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Blues Dirge for Tom (Pomposello)

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. What a dear friend, gentle heart you were
   what a tragedy, your loss
   unexpectedly, it fell upon us.. like a premature, too
   early Autumn's Frost
2. Completely overwhelming.. with a bitter gust of
   chilling heartfelt pain
   stealing cold our inner breath... in a gasp
   we voiced your name...
Chorus:  Tom... the blues you played on your slide guitar
   the gospel songs you sang...  'n loved, so dearly
   I recall 'n hear them now.. but, they'll never sound the same
   -colored by the mem'ries of all the things we did
   resounding in the vacuum of the times we knew 'n lived
   yes, the times we lived 'n knew... they always bring me back
   to you... oh, Tom
3. Italy, at the border.. with Norman 'n singin'...
   "When the Moon hits your eye"
   'n that restaurant in Mendrisio.. where we laughed, so hard..
   I thought we'd split our sides
4. To the mystical St. Martin's.. in the Bethlehem silent
   solemn still
   where, at last, you laid your burden down
   to rest upon that nearby peaceful hill
c1999 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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