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Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
It’s come to my attention these last couple of days
About human beings ‘n animals.. ‘n the roles they come to play
Now, this farm is a prime example.. of who’s the beast of burden breed
And who’s got it made on Easy Street... ‘n who gets ... Chickenfeed
1. Now, you take that fat ole pig, I wish you would
‘Cause all he does … is oink a lot ‘n fill his face
‘N roll ‘round in the mud
But me, I work my buttock off for everything
in life I need.. And all I ever got for all my work is ... Chickenfeed
2. That lazy rooster crows at the break of ev’ry day
Lovin’ on them chickens ... that’s what pays his way
Why couldn’t I have a job like his, ‘cause really
it’s more my speed
No, instead I gotta slave ... for chicken feed
Chickenfeed ... Chickenfeed ... these farm (yard) blues
are killing me  ... eeeee ...
I put my heart ‘n soul in.. tryin’ so hard to succeed
‘N what’d I get ... you guessed it ... Chickenfeed
©1987 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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