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The Carol And The True Folk Legend Of Jack Frost Soundtrack

by Mark Brine

Released 2011
Released 2011
A Double CD collection from the Audio Book/Folk Musical, "THE CAROL" . "The Carol details in narrative and original folk music how the legend of Jack Frost transformed the life of American folk singer Mark Brine." -Richard Summers (mOnTaGe radio)
  • 00:45 Lyrics The Carol (Main Theme)


  • 03:21 Lyrics Voices In The Wind
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. God, I’ve heard you talk to me ... in so many ways
    Like the breeze that hisses through the night
    Leading me and telling me ... despite of all my trials
    Things would work out right ... but, I ...
    Just can’t hear your voice or feel your warming light
    2. Have I betrayed you, Lord, beyond all hope
    Have I lost the blessing of your will
    Am I so self-righteous that I cannot see ... and vainly
    Listen for your calling still
    Voices in the wind
    Lord, please speak to me again
    Voices in the wind
    Lord, please try’n understand
    And breathe in me your voice again
    3. My decisions ... my shortcomings ... my whole life
    Was it only wasted time
    Lord, was there any purpose to all of this? ... and if there was
    Could you please just show me one good sign
    I need your help ... I’ve lost something I need to find
    ©1989 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:47 Lyrics Life's Just A Dream
    Written by: Mark Brine
    As important as the world around you might seem
    Someday you’ll wake to find, life’s just a dream
    And the treasures that lured you, with sparkle and gleam
    Will then disappear ... ‘csuse life’s just a dream
    Yes, all of the things that mean so much in life
    Will vanish as quick as the rays of a light
    Then those who use wealth as  a false self-esteem
    Will be rudely awaken ... ‘cause life’s just a dream
    Life’s just a dream, and it won’t mean a thing
    Whether you were a beggar or a glorified king
    And to have fame and money, as nice as it seems
    You can’t take them with you, ‘cause life’s just a dream
    All the gold mansions on the isles of life’s stream
    Will sink for the currents come fast and unseen
    No warnings, no trumpets or loud sirens
    No, there won’t be a trace left, ‘cause, life’s just a dream
    ©1990 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:52 Lyrics Undoubtedly Angels


  • 03:55 Lyrics Rebel
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Everybody called you REBEL
     A nonconfromist too.. 'cause
     You didn't like to do the things
     that normal people do
     They warned you youd be
     Dead and gone before age 22
     All that fast pace-living, son
     Is gonna take its toll on you
     Rebel, what you running from anyhow
     You live like there's no tomorrow in sight
     Try'na get it all in now rebel
     Whatcha runnin' from anyhow
     Abandoned like the joker card
     That don't belong inside the deck
     Fighting with a death wish
     That's always s breathing down your neck
     You're crazy, you're mixed up
     'n you're so confused
     You're the loner in the crowd
     With a complex screaming at you
     With a voice inside so loud
    ©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:51 Lyrics (If We Could Only) Runaway
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. If we could only find the chance
    To somehow runaway
    I’d lead you to a beautiful place
    I dream of everyday
    In a far-off field of flowers
    Where we fall together on
    The moment we have waited for
    So very long
    Ooouu ... Ooouu ... Runaway
    Ooouu ... Ooouu ... Runaway
    If we could only ... Runaway
    2. If I could only find the chance
    To run my fingers through your hair
    I know that I could reach inside, and
    Touch what’s deep in there
    And not to take, no more than give
    What we both hide away
    Girl, if we could only ... Runway
    © Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:28 Lyrics Emmanuel (God With Us)
    Written by: Mark Brine

    A Babe is layin’ in a manger
    Lullabied by all of Heaven’s Angel choir
    In the beam of yonder glowing star
    In poverty the Prophesized Messiah

    In the village-small of Bethlehem
    To honor Him in awe they come to see
    The newborn King, the Prince of Peace
    Sent to save all humanity
    Emmanuel … God with us
    Come forth, see the world to tell
    Of the Baby Child, Emmanuel
    The key He holds to the gates of hell
    To set us free Emmanuel … God with us
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:53 Lyrics Blood On The Cross

    Written by: Mark Brine


    I dreamed that I woke up on Calvary
    It was misty like in a mornin’ dew’s frost
    I walked up close and saw Jesus
    Sheddin’ his blood on the Cross

    I stood there below him and I looked up
    And I realized what our sinnin’ had cost
    And I trembled from the voice of my conscience
    And from all of the Blood on the Cross

    Blood on the Cross... What the whole world lost
    And gained by his Blood on the Cross

    Then his dyin’ eyes looked down upon me
    And for a moment I felt so alone
    But then a feeling of warmth overcame me
    Of a love that I never had known

    And as I reached up to help him his eyes closed
    And my dream and the vision was lost
    I woke up with tears in my eyes
    Still feeling his Blood on the Cross
    ©1984 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

  • 03:09 Lyrics Your Doorway (Christmas Eve)
    Written by: Mark Brine

    There were stenciled angels on the window glass
    And I stopped on the snowy sidewalk, on Christmas Eve
    As I walked past YOUR DOORWAY, our old doorway

    Then I saw us in the window from another Eve
    You were smilin’ like ya used to in your tender lovin’ way
    And I just couldn’t leave your doorway, our old doorway

    Your doorway had a wreath with a ribbon tied
    And as I focused thru the tears that blurred my eyes
    I saw it, the new name on it, on your doorway
    (on our old doorway)

    Then you came to the glass but didn’t see me there
    'N I started thru the snow, I felt to call you thru the frozen air
    Oh, just to be in there, inside your doorway, yeah, our old doorway but
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:15 Lyrics Orchid Lady Elegy


  • 02:51 Lyrics The Carol Rag (Feat. Fiddlin" Sid Harkreader)


  • 03:21 Lyrics Tears For Lydia


  • 04:38 Lyrics Wordless Dirge For Michelle


  • 02:00 Lyrics The Carol (Aka The Christmas Carol No One Listens For)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Of all the Christmas carols
    There is one we overlook
    And without it this Christmas Eve
    The whole world would be shook

    If Jack Frost didn’t whistle his
    There wouldn’t be any snow
    ‘N it just wouldn’t be so pretty
    Every single place you go

    So listen close for Jack Frost
    As he whistles in the wind
    With frozen little whiskers
    Pokin’ off his pointed chin
    Dodgin’, dartin’ everywhere
    Through window cracks and doors
    Whistlin’ the Christmas Carol
    No one listens for

    There’s carol sung for Rudolph, Frosty
    Lots for Santa too
    We’re all so well aware of ‘em
    We’ve sung em through and through
    But without Jack there be no need
    For reindeers or for sleighs
    And Frosty the Snowman
    Why he’d just melt away

    He loves whistlin’ through the windows
    That we always smudge
    Just to take a peek out
    At the icy work he does

    Yet no one ever listens for
    The little man I’ve named
    It’s such a pretty tune
    Now don’t you think that it’s a shame
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:02 Lyrics Voices In The Wind (Into Backwards)


  • 03:40 Lyrics If I Ever Make It Back To Heaven
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. If I ever make it back to heaven
    We’ll be together then
    Maybe I won’t need to run no more
    ... when all of time comes to an end
    2. If I ever make it back, you’ll see
    Me coming down the path
    And you’ll know that sorrow’s over
    And love can bloom at last
    If I ever make it back to heaven
    But, the way it looks now, I never will
    But, deep within my wayward heart ... you can rest-assured
    I love you still ... Yeah, ‘n I always will (2. ‘N I’ll love you still)
    3. If I ever  make it back to you
    Though the web’s so tangledly weaved
    These detours keep misleading me
    There’s just so many ... you wouldn’t believe
    4. But, maybe like the prodigal son
    Someday you’ll find me at your door
    Worn ‘n frayed ... ‘n weary
    With no need to wander more
    c2010 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 05:31 Lyrics Preparin' The Way (For The Coming Of The Sun)
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. In the early hour still
    I look up at the clouds
    ‘n hear the wind rejoice ‘n move
    in the silence, oh, so loud
    Then.. I come to feel its flurry
    thru the overcast dispersin’ some
    Preparin’ the way ...
    for the comin’ of the sun
    Preparin’ the way ... for the glory of that day
    When these dark clouds, rain ‘n thunder
    Will fin’lly pass away
    ‘Til then the wind will breathe ‘n sing
    the promise of the special one
    Preparin’ the way for the comin’ of the sun
    2. Whistlin’ out its warnin’
    Like a bugle across the sky
    Hailin’ all to heed the light
    that makes all darkness die
    Calling unto every soul
    the grown ‘n youngest one
    for the great day that is dawnin’
    with the comin’ of the sun
    ©1990 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 04:10 Lyrics To Be With Him
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. In a world ... where the blind lead the blind
    You’d think by now we’d see
    That no one has the answers to life
    For that’s God’s great mystery ... no ...
    Our’s is just to be with Him
    In unison ‘n not in sin
    And just maybe ... maybe then
    If we try to ... we’ll forever ... be with Him
    To be with Him ... In the glory of His Kingdom
    To be with Him ... In the way that He had planned it
    To be with Him ...
    2, Yet, we argue with ourselves ‘til we’re blue in the face
    Searchin’ desperately to find
    the inner peace ... no further than the
    puttin’ Him-first-in-our-minds ... ‘cause ...
    To be with Him ... ‘n find more than just an existence
    To be with Him ... ‘n find harmony with nature
    To be with Him ... ‘n obey the laws He gave us
    To be with Him ... to accept the bad as well as good
    To be with Him ... ‘n stop killin’ off each other
    To be with Him ... ‘n enjoy the world He gave us 
    To be with Him ... to love Him first ‘n always
    To be with Him ... ‘n not to be against Him
    To be with Him ... where there’ll be no more temptation
    To be with Him ... where there’ll be no tears of sorrow
    ©1986 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 01:38 Lyrics Where We Never Grow Old (Feat. Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader)

    That old road... never we'll walk...

    In the Land where we never grow old... (excerpt from song only!) 

  • 01:15 Lyrics The Carol Rag (Return) (Feat. Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader & Linda Joseph)


  • 05:15 Lyrics Easter Everlasting

    Biblical Text

    Exodus 15:3 (Hebrew)

    Psalm 22  (Ancient Greek)

    Revelation 15:3 (Latin)


  • 00:44 Lyrics If I Ever Make It Back To Heaven (Return)


  • 02:26 Lyrics If Following My Dream
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. If following my dream has made your life a nightmare
    I’m sorry ... truly sorry
    If following my heart has been the reason we’ve been apart
    I’m sorry ... forever sorry
    'Cause, I love you more than my own self
    But, for me to truly be myself ... I had to be ...
    what makes me me
    2. If being what I am has ever made you what you’re not
    I’m sorry ... yes, deeply sorry
    If my self-belief has ever made you doubt ... or made you
    wonder what my love’s about ... I’m sorry ... even more than sorry ...
    Chorus 2:
    'Cause, God knows what you mean to me ...
    It just never was a game of top-priority
    No, it was the only way I knew ... to be me ...
    So, please forgive me ... ‘cause, I’m really sorry ...
    That you mis-understood
    ©1992 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:17 Lyrics Real Special Feelin' (Return)


  • 04:30 Lyrics Wise Men
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Wise Men still search for Him today
    Wise Men still seek the Light the
    (1. perfectness) (2. selflessness) (3. loving way) of Christ
    Yes, Wise Men still search for Him each day (today)

    Christmas time reminds us of
    The Wise Men 'n Goodwill
    The giving gifts and giving love
    The happiness they instill
    The striving more for Godliness
    That each of us should do
    Thru-out the year-thru-out our lives
    His way we should pursue 'cause

    Yes, Christmas time is giving time
    'N oh what joy it yields
    There is no greater fulfillment
    Than the good it makes us feel
    Yet how easy we forget
    'N return unto our greed
    But those who seek the Lord are blessed
    With Wisdom's ever-living seed, yes
    ©2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:03 Lyrics Mrs. Santa
    Written by: Mark Brine
    Mrs. Santa ... no one ever sings her praise ...
    All you hear ‘bout’s ole St. Nick when it comes around t’ the holidays
    1. Yes, no one ever thinks about how thru-out all’a the rest’a the year
    She slaves to pamper that jolly ole man ... that we call, Mr. Santa, dear
    Chorus (1st line only)
    2. Mendin’ his socks, ‘n cookin’ his meals, even doin’ that
    chubby ole fat man’s clothes
    Workin’ in the toy shop, helpin’ them elves ... even polishin’-up
    ole Rudolph’s nose ... yeah ...
    3. Yes, over ‘n over with each passin’ Yuletide season of
    given ‘n takin’ alike
    Mrs. Claus ... she never says a word ... she just goes on with her
    duties ‘n doin’, despite ...
    4. But, hey, just like the cookies that ya leave for Nick
    There is a little somethin’ you can do for her
    Just give a big hug ‘n a kiss t’ your mom
    Who, just like her, does the same all year ...
    ©1990 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:36 Lyrics The Beautiful Death/Angel Boy


  • 03:41 Lyrics And...I'll Wait For You
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Dearest Kare-Angel (thief of my heart)
     Impatience … is a 'hurts-you'
     In patience … 'n true love …
    Forever … beyond all time
     'n when we're together again
     (at last!) you'll truly understand
     Jack Frost
     P.S. AND …
     Darlin' I'll be true
     And though we're miles apart
     You're right here in my heart
     And I'll wait for you
     Darlin' I'll be true (Darlin' I love you)
     Maybe I'm a fool to trust you, but I do
     Maybe in my absence you'll share love
     with someone new, still I'll wait for you
     Darlin' I'll be true
     But though we're miles apart your always in my heart
     And I'll wait for you cause darlin' I love you
     Tempting eyes, deceiving lies
     I'm sure you're gonna find them too
     But just remember like I do
     I'm so in love with you
     And so, I'll wait for
     Darlin' I love you
     I'll wait for you
     Yes, I'll wait for you
    ©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:04 Lyrics Silent Night


  • 02:30 Lyrics Jesus Is The Reason
    Written by: Mark Brine
    1. Jesus is the reason ... for this holy season ...
    He is the key ... into our Father’s kingdom
    Born in a manger ... lived thru all our dangers
    Gave His life on the cross for us ...
    Jesus is the reason ... For this happy season
    2. Jesus is the reason ... let us live to please him
    For the sins that we’ve done ... He has paid the ransom
    Gladly laid Himself down ... that our souls might be found
    Gave His life on the cross for us (yes) ...
    Jesus is the reason ... for this joyous season
    Gave His life on the cross for us ...
    Paid the price ... the awful cost ...
    That we might be saved, not lost, yes ...
    Jesus is the reason for this holy season
    3. Jesus is the reason ... for this merry season
    He is the key in ... to the glorious kingdom
    Born of a virgin ... that  we’d come to know Him
    Gave himself on the cross for us ...
    Paid the price ... the awful cost
    That this world would be found, not lost
    Gave ... His life ... on the cross ... for ... you ... and ... me
    © Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:11 Lyrics Voices In The Wind (Out Of Backwards)


  • 03:07 Lyrics Winter Snow
    Written by: Tom Hesse; Mark Brine

    Winter snow ... has turned to rain
    1. Oh, my sweet lily white
    I will stand by you, tonite
    For your pedals must never fall
    Your beauty brings hope to all
    2. Sitting lonely ... in a field
    A special fragrance ... you do yield
    For it is that time of year
    when trees start their leaves to bear
    3.Winter snow has turned to rain
    She will come and meet me again
    Meanwhile, I’ll love ... only you
    ‘til Jack Frost steals away the dew
    Winter snow ... has turned to rain
    ©1967/Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:47 Lyrics The Carol Theme (Conclusion)


Real Special Feelin'

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