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Out On Luke's Highway

by Mark Brine

Released 2008
Wild Oats Records
Released 2008
Wild Oats Records
All new traditional country, the real kind.
  • 02:50 Lyrics I Wanna Duet With You
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1.With all the many songs that this world has to sing
    With all the songs that i have sung alone
    I don’t want my voice to be the echo of itself, no
    Harmony’s a voice that’s found a home and
    I wanna duet with you, I really do
    Sing your song with mine anytime, anytime
    Whenever you are wantin’ sure i’m wanting too
    ‘cause I wanna duet with you

    2. I look into your eyes and darlin’ I can see
    That life’s a lonely song you’ve sung alone
    Come here close to me and bring your melody
    We’ll make a song that we can call our own, yes..
    ©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:11 Lyrics Common Sense
    Written by: Mark Brine

    The long lost art of common sense
    ‘s been sold down the river at the world’s (2. Public’s/3.People’s) expense
    Wisdom’s on vacation   she’s sittin’ on a fence … with…
    (2.‘n now, we’re all eatin’ popcorn.. ‘n sittin’ on a fence.. watchin’..)
    (3.Yeah, logic’s in love.. ‘n she’s sittin’ on a fence… with…)
    The long, lost art of Common Sense…
    (Tag: Yes, the fog’s getting’ thicker..’n it’s gettin’ kinda dense.. All ‘cause of…)
    Yeah, you see it in the college..  especially those who teach
    The nutty professor intellect..  who thinks his job is just to preach
    Or the Hollywood movie stars.. who claim they know what’s right
    ’n how to run the world.. when they can’t even run their lives.. it’s..
    Yeah, you hear it on the news
    ‘n from people that you meet
    Even in some churches..  on the first day of the week
    ‘n it make ya kinda wonder where on earth it’s gonna end
    ‘n what tragedy it’s gonna take t’ get some sanity back again…it’s..
    ©2006 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)  
  • 03:00 Lyrics Sweet Harmony

    Written by:  Johnny Irwin

    An old man stops his taxi.. somewhere near the Bowery
    then he stacks a lady's groceries.. on the backseat for a tip
    and as they wind around the clovers (corners).. she is staring at his picture
    and then he hears his whole life.. on her lips

    "Say, you once were big on T.V. .. your singing style was Country
    you were married to Sweet Harmony.. is she still living too?"
    Then she tears off some brown bag.. and she hands it up for signing..
    Sweet Harmony... I signed for me and you...

    Chorus 1:
    Sweet Harmony.. couldn't live with me... and watch me die a falling star
    She landed on El Paso sands.. She married some big business man..
    Sweet Harmony and me.. we fell apart

    I went down... in the Bowery.. just like a match dropped in whiskey
    'til the price of my performance.. couldn't settle at the bar
    then, I made one more record.. but, I heard the age and the whiskey
    and the sounds that were missing.. broke my heart

    Chorus 2:
    Sweet Harmony.. How you shined with me...
    Through flames of fame and golden youth
    and now I drive a Bowery cab.. and when I sign an autograph...

    Sweet Harmony... I cry for me and you
    c2006 Miss Rebecca Music


  • 03:03 Lyrics Hands On You
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1. When i get my hands on you.. oh, what a time we’ll have
    I’ve been missin’ you so much and i gotta get with you so bad
    I’m’a gonna lay some lovin’s on you ... ‘n you know what I’m talking about
    And baby when you think i’m done i just begun ‘cause we are gonna wear it out
    Ooooooouuuu ... I can feel your tenderness and your soft caress
    Ooooooouuuu ... I can picture the things we’ll do ‘n ooouu what we’ll do
    When I get my hands on you

    2. When I get my arms around you, baby you ain’t getting no rest
    I’ve been so itchin’ for your huggin’ n kissin’ ‘n i ain’t gonna settle for less
    Yeah, you’ll just have t’ settle on in ‘cause it’s going take some time
    For me to attend to what i’m needin’ to tend to.. to get this missin’ you off my mind.
    Chorus 2:
    Ooooooouuuu ... I can feel your tender touch i’ve missed so much
    Ooooooouuuu ... I’m just dyin’ to do to you what  i’m fixin’ to do
    when i get my hands on you
    ©2006 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:19 Lyrics Little Buddy

    Written by: Hank Snow


    Broken hearted and so sad, golden curls all wet with tears,
    'twas a picture of sorrow to see.
    Kneeling close to the side of his pal and only pride,
    A little lad these words he told me.

    He was such a lovely doggie and to me he was such fun,
    but today as we played by the way
    A drunken man got mad at him because he barked in joy,
    He beat him and he's dying here today.

    Will you call the doctor please and tell him if he comes right now,
    he'll save my precious doggie 'cause I'll pray.
    Then he stroked the fluffy head but his little pal was dead,
    Just a shiver and he slowly passed away.

    4th and 5th verse are spoken

    He didn't know his dog had died, so I told him as he cried
    "Come with me son we'll get that doctor right away"
    "But I can't leave him here alone, I must get my doggie home
    So while you're gone I'll kneel beside him, sir and I'll pray."

    But when I returned he had his little pal upon his knee
    And the teardrops they were blinding his big blue eyes,
    "You're too late, sir my doggie's dead and no help can save him now
    But I'll meet my precious Buddy up in the sky."

    By a tiny narrow grave, where the willows sadly wave,
    are these words on a shingle of pine:
    "Little Buddy rest in peace, God will watch you thru' the years,
    'Cause I told Him in my prayers that you were mine."

  • 03:11 Lyrics I Got It Made
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1. I know I’ve lots ‘a reasons.. t’ hang my head ‘n moan
    But i ain’t gonna be sorrow’s slave
    I’m gonna keep my chin up, smile..  ‘n laugh my troubles away
    ‘cause fact is I got it made
    2. Sure, the whole world’s crazy you don’t need t’ tell me that
    I see it from my windows every day
    But at least i got my eyes t’ look upon it ‘n you could say
    Just one ‘a them reasons I got it made… Yeah…
    I got it made ... i got it made in the shade
    I’m a lazy good-f’-nuthin’ .. but at least my bills get paid
    ‘n i ain’t never gonna be no millionaire but i don’t care
    ‘cause in spite of everything i got it made.
    3. I’ll admit that bad luck follows me like a map was on my back
    But at least i got these legs t’ get around
    ‘n someday when i learn t’ run, i’m gonna leave it in the dust
    ‘n look out then, ‘cause people,  i’m freedom bound…Yeah..
    4. But even if i never do I’m gonna thank the Lord above
    Ev’ry single day for what He gave
    ‘cause even tho i ain’t got much..  I got myself ‘n that’s enough
    as long as I do i got it made
    ©2006 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:36 Lyrics Your Cheatin' Heart

    Written by: Hank Williams
    Your cheatin' heart
    Will make you weep
    You'll cry and cry
    And try to sleep
    But sleep won't come
    The whole night through
    Your cheatin' heart
    Will tell on you
    When tears come down
    Like falling rain
    You'll toss around
    And call my name
    You'll walk the floor
    The way I do
    Your cheatin' heart
    Will tell on you
    Your cheatin' heart
    Will pine some day
    And crave the love
    You threw away
    The time will come
    When you'll…

  • 02:35 Lyrics Love Just Doesn't Feel Right Anymore
    Written by: Mark Brine

    You’re a pretty woman, you’ve got everything it takes
    But after losin’ her I guess I’m leery of mistakes
    So I’m gonna hit the highway, now don’t you look for no excuse
    I’m leaving while the knot of love’s still loose
    ‘cause love just doesn’t feel right, I can’t dive back in for more
    After almost drowning I’m still headin’ for the shore
    So if there’s any problem it’s with me and nothin’ more
    Than love just doesn’t feel right anymore
    ‘cause once ya touch a fire and it burns your fingertips
    It don’t make it easier to risk relationships
    And after what I’ve just been through, I guess I’m just as sore
    ‘cause love just doesn’t feel right anymore
    ©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)  
  • 02:29 Lyrics The Rambler's Call
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. When i get t’ feelin’ like this I gotta find me a new road
    When i get t’ feelin’ this low i get the urge t’ wanna go
    When i get t’ feelin’ to be where i ain’t ever been before
    When I hear the rambler’s call i gotta go
    2. On a lonesome railroad track somewhere in the darkness of the night
    The moon is shining on the image of a rambler in his flight
    His map is the horizon and without explainin’ you just know
    He heard the rambler’s call and had t’ go
    3. When I hear the rambler’s call there ain’t no use in holdin’ on
    Woman it’s the road and i can’t say now for how long
    And if someone asks about us wonderin’ why ‘n what went wrong
    Just say he heard the call ‘n he was gone
    4. ‘cause when i get t’ feelin’ like this I gotta find me a new road
    When i get t’ feelin’ this low i get the urge t’ wanna go
    When i get t’ feelin’ to be where i ain’t ever been before
    When I hear the rambler’s call i gotta go
    ©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)  
  • 02:57 Lyrics Gonna Lose Your Man
    Written by: Mark Brine
    You’re gonna lose your man don’t you understand
    You been puttin’ me down time ‘n time again
    Put up with all I can just what’s you think i am
    Yeah, don’t you understand you’re gonna lose gonna
    (2. Can’t you get it through your head..)
    You’re gonna lose your man
    1. Every night you’re gone you know this can’’t go on
    You’ve been tryin’ my patience but it won’t be long
    I’m gonna be long gone, yeah just as far as i can
    Yeah, can’t you comprehend you’re gonna lose, gonna lose your man

    2. Yeah, Some ole rat’s been sneakin’ ‘round my can
    You know your cheese ain’t foolin’ this here connoisseur man
    I know what’s secondhand, do you read me ma’am
    Yeah, am i comin’ thru, do you under ... under... understand?
    ©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:48 Lyrics The Last Thing I Want to Hear From You
    Written by: Mark Brine

    The last thing I want to hear from you is goodbye
    No, I don’t want to hear goodbye
    1. Darlin’ if there’s ever anything on your mind
    If you need my ear it’s (i’m) here anytime
    If something ain’t right I’ll listen all night
    ‘cause i never want to lose you by oversight
    Yes, the last thing I want to hear from you is goodbye
    The last thing I want to hear are the words
    That would leave me without you wantin’ to die
    And the last thing I want to hear from you is goodbye
    Please don’t ever say goodbye
    2. As close as we are there are times we’ll get mad
    Over petty little things that could make us go bad
    But if they’re ever any deeper than the words we express
    I want you to know I’ll always give it my best ‘cause
    The last thing I want to hear from you is goodbye
    No, I don’t want to hear goodbye
    The last thing I want to hear from you is goodbye ... goodbye
    ©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)  
  • 02:34 Lyrics Blue Yodel

    Written by: Jimmie Rodgers


    T for Texas, T for Tennessee
    T for Thelma
    That gal made a wreck out of me.


    If you don't want me mama
    You sure don't have to stall
    If you don't want me mama
    You sure don't have to stall
    'Cause I can get more women
    Than a passenger train can haul.

    I'm gonna buy me a pistol
    Just as long as I'm tall, Lawd, Lawd
    I'm gonna buy me a pistol
    Just as long as I'm tall
    I'm gonna shoot poor Thelma
    Just to see her jump and fall.

    I'm gonna buy me a shotgun
    With a great long shiny barrel
    I'm gonna buy me a shotgun
    With a great long shiny barrel
    I'm gonna shoot that rounder
    That stole my gal.

    Rather drink muddy water
    Sleep in a hollow log
    Rather drink muddy water
    And sleep in a hollow log
    Than to be in Atlanta
    Treated like a dirty dog.

  • 03:46 Lyrics He Wrote Our Names
    Written by: Mark Brine
    He wrote our names upon His hands
    As He promised us so long ago
    That he would never ever forget us
    Wherever that He may go
    Indelibly, He had them placed there
    Like initials carved in a tree
    As a sign of love, ever-endearing
    Before we even ever came to be
    Yes, He knew each one of us
    Before the dawning of time
    That’s what He wrote in His word
    And in an act of total self denial
    He gave Himself that we might be assured
    In a promise of old as the words they were told
    That He’d never forget or leave us out in the cold no-
    He wrote our names upon His hands
    Embedded right deep in His flesh
    With a show of love completely unequalled
    Not to mention it’s selflessness
    Yes, to right the wrong of one man’s crime
    That all thru Him might not fail
    Yes, He wrote our names upon His hands
    With a pair of rusty ole nails
    ©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:16 Download Lyrics In Karrie's Smile

    Written by: Mark Brine


    1. In Karrie’s tender smile I find comfort ‘n solace in my soul
    In Karrie’s loving tender smile I find warmth from life’s dark cold and
    When I am wrapped inside her love
    It feels sanctioned from above
    So perfect fitting, nothing vile
    ‘N proven so in Karrie’s tender lovin’ smile

    2. In Karrie, I can be a man like I have never been before
    ‘N leave all my boyhood games behind
    ‘N never miss them anymore
    For she fulfills my deepest dreams
    And even when I’m like a child... insecure ‘n so unsure
    It’s all dissolved in Karrie’s smile
    ©2005 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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