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8th Grade Romance ( ... And They Danced)

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
 8th GRADE ROMANCE at the Friday Night Dance
 the boys in one corner 'n the girls in the other
 then I seen her come in ... in her plaid dress so trim
 angelic white blouse her girlfriends gathered about
 petite with silk hair all I could do was stare
 at her charismatic smile time stopped for a while
 then, the lover boys darted, even me I started
 till my shyness took hold 'n I just stood there cold ...
 AND THEY DANCED ... and they danced ...
 And they danced ... and they danced
 Each one of them wishin' he could be
 the boy t' walk her home, t' call her his own
 yeah, every one except me ...
 No, I (2. they) just stood there watchin'
 too afraid t' take a chance
 As they danced ... and they danced ... and they danced
 Out of the boy's room ... her, out 'a the girl's room
 "Hello, there" she said ... I turned my head
 Embarrassed a bit ... she overlooked it ... said
 "I couldn't help but notice you when I came in" ... I said "Me, too"
 "Was hopin' you'd ask me t' dance, but you passed me"
 I explained I felt shy ... she said, "That's the very reason why"
 she'd been taken to me 'n I came then t' see
 that sometimes what we hide is really, all the while, on our side
 'n if ya think I was surprised .. ya should'a seen the eyes
 of all 'a my friends when the new couple came in ...
©2003 Mark Brine  -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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