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Dear Jesse

Mark "Smokey Lonesome" Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: MARK BRINE
Jesse was a good boy, he didn't mean nobody harm
He just loved young Ginny with a love that was so strong
Whatever you are wantin', Ginny, I will fetch for you
Bring me but a gold ring, I can wear in thoughts of you, just
A gold ring, I can wear in thoughts of you, DEAR JESSE (oh)
Jesse took a pistol from his daddy's woodshed door
'N went down to the city-near 'n robbed the jewelry store
In the chase that followed, frightened Jesse killed a man
'N stole away upon a train with the ring still in his hand
In the days that followed, a note come with the mail
With the ring he'd stole for Ginny "Wear it without fail
Soon there came the news of Jesse's capture 'n return
Murder first degree 'n death by hanging soon they learned
Ginny came up to the jail, she came upon his cell
Jesse made her promise of the ring she'd never tell
The scaffold holds my true love all my dreams 'n everything
'N I stand in the shadow clutchin' to dear Jesse's ring
©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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