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It's Warm (Inside of Your Love)

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine


1. Take me in from this cold outside-ness
I’m a man I’ve no woman to hold
Take me in to your arms and your softness
From this bitterness grippin’ my soul

It’s warm inside of your love
It’s warm ... I’m desperate need of
Let me share your fire... Feel it’s heat from above
It’s warm inside of your love

Changing Bridge (here only)
I’m so cold.. You’re so warm
Take me in from this storm
It’s warm inside of your love

2. Bring your touch to this hard shell around me
Break it down let the feelings escape
Hold me close that I might be imprisoned
Like a babe in your warm, snug embrace
©1984 Streets of Gold (ASCAP)

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