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Kid At Heart

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. When I was young ... I dreamed about
how I’d grow up t’ be
All the things that I was so sure
were ideally meant for me
Fantasizin’ ... all the time ... I still can’t tell apart
reality ‘n make-believe ... ‘cause, I’m just a kid at heart
2. Searchin’ for ... the best in life
Enjoyin’ what  I find
Livin’ out my good feelin’s , makes me freer in my mind
Now, some folks say ... “It’s immature” ‘n some think it’s an art
But, I don’t never listen, ‘cause, I’m just a kid at heart
I guess I’ve always been ... a kid at heart
ever since this life of mine ... took its early start
If God gives me t’morrow ... I just hope that He’ll impart
That’ll still be this same ole ... kid at heart
(Tag:) And I’ll still be this same ole ...
3. I never cared for money ‘cause it never cared for me
It slips right thru my fingers ... quicker than the eyes can see
And I love all humanity ... I can’t tell folks apart
As long as they accept ... that I am just a kid at heart
©1985 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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