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Like a Norman Rockwell Print (Come to Life)

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. With the boy in your arms we stood before the Judge
In that office all cluttered ‘n piled
His secretary in the background she was polishin’ her nails
The Judge rose ‘n stood ‘n he smiled
2. At the two of us there in our Sunday beset
A little nervous yet in love as could be
Then he recited those lines, those ever-famous weddin’ lines
‘N began the ceremony
“N it was like a Norman Rockwell print come t’ life
That day you became my wife
Me in my suspenders, you in your bonnet
With a prayer it’d all turn out right.. just like a
Norman Rockwell print come t’ life
3. Just a simple event... very little money spent
We couldn’t afford t’ go on a honeymoon
No, I remember we just went out t’ some restaurant
Some late night diners
‘N sat there staring out at the moon
4. While the kid banged away with his silverware drumstick
on the plates ‘n just anything he could find
Y’ know baby as simple as it all was I wouldn’t 
change it for nuthin’... It’s gotta be
one of my mem’ries of all-time ‘n like a ...
©1985  Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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