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Old Fashioned Girl

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: MARK BRINE

She's tender soft.. 'n sensitive.. with a barrette in her hair
I see her still.. in her laced-white blouse.. complexion, pure 'n fair
as she graces through her world.. so undefiled 'n precious...
An Old Fashioned Girl...

o-o-o-Old Fashioned Girl … how could I ever be unkind?
Show the slightest disrespect... or even let it cross my mind?
for your sweet innocence deserves.. to be cherished in a world
where it's so rare to come upon... an Old Fashioned Girl

The perfect Lady... her words are clean... 'n around her, I watch mine
'cause, tears come easy...'n they ain't put-on.. it's just she lives a different time
of when a girl was held to be a girl... 'n a man behaved accordingly...
around his Old Fashioned Girl
©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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