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Come Back, Luke The Drifter (the Real Answer Song!)

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
"Come back, Woody Guthrie".. Yeah, I've heard that song before
'n I know the man that wrote it... his intentions, they were pure
Still, I can't help disagreein'.. 'bout what is ailin' us today
Yeah, I see it all so different.. So, here it what I've got to say
Come Back, Luke the Drifter... Lord knows we need you more
(2. We need you more today)
Tell ole Woody Guthrie.. that we miss him, that's f' sure
(2.that we miss him,but he can stay...'cause..)
But, politics (2. Unions) ain't the problem.. no,
they won't fix what's wrong t'day (2. they won't fix this anyway)
Come Back, Luke the Drifter.. there's been a serious 'fallin' away'
(2. Lord knows, we need you more t'day)
1. Luke, you always told us .. just exactly how it was..
y' never compromised, or patronized.. or minced your words, because..
you knew what folks.. needed most.. 'n where they'd find the better way
'n those parables that you put in song.. are just as relevant today
2. Yeah, Luke, you tried to warn us 'bout what the love of money
could do..
'n how, if we didn't help our neighbor.. we could wind up like that too
'n you told us, just like Jesus.. who you proudly sang of too
that a house of gold.. will never save your soul... like a heart that's good 'n true
3."Do unto others.. as you would have done to you"
Luke, that's been thrown away 'n replaced today.. with a moral code, completely new
yes, an idolatry 'n greed.. that beats all 'n everything.. even God, 'n family 'n country...
So, we need the hope that you would bring... Yeah...
©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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