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If Following My Dream

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. If following my dream has made your life a nightmare
I’m sorry ... truly sorry
If following my heart has been the reason we’ve been apart
I’m sorry ... forever sorry
'Cause, I love you more than my own self
But, for me to truly be myself ... I had to be ...
what makes me me
2. If being what I am has ever made you what you’re not
I’m sorry ... yes, deeply sorry
If my self-belief has ever made you doubt ... or made you
wonder what my love’s about ... I’m sorry ... even more than sorry ...
Chorus 2:
'Cause, God knows what you mean to me ...
It just never was a game of top-priority
No, it was the only way I knew ... to be me ...
So, please forgive me ... ‘cause, I’m really sorry ...
That you mis-understood
©1992 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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