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Don't Ever Pinch a Seagull

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by:  MARK BRINE

We went to the beach one sunny day
Down by the ocean in a beautiful bay
There was big brite umbrellas all colors f’sure
All across the sand-rite down to the shore
'N everywhere ya looked there was these big birds
Lookin’ for food ‘n there wasn’t no denyin’
I learned a hard lesson that I’ll pass on to you
‘N I hope you’ll just listen ‘cause believe me, it’s true
They’ll scream bloody murder so loud
The whole beach’ll stop what they’re doin’
You’ll have every eye on ya in the crowd
Like as if you just murdered somebody
Oh, what a deathly lull
No, take my word ‘n just trust me • Don’t ever pinch a seagull!
What an awful terrible experience that was
I still can remember that day
Before all’a that I was havin’ such a swell time
How quickly it slipped away
So I hope you’ll believe what I’ve told ya
‘N whenever you go to the beach
If ya wanna have fun ‘n enjoy all the sun
Well, doncha ever be tempted to reach - no
©:2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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