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Back with My Wife

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine


I carried my belongings as she sent me in the night
But I’d forgot so many things I’d left back with my wife
The memories and moments half asleep but still alive
And those were all the real things that I needed to survive.

But it seems like when you share a love you don’t appreciate
The good things that you have together ‘till it’s far too late
Now, we’re a million miles apart we live a separate life
And it really hurts to reminisce the days back with my wife

I remember memories in boxes stored away
That I’d forgotten then back with my wife
Lord, if I could go home, I’d re-open them today…Yeah..
I wish that I could be back with my wife

Now that I have freedom, I’m imprisoned in the past
We were once so happy it’s a shame it didn’t last
And I know just where it’s buried if she’d only help me look
It’s underneath the dust and the for-granted that we took

©1982 Streets of Gold (ASCAP)

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