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Vinny & Ant Ethel: Songs from Mrs. Alexander's Farm

by Mark Brine

Released 2016
Kjk Recordings
Released 2016
Kjk Recordings
A CHILDREN'S CD collection. Also available in paperback book "VINNY & ANT ETHEL- STORIES from Mrs. Alexander's Farm" (Available through and all major booksellers.)
  • 00:41 Lyrics Vinny & Ant Ethel Introduction Dialogue 1

    No "Dialogs" included here-in! 

  • 02:16 Lyrics If Ants Could Talk!!!

    Written by: Mark Brine

     This is what they’d say
     Look out, look out, look out!!!
     They’d run around screamin’
     At the top of their lungs
     Look out, look out, look out!!!
     Last night I dreamt I was interviewin’
     This ant on a TV talk show
     It was so sad to watch him tell this awful sad story
     Of an incident not long ago
     It seems he had fathered over 3000 children
     Had a wife and an anthill home too
     Then he showed me a picture from an ant newspaper clippin’
     Of them all stuck on the bottom of a shoe
     Now I know this all might seem very petty
     But it ain’t so ridiculous ya know
     Just think if there was giants
     ‘N they were squishin’ us all up
     Why you’d be scared every place thatcha go
     You’d be waitin’ any minute to hear (squishing sound)
     It’s all over as flat as a pancake ‘n you’d be stepped on
     No, then you’d be grateful for me
    ‘N for whatever made me sing the words to this didactic ('di-did-I-cit' -intentionally mispronounced!) song
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 00:26 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 2
  • 02:33 Lyrics There's a Goose in Mrs. Alexander's Kitchen
    Written by: MARK BRINE

    There’s a goose as big as any goose can be
    And it’s fluddering ‘round and knockin’ down the dishes (trimmings)
    And Mrs. A is in the utmost misery
    Yeow (airplane sound)
    There goes the window shades
    Ka-boom … there goes the chair
    Mrs. A has got her broom out ‘n she’s chasin’ it here ‘n there
    Ca-runch … there goes the china
    Ching-a-ling … the silverware
    What a mess that goose is makin’ everywhere
    Watch out for that big glass bowl!!!
    Forget it she can’t hear
    Mrs. A is on her knees now ‘n she’s pullin’ out her hair
    Ca-rash … right through the cupboard glass
    ‘N all the plants hung with such care
    It looks just like a pillow fight, there’s pieces everywhere 'cause
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 00:38 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 3
  • 03:19 Lyrics The Tale of the Troll 'n Me
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Of my many travels, there’s one I ain’t surpassed
     While crossin’ a deserted bridge I never quite got passed
     Hearing sounds beneath me, I glanced down through a hole
     And to my amazement there slept an ugly troll
     Now people speak of fables mytholic fantasies
     But I can’t help believing in everything I see
     So fighting my adrenaline, I chanced to wake his sleep
     In hopes that he’d be friendly a worthwhile soul to meet
     And upon awakening I noticed very clear
     Rolling off onto his beard a single saddenin’ tear
     It seems that he’d been taken, no one had ever dared
     Others they just ran on by, they couldn’t control their fear
     And as we sat there talking, the hours just slipped on by
     All the while I kept thinking how glad I was I’d tried
     Cause all so many times in life, in fear we run away
     and leave behind what we’d ‘ve gained If only we had stayed
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 00:46 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 4
  • 02:14 Lyrics Fred, The Yodelin' Pig
    Written by:  Mark Brine

     Fred is the yodeling pig
     He yodels everywhere he goes
     You can hear him when he’s in his pen
     Hear him time ‘n time again
     Fred.. the yodeling pig
     Fred left the barnyard one day
     He felt he had to get away
     He traveled to the city
     All dirtied up ‘n gritty
     And he yodeled every step of the way
     ‘Cause Fred is the yodeling pig
     He yodels everywhere he goes
     You can hear him in the city
     All dirtied up ‘n gritty
     Fred the yodeling pig
     While Fred was in the city that day
     He met a big producer from LA
     He said, "Fred, I’ll make you a star
     You’ll be famous near ‘n far
     And you can yodel for your livin’ each day" so
     Fred is the yodeling pig
     He yodels everywhere he goes
     You can hear him on the silver screen
     Or drivin’ in his limousine
     Fred the yodelin' pig
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 00:21 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 5
  • 02:00 Lyrics Don't Ever Pinch a Seagull
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

    We went to the beach one sunny day
    Down by the ocean in a beautiful bay
    There was big brite umbrellas all colors f’sure
    All across the sand-rite down to the shore
    'N everywhere ya looked there was these big birds
    Lookin’ for food ‘n there wasn’t no denyin’
    I learned a hard lesson that I’ll pass on to you
    ‘N I hope you’ll just listen ‘cause believe me, it’s true
    They’ll scream bloody murder so loud
    The whole beach’ll stop what they’re doin’
    You’ll have every eye on ya in the crowd
    Like as if you just murdered somebody
    Oh, what a deathly lull
    No, take my word ‘n just trust me • Don’t ever pinch a seagull!
    What an awful terrible experience that was
    I still can remember that day
    Before all’a that I was havin’ such a swell time
    How quickly it slipped away
    So I hope you’ll believe what I’ve told ya
    ‘N whenever you go to the beach
    If ya wanna have fun ‘n enjoy all the sun
    Well, doncha ever be tempted to reach - no
    ©:2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 00:33 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 6
  • 01:58 Lyrics Antiques (What's an Antique?)
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

    Antiques, tell me what’s an antique
    That word has got me so confused
    Has it got you wonderin’ too
    (I see it almost everywhere)
    And I get so all confused
    Antiques, tell me what’s an antique
    Whenever Mom ‘n Dad take a ride
    ‘N travel thru the countryside
    I always read the signs along the way
    But every time I see that one
    Antiques, well it leaves me dumb
    ‘Cause I just can’t fig’re what it’s ‘spose t’ say
    When I chance t’ see ‘n ice cream sign
    There ain’t no question in my mind what it means
    ‘N a big ole smile comes shinin’ thru
    Or the restaurant signs, gas station signs
    Yeah, I know just what is down the line
    But, antiques … what in the heck’s an antique?
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 00:41 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 7
  • 02:19 Lyrics Leapin' Sam Patch
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     It was known up 'n down
     In every little town
     That was settled along the new canals
     Sam Patch was renown
     The young man from Rhode Island
     Who would jump from any height
     The crowds would gasp in horror
     As they’d watch him in his flight
     The young man oh so brash
     Sailin’ through the air he’d come
     Like a lightnin’ boltin’ flash
     Leapin’ Sam Patch a legend far ‘n near
     But, oh the price of glory
     Is a price so ever dear
     Genesee Falls 1829 Rochester
     New Yorkers gathered
     Waitin’ there in lines
    ‘N down he soared the crowd it roared
     But when the curtain call came ‘round
     Leapin’ Sam Patch
     He was no where to be found
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 00:39 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 8
  • 02:50 Lyrics Reg'lar Huck Finn
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

    Just A REG’LAR HUCK FINN that’s all I ever been
    Glidin’ thru life on a raft within
    Unconcerned about the games folks play
    Stuff like that only spoils m’ day
    No easin’ down a river that’s where I’m at
    Turnin’ off the world ‘n confusion
    That everybody’s trapped ‘n so wrapped-up in
    But not me, I’m free ‘n just a reg’lar Huck Finn
    In the scheme’a things the truth don’t ring
    I listen now ‘n then t’ the songs they sing
    ‘N I close my ears ‘n my heart within
    ‘N take off aging yeah just a reg’lar Huck Finn
    Justa reg’lar Huck Finn that’s what I am
    Artfully dodgin’ time ‘n time again
    What’s ‘spose t’ be real ‘n what’s really real
    All I know is what I feel
    Yeah, like that turtle ‘n the hare
    The story’s the same
    People in a hurry try’n win that game
    But the river keeps on rollin’ ‘n no one takin’ it in
    But, I sure am, yeah a reg’lar Huck Finn
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 01:23 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 9
  • 02:48 Lyrics Smile (As You Go By)
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     If you can’t stop in your busy life
     Then smile as you go by
     What with all this world’s confusion
     It’s a task to even try
     ‘Cause you know, and I do too
     It’s the best thing we can do
     Yes, if you can’t stop in your busy day
     Hey, smile ‘n give a wave
     To somebody on the side lines
    ‘N include them in that way
     ‘Cause you know, and I do too
     It’s the best thing we can do
     Spread goodwill ‘n it will
     Eventually come back t’ you
     ‘Cause to hold back is to squander
     The greatest gift we all can bid
     Yes, the inner love ‘n kindness
     That’s returned, when’er we give
     If you can’t stop in your busy life
     Then smile as you go by
     What with all this world’s confusion
     You’ll be an exception if you
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 01:06 Vinny and Ant Ethel Dialogue 10
  • 03:20 Lyrics The 'God Will Be Up' Lullaby
    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Lullaby – Good Night
     Leave your worries with God
     He'll be up all night anyway
     Watching over his flock
     Like the Good Shepherd does
     'Til morning brings the light of day
     Lullaby its true
     He holds me and you
     In his warm loving arms like sheep
     And protects us from the world
     So now every boy and girl
     Close your eyes and go to sleep
     GOD WILL BE UP all night anyway
     With his angels to watch you
     'Til the break of day (in every way)
     So don’t fear my little dear
     'Cause God will be up all night anyway
     Lullaby - sweet dreams
     Leave your cares with Him
     He'll be up to turn on the light
     And protect you in this world
     Every little boy and girl
     Till this time again tomorrow night …
     and then …
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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