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If Ants Could Talk!!!

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine

 This is what they’d say
 Look out, look out, look out!!!
 They’d run around screamin’
 At the top of their lungs
 Look out, look out, look out!!!
 Last night I dreamt I was interviewin’
 This ant on a TV talk show
 It was so sad to watch him tell this awful sad story
 Of an incident not long ago
 It seems he had fathered over 3000 children
 Had a wife and an anthill home too
 Then he showed me a picture from an ant newspaper clippin’
 Of them all stuck on the bottom of a shoe
 Now I know this all might seem very petty
 But it ain’t so ridiculous ya know
 Just think if there was giants
 ‘N they were squishin’ us all up
 Why you’d be scared every place thatcha go
 You’d be waitin’ any minute to hear (squishing sound)
 It’s all over as flat as a pancake ‘n you’d be stepped on
 No, then you’d be grateful for me
‘N for whatever made me sing the words to this didactic ('di-did-I-cit' -intentionally mispronounced!) song
©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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