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Sorry...Gone Fishin'

Mark Brine
1985/ 2010
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. Someday you’re gonna come back ... lookin’ for me
Someday when your heart starts t’ missin’
You’re gonna come to my door ... But I won’t be there no more
There’ll just be a note that says ... “Sorry ... Gone fishin’”
Sorry gone fishin’ ‘n I doubt I’ll be back
‘cause there’s too many fish t’ be catchin’
I tried for so long to warn you but you just wouldn’t listen
(2. Wouldn’t pay attention)
So, now it’s too late ...
(2. So like I said)
Sorry ... Gone fishin’
2. I’ll be down at the stream
Yeah, you know what I mean
When ya come back lookin’ for this one
But, there’ll be no one to find
No, you won’t be on my mind
‘cause, like I said ...
Sorry ... Gone fishin’
©1982 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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