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Return of the Drifter(Moralistic songs & recitations.. accordin' to MARK)

by Mark Brine

Released 2010
Wild Oats Records (Nashville, Tenn.)
Released 2010
Wild Oats Records (Nashville, Tenn.)

  • 04:31 Lyrics Come Back, Luke The Drifter (the Real Answer Song!)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    "Come back, Woody Guthrie".. Yeah, I've heard that song before
    'n I know the man that wrote it... his intentions, they were pure
    Still, I can't help disagreein'.. 'bout what is ailin' us today
    Yeah, I see it all so different.. So, here it what I've got to say
    Come Back, Luke the Drifter... Lord knows we need you more
    (2. We need you more today)
    Tell ole Woody Guthrie.. that we miss him, that's f' sure
    (2.that we miss him,but he can stay...'cause..)
    But, politics (2. Unions) ain't the problem.. no,
    they won't fix what's wrong t'day (2. they won't fix this anyway)
    Come Back, Luke the Drifter.. there's been a serious 'fallin' away'
    (2. Lord knows, we need you more t'day)
    1. Luke, you always told us .. just exactly how it was..
    y' never compromised, or patronized.. or minced your words, because..
    you knew what folks.. needed most.. 'n where they'd find the better way
    'n those parables that you put in song.. are just as relevant today
    2. Yeah, Luke, you tried to warn us 'bout what the love of money
    could do..
    'n how, if we didn't help our neighbor.. we could wind up like that too
    'n you told us, just like Jesus.. who you proudly sang of too
    that a house of gold.. will never save your soul... like a heart that's good 'n true
    3."Do unto others.. as you would have done to you"
    Luke, that's been thrown away 'n replaced today.. with a moral code, completely new
    yes, an idolatry 'n greed.. that beats all 'n everything.. even God, 'n family 'n country...
    So, we need the hope that you would bring... Yeah...
    ©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 05:48 Lyrics Return Of The Drifter
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Down a celestial railway
    I watched the hobo come
    guitar strapped ‘n singin’ out ...
    the lonesome song he strummed ...
    approaching in this vision
    the world he’d left behind
    a message in his melody
    prophetic and sublime ...
    2. Returning with a warning
    to heed his haunting words
    that echoed thru the bleakness
    though distant, still I heard him singing ...
    “A train bound for glory
    will rattle soon this track
    just beyond the sunset
    it’s pounding its way back ...
    3. So turn from all your idols ...
    do not put your trust in me
    for I am but a messenger
    of a much greater majesty
    no, put your house in order
    do not tarry for it’s late”
    then I watched the drifter’s notes ascend
    as the dawning day did break
    4. Yes, and as I raised my eyes to follow (them)
    from this feverish sleep, I woke
    the scene burning in my mem’ry ... with all
    the words that he had spoke
    and in the dim light of my room
    in my tremblin’ state, I wrote
    this vision I had witnessed
    that it might put to note ... (Yes ...)
    ©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:49 Lyrics Where Have All The Children Gone? (to An Endless Holocaust!)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Chorus 1 & 3:
    Where have all the children gone?.. oh, so many lost...
    Where Have All the Children Gone? … will there ever be a cost?
    (3.Did they calculate the cost?)
    Where Have All the Children Gone? .. over, oh so many years?
    Where Have All the Children Gone? .. 'n will there ever be a tear?
    (3.Well, maybe now's the time for tears!)
    1. Each day, you hear another person say..
    "Illegal immigration is stealin' away.. 
    those unskilled jobs with minimal starting pay
    that the poor 'n younger people'd be doin' today... Yeah, but...
    Chorus 2:
    Where Have All the Children Gone? .. that would have worked those jobs?
    Where Have All the Children Gone? .. to an Endless Holocaust!...
    Yes, Where Have All the Children Gone? .. 'n tho, two wrongs don't make a right ..
    But, Where Have All the Children Gone? .. What an awful oversight!
    2. Everything in Nature has its place... dam a river here..'n somewhere's down the way...
    You cut off life's supply, until one day..
    You turn around.. 'n all that you can
    ©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:17 Lyrics The Paper God
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. And they made a paper god
    and upon it they put a face
    ‘n they worshipped it ‘n honored it ...
    all thru-out their days
    conquering and killin’ for ... its Almighty sake
    that they might share in the power of ...
    this paper god so great ...
    Yes, the paper god ... the paper god
    2. and it created class distinctions
    between the peoples of the land
    prejudice ‘n favoritism to the
    ones it came to hand
    and the nations of this world agreed
    that all would serve this king
    and those who wouldn’t should perish
    without the basic needed thing ... yeah, the ...
    3. and in their quest to serve it
    its followers destroyed the land
    ravagin and robbing it ...
    'til not a living thing did stand
    ‘n the children cried in hunger
    to a multitude of ears
    that were deaf  ‘n unconcerned ... and for
    their greed, they wouldn’t share ... the ...
    4. and in all the words they said ...
    they praised it up on high
    ‘til at last it was revealed
    and the truth came to their eyes ...
    and they saw that they’d been hurtin’ themselves ...
    ‘n it was only them to fault
    for all’a the wrongs that were around them
    from their false god, they exhalt ... yes ... the ...
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:06 Lyrics Mr. Are-you-jesus?
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Three business men in an airport
    rushin’ to catch a flight
    knocked over a display of flowers ... 
    worked by a girl who had no sight
    Yes, a blind girl, that when hearing it ...
    just broke down into tears
    then, scurried to the floor ... upon her knees ...
    she tried so hard to gather it near
    2. Then the three men, in realizin’ ... slowed to look
    but time was pressed
    They thought to return and help her
    but a wristwatch won the test
    All except for one, so moved, he yelled
    to the others running on
    “Call my wife, tell her, I’ll catch the next flight”
    Then he started back, when they were gone
    Chorus 1:
    Mr. Are you Jesus? .. the blind girl
    said as she looked over
    with tears still welled-up in her eyes
    as the man bent to the floor
    Mr. are you Jesus?   ... Yes, he could
    hear that in his ears
    far beyond that very moment ... and into passing years
    3. Did you ever stop to consider ... just how much
    we affect each other’s lives
    and how one moment given, unselfishly
    Can be seen in another’s eyes ... yes
    It goes beyond all words ... and
    beyond all human sight
    when we, like Jesus, stoop down to help one another
    and become His earthly light
    Chorus 2:
    So, Mr. Are you Jesus?  and if you say
    You follow Him
    Does it show itself in times like these ... If not ...
    I’ll ask you once again
    Mr.  Are you Jesus?  ... f’ someday we’ll all
    hear that in our ears
    far beyond these fleeting moments ‘n into
    Eternity’s endless years ...
    ©2007 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:17 Lyrics In My Son's Eyes
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Y' know, I once had a bit of a drinkin' problem
    but, I was saved by a little boy
    'cause, every time I looked at him
    he'd just fill my heart with joy
    -'n I knew my wrong would destroy his world
    so, I focused in on him
    'n I learned what love.. truly was.. 'n it became
    all so simple then
    'cause, In My Son's Eyes.. I saw God's lookin' back at me...
    innocent 'n so precious (2. needin').. 'n trusting, oh so, hopefully
    that I could be... everything that he.. needed me to be...
    Yes, In My Son's Eyes.. I saw God's starin' back at me
    (Tag: Yes, In my little boy's eyes...I saw, etc.)
    2. Y' know, true love is surrenderin'.. 'n goin' without..
    for someone else..
    yes, giving up things we know (deep down).. only serve ourselves
    Yeah, 'n many will say, "I'd die for you"... 'n as heroic as that might seem
    they never realize the two-fold truth of what.. that really 'n truly can mean...
    ©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:29 Lyrics To Gain The World
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Of all the dreams and wishes
    I’ve cherished with deep love
    There’s none so great as yearning
    to be with my Lord above
    The ultimate ... eternal love
    We all have strived to reach
    But all fall short as numerous
    As the sands upon the beach
    And even if I gained the world
    To lose God in the end
    Life would be fruitless as the moment it began
    What would I accomplish when it’s too late then?
    To gain the world and lose God in the end
    That’s where my eyes look to,
    That’s where my heart strays
    And it’s just so hard to live for it
    In this world we live today
    And sometimes I feel lost,
    but in my deepest dreams
    I hope that in this sea of life
    My Lord will throw a rescue rope
    ©1989 /Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:15 Lyrics The Old Bag Lady
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. The old bag lady ... she nursed her coffee
    ‘til the manager came ‘n sent her away
    from the warmth of the restaurant ...
    Into the dark city’s cold nite
    Frightened ‘n alone ... to await the break ‘a day
    2. The old bag lady ... wouldn’t go to the mission
    ‘cause everybody knows ... It’s more dangerous there
    for a  woman or a young boy ... they’re just the right prey
    for the strong and the drunk men ...
    that are always hangin’ ‘ round
    The old bag lady ... you’ve seen her kind around
    ‘n maybe you turned your head to pretend
    not t’ see what you had found
    ‘n folks’ll tell ya, that sin ...
    Is just the wrong things that ya do
    But, ya know, it’s just as much the things that ya don’t ...
    Yeah, that’s just as Gospel truth
    3. The mornin’s bitter wind cut like a knife
    Down the iced ‘n glazin’ alley
    As the dawn’s frozen sun shed
    It’s lite on the place ... where the ...
    Old bag lady ... lie silenced forever
    Just another victim of neglect
    Of an uncaring human race
    ©/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 04:53 Lyrics (ain't No Such Thing As A) Good Thief
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. There ain’t’ no such thing as a good thief
    The Lord says ‘Thou shalt not steal’
    Just remember what you sow, brother,
    that's exactly what you’re gonna yield ... no ...
    (tag: Tenfold... you’re gonna yield)
    There ain’t no such thing as a good thief
    No such thing at all (in this world)
    You can justify it any way you like ...
    But, a wrong don’t ever make a right
    (ain’t ever gonna be a right)
    2. Now, maybe you’re desirin’ your neighbor’s wife
    you might like his automobile
    There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with wishin’ you had ‘em, man
    It’s when you stoop low enough to steal ... and ...
    3. It don’t have to be material possessions
    No, there’s all kinds’a robberies goin’ on
    “They’ll rob you with a  6-gun or a fountain pen”
    that’s what Mr. Woody Guthrie said in his song ... 'n there ...
    4. Now you can call it competition or just plain business
    Talk ‘til you face is blue
    but when you take something that ain’t rightfully yours Mr.
    somebody’s gettin’ the screw ... ‘n ...
    5. You might think I’m pointin’ the finger at you
    Personally ... all I can say is if that’s how you take it
    Then it’s your own guilty conscience workin’ at ya, brother
    Wear it if the shoe fits ... ‘cause ...
    ©1988 /Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:56 Lyrics (Why Can't I Know It All) Like When I Was A Kid
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. These days I find myself livin’ in doubt
    Reconsiderin’ things I was once so sure about
    Re-evaluatin’ everything I ever did
    But why can’t I know it all ... like when I was a kid
    2. What once seemed so natural ... appears silly now ‘n all wrong
    What I once thought was weak ... has turned out t ‘ be strong
    Yeah, the questions they just get harder ... the longer that ya live
    But why can’t I know it all ... like when I was a kid
    Why can’t I know it all ... or at least pretend
    That I got it all together ... like I use t’ way back then
    Why can’t I fool myself... like all the people I once did
    Yes, why can’t I know it all ... like when I was a kid
    3. Ya know, it use t’ be a cinche t’ blame everyone else
    For the wrong things that I did ... now, I only ... got myself
    ‘n the more I consider things ... the more I can’t fig’re things
    ‘cause just knowin’ what the outcomes bring
    It all just don’t seem worth the sufferings ... but ...
    ©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:22 Lyrics Gotta Get Back To God
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Gotta get back to God
    Been driftin’ away too long (2.been driftin’ in sin too long)
    I gotta get back to my Lord
    Before all my chances are gone (2. before all hope is gone)
    It’s all so easy ... to fall in sin
    You turn around ... you’ve done it again
    ‘n man don’t live ... by bread alone
    I need His strength to keep goin’ on ... ‘n so I ...
    It’s a crazy world ... you get involved
    You lose yourself ... ‘til nothing’s solved
    ‘n I need a friend ... that’s always there
    And I can’t find one ... 'round here, anywhere ... ‘n so I ...
    ©1988 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 03:59 Download Lyrics Calling Down The Road
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Sometimes I think I hear someone calling (me) ...
    Calling down the road
    There’s no sorrow ... I’m gonna walk ...
    Right down that road
    Often times, I've realized
    that life’s not here for good
    Time is passin’ me ... yes
    ‘n I always knew it would
    His voice is music to my ears
    Calling me on ... thru all my toils and my fears
    Calling me onward ... yeah, calling me home ...
    Calling me (on) down the road
    ©1991 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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