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for Karrie

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
 I wish ... I could write ... a song FOR KARRIE
 one that would win her love for me
 'cause, for Karrie I would give my soul
 'n tho that cliche might be overused 'n old
 it's just so true ... of what I feel ... for Karrie
 If I could only put in notes ... what I feel ... for Karrie
 'n find the choicest lyrics 'n word them perfectly
 'n place them just so right.. none that seem the slightest trite
 oh, how I wished ... I could write a masterpiece ... for Karrie
 for Karrie is my every girl
 My one 'n only true love in this world
 But, she doesn't know what I truly feel in me
 She thinks I'm just another fool in love
 with her natural, pure femininity
 But, it's so much more than that
 that makes me yearn ... for Karrie
 If I could serenade like Romeo ... beneath her window
 A romantic piece I'd composed 'n maybe win her
 But, my poetry's so weak ... it'd need be so unique
 to be like some knight ... in shining armour ... for Karrie
©2003 Mark Brine -   Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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