27 Lyrics It's Warm (Inside of Your Love)

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. Take me in from this cold outside-ness
    I’m a man I’ve no woman to hold
    Take me in to your arms and your softness
    From this bitterness grippin’ my soul

    It’s warm inside of your love
    It’s warm ... I’m desperate need of
    Let me share your fire... Feel it’s heat from above
    It’s warm inside of your love

    Changing Bridge (here only)
    I’m so cold.. You’re so warm
    Take me in from this storm
    It’s warm inside of your love

    2. Bring your touch to this hard shell around me
    Break it down let the feelings escape
    Hold me close that I might be imprisoned
    Like a babe in your warm, snug embrace
    ©1984 Streets of Gold (ASCAP)

  • 02:24 Download Lyrics Deja Vu (It's You)

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. We never met before tonite
    And now I’m lyin’ in her embrace
    And I know that I’ve been here before
    Another time... Another place
    ‘Cause when I close my eyes
    No matter who I’m ever with
    The past comes back, and I’m with you
    And our love makin’s all re-lived

    Deja Vu... It’s you
    No matter who I’m holdin’ tight
    They become you, and a moment from a faded night
    And Deja Vu, they’re you
    And once again, I feel alright
    ‘Cause, Deja Vu... It’s you

    2. You were every woman I ever loved
    Or ever would for my whole life
    And if the truth was ever known
    I’d trade them all to be with you tonite
    ‘Cause what’s before me though it’s real
    It just doesn’t change my loneliness
    So, I just fantasize the situation
    And simply try to make the best …yeah…
    ©1984 Streets of Gold (ASCAP)

  • 02:26 Lyrics When You Stop Carin' (If I Live or Die)

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. When you stop carin’ if I live or die... Then I will, too
    ‘Cause you’re the every meaning in my life and things I do
    Without you there would be no horizons to pursue
    When I’m completely lost... You’re the one I’m lookin’ to

    When you stop carin’ if I live or die... Then I will, too
    In this sea of life and drowning souls, you’re the rock I’m clinging to
    When you stop carin’ if I live or die... Then I will, too

    2. When you no longer see my eyes... A port in any storm
    If there ever comes a doubt inside... And you don’t feel that you belong
    Then, I’ll say it now and forever hold my peace, for it always will be true
    When you stop carin’ if I live or die... Then, honey, I will, too
    ©1984 Streets of Gold (ASCAP)


  • 03:02 Lyrics The Last Days of Love

    Written by: Mark Brine


    Every empire has its downfall
    And a warning it didn’t hear
    I never thought I’d lose her
    Even right up ‘til... The last days of love
    ...The last days of love

    I was like a king in a palace
    But I never looked out to see
    The discontent all around me
    That was leading to... The last days of love

    Then the walls came tumblin’ down
    Like crashing thunder from above
    Yeah, that’s the way it was... The last days of love

    I took in all the pleasures
    From the fruits of love she’d bear
    While I left her waiting hungry
    She was starvin’ there... Until the last days of love
    When she’d taken that enough
    ©1989 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 03:49 Lyrics A Life Alone (With Someone)

    Written by: Mark Brine


    I don’t know where I fit in here anymore
    I no longer feel at home
    The things that once attracted me
    I’m sorry but they’re gone
    The dreams and wishes we shared... Have all but
    Slipped away
    All that used to mean so much...
    Don’t mean a thing today

    A life alone with someone that keeps pushin’ me aside
    Will never satisfy this heart inside
    I’d have to be a fool when life’s short...
    Before you know it, it’s all done
    To waste a life alone with someone
    No, I don’t want a life alone with someone

    I wake up in our bed each morning
    And you got your back turned to my face
    And it reminds me of the way you treat me
    Even when you’re wide awake
    And I can’t help thinkin’ the more time flies
    The more we’ve grown to be
    The most well-acquainted strangers...
    And I think that you’d agree

    A life alone with someone that keeps pushin’ you aside
    Will never satisfy your heart inside
    You’d have to be a fool when life’s short...
    Before you know it, it’s all done
    To waste a life alone with someone
    No, you don’t want a life alone with someone
    And, i don’t want a life alone with someone
    Who needs a life alone with someone
    A life alone with someone
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

  • 02:54 Lyrics Blood on the Cross

    Written by: Mark Brine


    I dreamed that I woke up on Calvary
    It was misty like in a mornin’ dew’s frost
    I walked up close and saw Jesus
    Sheddin’ his blood on the Cross

    I stood there below him and I looked up
    And I realized what our sinnin’ had cost
    And I trembled from the voice of my conscience
    And from all of the Blood on the Cross

    Blood on the Cross... What the whole world lost
    And gained by his Blood on the Cross

    Then his dyin’ eyes looked down upon me
    And for a moment I felt so alone
    But then a feeling of warmth overcame me
    Of a love that I never had known

    And as I reached up to help him his eyes closed
    And my dream and the vision was lost
    I woke up with tears in my eyes
    Still feeling his Blood on the Cross
    ©1984 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 03:00 Lyrics Here's to the Artist

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. Here’s to the artist whose work is unknown
    Who sees into something but he sees it alone
    And he wakes up discouraged to a world that’s still blind
    To his concepts and ideas ahead of their time

    2. Here’s to the battle and the field where he dies
    A thousand times over yet somehow survives
    Only to stand up to fall down again
    May he like his heroes before him transcend

    Here’s to the artist who dedicates all
    Whose ears are compulsively hearing a call
    May his efforts be noticed before he is gone
    Here’s to the artist and the hard road he’s on

    3. And let’s raise our voices for the presently blind
    Who shift like the wind and are socially mind
    For tonite they are sleeping, tomorrow they’ll wake
    And claim the same artist last night they’d forsake
    ©1985 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 03:13 Lyrics The Angels of the Earth

    Written by: Mark Brine


    Look down on the little ones... their tender, sinless eyes
    Clear like heaven’s beauty with nothing to disguise
    Theirs is but the kingdom and I’ll bet God’s greatest worth
    Is place on these few precious... Angels of the Earth

    Children are the Angels of the Earth
    With innocence as pure as fragrant myrrh 
    Children are the angels of the earth
    Yes, children are the angels of the earth

    They’re your chance to live again... your youth that’s slipped away
    And you can share it with them ‘cause they’re livin’ it today
    Yet, some of us are so wrapped up... we never stop to see
    The angels of the earth are lookin’ .. up at you and me
    ©1982 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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