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Gonna Move My Shoes

Mark Brine
1985/ 2010
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
I ain’t stickin’ ‘round New Orleans
I’m coming back home Tennessee
Where my darlin’ gal’s in a mountain home
Patiently waitin’ on me
I’m gonna move my shows and outrun them blues
Back to my Tennessee home
(2. state)...I'm ...
Tired of the rounds and workin’ the grounds
(2. Headed ‘fore it gets too late)
I’m tired of being alone
I ain’t gonna stop off in Memphis
There’s too much of a risk involved
That momma, she’s waitin’ out on them front stairs
With a bottle of cheap alcohol
No plans of coming back
I’m leavin’ this city on a railroad track
I miss the old gang and the
songs that we sang
I ain’t even waiting to pack
©1977 Dream City Music (BMI)

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