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Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine


Elaine ... Ooouu...Elaine
Remember all the fun we’d have when we would walk around in the rain
Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
We was kinda crazy, kinda young, and now it’s gone and it’s a shame
Elaine... Do you look back sometimes, Elaine

Elaine ......
Nights out on the porch we’d sit and try’n solve each other’s growin’ pains
Elaine... I think I get them still, Elaine
Remember babysittin’, getting’ caught and ooouu I really felt ashamed
Elaine, but they went through it too, Elaine

I guess it was never meant to be you and me, Elaine
But, who coulda convinced us then...Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine

Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
July 4th on the Common, firecrackers, runnin’ through the crowd,
I call your name, Elaine, can you still hear it now, Elaine
Meeting down the avenue, the ice cream shop and days to never come again
Elaine... It’s never gonna come again
Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
Elaine... It’s never gonna come again
Elaine ... Oooouu...Elaine
©1978 Chip ‘n Dale Music (ASCAP)

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