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Thank God, Thank God

Mark "Smokey Lonesome" Brine
Braxton Schuffert


Written by: Braxton Schuffert


1. There was a time my soul was lost
not knowing to me what it would cost
walking the streets of sin without a goal
then, Jesus came, one day...'n He washed my sins away
Thank God, thank God.. He saved my soul

Thank God, Thank God.. He promised me
that I had won the victory
that my hand He would hold.. as we walked the streets of Gold
Thank God, Thank God.. He saved my soul

2. As I walk this road of life... all my sorrows are gone
I can oft hear the hallelujahs roll...
for since Jesus came...God bless His Holy name
Thank God, Thank God.. He saved my soul

3.Thank God for what you've done
to send your only Son.. to tell a story that's often been told...
Yes... To bring His Holy Word... to this ole sinful world
Thank God, Thank God... He saved my soul...
©2000 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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