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That Ole Screendoor Song

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. I’ve done everything I could ...
To satisfy you, baby ...
Worried myself thin, ‘til it like’ta drove me crazy
Now, in spite of all I done ...
You’re threatenin’ to go away ...
So, let me leave you with this thought 
‘n the last few words I’ll say
Don’t let that ole screen door ... hit you in the butt
I’ve done everything t' please you, woman.. but, darlin’ you know what
I’ve finally reached the end, won’t go thru this again
So, listen up close ‘n then ...
Don’t let that ole screen door ... hit you in the butt
2. Every time I’d try’n get along with you
You’d try’n take me for a fool again
So sure I’d come around to your way of thinkin’
But , sorry this time, my friend
‘Cause, you can take your little games ‘n shove ‘em in your suitcase
And direct yourself to that front door
And when you’re bendin’ down t’ put it on the porch
Remember what I told ya before ... yeah ...
©1989 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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