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Return to Americana

by Mark Brine

Released 2010
KJK Recordings
Released 2010
KJK Recordings
Recorded in 1981 and originally released in 1985. Now on CD for the first time!
  • 02:41 Lyrics Honey, We're Gonna Rise Above It
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Honey, try’n understand ... I’m doin’ all I can
    but getting’ by these days ... it just ain’t easy on a man
    But that’s all gonna change someday ... and though I don’t
    know how or when ... but ...
    you and me, we’re gonna see the good times once again
    Honey, we’re gonna rise above it ... just you wait and see
    No, let’s not let these bad times get the best of you and me ... no ...
    Don’t lose faith, just keep believin’ and give it time for me
    ‘cause, honey, we’re gonna rise above  it ... just you wait and see
    2. Honey, you know ‘s well as me that life’s all ups and downs
    One day you’re flyin’ high ... the very next you’re on the ground
    But, that’s the way it goes ... no life ain’t always like it should
    But, the bad ... why that’s the thing that makes us appreciate the good
    ©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 02:32 Lyrics There's Still a Still on Stillman's Hill
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Law folks, they been up there
    County sheriff said ... “if any of
    them Stillmans found, they’re
    wanted “live’ or 'dead'
    But, no one ain’t seen nothin’
    And I doubt they ever will
    ‘cause, everybody’s glad, there’s still a still on Stillman’s hill
    2. White house sent their letters
    District courthouse had a meet
    Sent out the militia ... 600 ... 50 men on feet
    Combin’ that whole area
    with orders ‘shoot to kill’
    But, they all come down agreein’,
    There’s still a still on Stillman’s hill
    There’s still a still on Stillman’s hill
    'n I hope there always will
    ‘least until I get my fill, tho, I doubt I ever will
    Let me look for dis and DAT, as long as they distill
    ‘cause, me, I live to know there’s still a still on Stillman’s hill
    3. Now, granny’s Sunday chittlin’
    They still taste the way they did
    That recipe’s her secret pride
    She’s tried to keep it hid
    But I know why it’s so deeelicious
    I always take my fill
    And thank the Lord, at grace, there’s still a still on Stillman’s hill
    4. Last Saturday night I calls my gal
    Said, “Honey, whatcha know ...
    Why don’t you and me get dressed
    and up that hill we’ll go”
    Monday mornin’ we come back ... 'n I’ll admit a little ill
    But, we can testify, there’s still a still on Stillman’s hill
    ©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 03:29 Lyrics Sorry...Gone Fishin'
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Someday you’re gonna come back ... lookin’ for me
    Someday when your heart starts t’ missin’
    You’re gonna come to my door ... But I won’t be there no more
    There’ll just be a note that says ... “Sorry ... Gone fishin’”
    Sorry gone fishin’ ‘n I doubt I’ll be back
    ‘cause there’s too many fish t’ be catchin’
    I tried for so long to warn you but you just wouldn’t listen
    (2. Wouldn’t pay attention)
    So, now it’s too late ...
    (2. So like I said)
    Sorry ... Gone fishin’
    2. I’ll be down at the stream
    Yeah, you know what I mean
    When ya come back lookin’ for this one
    But, there’ll be no one to find
    No, you won’t be on my mind
    ‘cause, like I said ...
    Sorry ... Gone fishin’
    ©1982 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:14 Lyrics To Himself, He Was Ole Jimmie Rodgers
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. He was a hillbilly singer from way back
    And he musta been eighty years old
    With a beat-up old hat ... and a long overcoat
    And, I swear, he was thin as a pole
    2. And the crowd tried hard not to laugh
    As he sang them ole songs out of tune
    And strummed on a guitar that looked like it been
    In a pawn shop that same afternoon
    Chorus 1:
    But, to himself, he was ole Jimmie Rodgers
    But when he’d walk off that stage ... he’d be just as unknown
    As when his dream of success came to be
    3. He just couldn’t keep time to the rhythm
    Of the song he was singin’ so loud
    I could tell he’d been through a whole lot more
    In spite of ‘em all, he was proud
    4. Then he told everyone, he was famous one time
    And he’d sang once behind Patsy Cline
    Then some wise guy stood up and shouted
    “Get off and I’ll buy you some wine”
    Chorus 2:
    But, to himself, he was ole Jimmie Rodgers
    But he was singin’ so bad, it just made me feel sad
    Almost like they was laughin’ at me
    5. The old man just kept right on tryin’
    But his eyes showed the sign of a tear
    ‘cause, the hard facts of failure were so hard to face
    For a man, I could tell had been there
    Chorus 3:
    But, to himself, he had been Jimmie Rodgers
    But when he walked off that stage, he was all washed-up
    It just taken a whole lifetime too see...
    ©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 04:08 Lyrics Them Good Ole Days
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. I remember drinkin’ cola (or: Moxie) in the summertime
    sittin’ ‘round the old corner store
    Listenin’ to the stories that the old men told
    ‘about their women ... Their cars ‘n the war
    Yeah, I recall it very vivid ... those days of yesteryear
    Them childhood mem’ries so dear
    That little neighborhood was my whole world
    ‘n nothin’ else mattered beyond there ... in ...
    Them good ole days ... them good ole days
    Livin’ was so easy back then
    Them good ole days ... them good ole days
    If I could only be there again ... oouuuu ...
    Them good ole days
    2. Summer nights my grand-dad, he’d take me down the square
    just t’ sit ‘n watch the trucks roll by
    We’d stay ‘til it was late ‘n then go get an ice cream cone
    ‘n I’d be just so satisfied ... in ...
    3. The mischief I’d get into ... the little girls I’d tease
    The never-endin’ school days, I’d sit
    starin’ out the window at the grown-up world
    Just wishin’ I could get in it
    ‘n now it’s so ironic ... ‘cause here I am
    workin’ for the man ev’ryday
    Starin’ out the window at the little kids outside
    just wishin’ I could find me a way ... back to ...
    ©1982 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:36 Lyrics Hillbilly Song
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. There’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’
    Oh, Darlin’, please come ‘n dance with me
    Hear the fiddle, guitar and the dobro
    And the stand-up bass thumpin’ in beat
    Would ya please, darlin’, please come to me
    And waltz to the shinin’ down moon
    ‘cause, there’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’
    And it’s, oh, such a romantic tune
    There’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’
    I can feel your soft touch as we’re swayin’
    And there’s nothin’ in the world that could steal me away ...
    When there’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’
    2. In your ear you can hear my soft whisper
    Oh, darlin’, please ... come 'n dance with me
    to a place just a ways that I know of where alone we can finally be
    beneath the stars and a tree that’s there waitin’
    In the meadow we’ll softly be layin’
    Makin’ love ‘neath the moon to an enchanted tune ... ‘cause
    There’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’
    ©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 02:40 Lyrics Gonna Move My Shoes
    Written by: Mark Brine
    I ain’t stickin’ ‘round New Orleans
    I’m coming back home Tennessee
    Where my darlin’ gal’s in a mountain home
    Patiently waitin’ on me
    I’m gonna move my shows and outrun them blues
    Back to my Tennessee home
    (2. state)...I'm ...
    Tired of the rounds and workin’ the grounds
    (2. Headed ‘fore it gets too late)
    I’m tired of being alone
    I ain’t gonna stop off in Memphis
    There’s too much of a risk involved
    That momma, she’s waitin’ out on them front stairs
    With a bottle of cheap alcohol
    No plans of coming back
    I’m leavin’ this city on a railroad track
    I miss the old gang and the
    songs that we sang
    I ain’t even waiting to pack
    ©1977 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 04:27 Lyrics Wrong Side of the Bourbon St. Blues
    Written by: MARK BRINE

    Midday leanin’ up against an iron lamp post
    Intersection of Bourbon Street and Toulouse
    Tourist passin’ with lotsa green (stuff) down in their wallets
    But, me I’m on the wrong side lookin’ down the Bourbon St. Blues
    Met Miss Rattlesnake Annie back up in (Meridian) Mississippi
    She tried t’ warn me but it’s just never no use
    She said “Son, you’re gonna starve down there in Louisiana
    Y’know them people down there just ain’t heard your kinda news
    You are gonna be stranded on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BOURBON ST. BLUES
    Think I’ll go down t’ Jackson Square ain’t got nothin more t’ lose
    Set-up on the sidewalk ‘n sing for spare change ‘cause there’s no doubt about it
    We’s on the wrong side of the Bourbon St. Blues
    Yeah, there’s no doubt about it brother
    We’s on the wrong side of the Bourbon St. Blues
    Think I sang about this place once in a very vicarious-type premonition
    Said I was gonna move my shoes, yeah, I ain’t gonna be sticken’ ‘round here no more
    I’m gonna out-run them Bourbon St. Blues yeah, I’m gonna move my shoes
    'N out-run them Bourbon St. Blues ‘cause I ain’t gonna be on the wrong side
    Lookin’ down the Bourbon St. Blues
    ©1995 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 03:27 Lyrics Won't Be Comin' Back (Gotta Move My Shoes)
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1. When you see me on the railroad track ... walkin’, talkin’,
    It’s a fact that, gal, I’m really leavin’ ‘n I won’t be comin’ back
    ‘cause, I’ve told ya time ‘n time again ‘n every time since way back when
    Ya never paid a single-mind ‘n now, we’ve reached the end ...
    I gotta move my shoes ‘cause, gal, I told you a thousand times
    I could count ‘em for you down the three ... four
    2. I’m just not the kinda guy t’ harp ‘n harp on reasons why
    I let it live ‘n let it die ... please no more alibis
    ‘cause, baby, it just ain’t no use...had every chance...ain’t no excuse
    Gonna travel on ... soon be gone ‘n I won’t be comin’ back ...
    Chorus 2:
    I won’t be comin’ back ... Cause, gal, I warned you a thousand times
    Need I count ‘em for ya down the three ... four
    (continue to 8 or 9 on beat)
    3. So many many nights...too many tears...too many fights
    I just can’t find one reason ... ya know deep down, I'm right
    ‘cause nuthin’s like it used t’ be ... it’s all but gone for you ‘n me
    ‘n all that’s left t’ do now is to set each other free
    4. For there’s no love between us now ... the only thing between us now
    Is bitter hearts ‘n broken vows ‘n that’ll never do, no how
    So, when you see me in the fadin’ dawn ... just close your door ‘n carry on
    And don’t leave the ole portch light on, ‘cause I won’t be comin’ back
    ©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 02:32 Lyrics Baseball Benny (The Baseball Strike Song)
    Written by: Mark Brine

    1. Baseball Benny ... he was goin’ crazy ... he didn’t know what t’ do
    When the baseball strike was goin’ on ... he was really losin’ his cool
    Bitin’ his nails ‘n when all-else failied ... you’d find him at a little league game
    Up in the bleachers...squintin’ his features like an addict withdrawing in pain
    2. But now that the call is to play ball ... even tho, he’s a fanatical fan
    He’s feelin’ betrayed but what can ya say ... I guess, the little guy gets it again
    Still, Benny’s a sport...he’s just that sort ...hangin’ in there just like an old pro
    Buyin’ his ticket ‘stead’a tellin’ ‘em t’ stick it...ain’t that always the way it goes
    Baseball Benny ... (Baseball Benny) was climbin’ the stadium walls
    But Baseball Benny (Baseball Benny) je’s feelin’ just like he’s been thrown a super curve ball
    3. Take me out to the ballgame, why that was Benny’s favorite song
    He’d sing it, he’d hum it, he’d whistle, he’d work t’ it, it kept him keepin’ on
    But now h don’t know what he’s feelin’ ... you could say he’s a little confused
    'cause, more ‘n more it’s (been) soundin’ like the take-me-out-t’-the ballgame blues
    ©1988 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)
  • 02:32 Lyrics Here's To The Vietnam Vet
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Here’s a song for the Vietnam Vet
    A belated thanks with the utmost respect
    For his gallantry, brave ... that we should never forget
    Yes, here’s to the Vietnam Vet
    2. Here’s to his understanding and stride
    When he came back to only be denied
    By the county he fought for ... yes, that’s what he fought for
    And God bless the many that died ... yes ...
    Here’s to the Vietnam Vet
    From the war we’d all like to forget
    Whatever the cause ... he gave us his best
    So, here’s to the Vietnam Vet
    ©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)
  • 04:06 Lyrics Blue Roses

    Written by: Mark Brine
    Mr. Florist ... could you fill an order that, I know, might sound strange. 
    But I'd like to send them to the lady that used to wear my name. 
    Blue Roses ... if ya have them.. might express the way I feel
    'cause, even tho, it's been some time.. my love for her's still real. 
    Chorus: Blue Roses and a note that says Je t'aime ... pour la vie. 
    'Cause, she might think I'm over her ..but that's just never gonna be. 
    And even if it's too late, I'd like to still send them along
    so, she'll know I'm really sorry that I treated her so wrong. 
    There always was a special place.. for roses in her heart. 
    And, I was like that too, once.. but, now we're worlds apart. 
    And I know, now.. what she meant to me.  I was just too blind to see. 
    But, it's better late than never and, there might still be time, so please. 
    ©1983 Mark Brine - Streets of Gold Music (ASCAP)
"Brine probably single-handedly shaped the Americana genre by releasing "RETURN TO AMERICANA" in 1985, a time when today's current Americana artists were still being called 'Country' or 'Blues' artists (if, indeed, they were even recording yet!)" - Dave Sichak (

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