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(ain't No Such Thing As A) Good Thief

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. There ain’t’ no such thing as a good thief
The Lord says ‘Thou shalt not steal’
Just remember what you sow, brother,
that's exactly what you’re gonna yield ... no ...
(tag: Tenfold... you’re gonna yield)
There ain’t no such thing as a good thief
No such thing at all (in this world)
You can justify it any way you like ...
But, a wrong don’t ever make a right
(ain’t ever gonna be a right)
2. Now, maybe you’re desirin’ your neighbor’s wife
you might like his automobile
There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with wishin’ you had ‘em, man
It’s when you stoop low enough to steal ... and ...
3. It don’t have to be material possessions
No, there’s all kinds’a robberies goin’ on
“They’ll rob you with a  6-gun or a fountain pen”
that’s what Mr. Woody Guthrie said in his song ... 'n there ...
4. Now you can call it competition or just plain business
Talk ‘til you face is blue
but when you take something that ain’t rightfully yours Mr.
somebody’s gettin’ the screw ... ‘n ...
5. You might think I’m pointin’ the finger at you
Personally ... all I can say is if that’s how you take it
Then it’s your own guilty conscience workin’ at ya, brother
Wear it if the shoe fits ... ‘cause ...
©1988 /Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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