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Lugano Blues (Live)

Mark Brine & Tom Pomposello
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine

1. Hello, Lugano... it sure is nice (2. a treat) just bein' here -(2x)
   I've been lotsa places in this world
   But, there ain't no prettier anywhere...
2. People are so nice here.. 'n they sure do treat you fine
   yes, People are just so nice here.. just so friendly 'n so kind
   I'm making me a whole bunch'a new memories
   that I plan to be carryin' with me, on down the line
3. Hello, Hello Lugano.. what a special time it's been...
   bein' here with you
   Yeah, I've been lots of places in this big, ole world...
   But, it's been so nice just bein' here with you....
   'n when I hit the road, in the mornin'...
   I'm sure gonna have... the Lugano Blues
c1992 Black Pottery Music (BMI)

Real Special Feelin'

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