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The Briley Boys

Mark "Smokey Lonesome" Brine
Bob Perilla


They were the Briley Boys... 'n their name still rings today
They were the Briley Boys.. 'n for the dead men, they must pay

They lit out from Mecklenburg... one sunny morn in June
'n they run like Hell, 'cause they knew too well.. the dogs would chase 'em soon
James, he was an evil man.. Linwood, just as bad.. the simple souls of eleven men
had paid with all they had... yeah...

They were born in Richmond town.. a city of the South
'n had but little to themselves...'n lived from hand-to-mouth
scarcely did their Mother know... her son's had turn to crime
but, when the die was finally cast... its face read 'Killing Time'....

They were found in Philly Town... hiding in a shack...
'n they had sworn that no law man.. would ever bring them back..
But, when the dust had finally cleared.. those brothers laid in chains
The Law (Lord) will ride in judgment.. 'n they will never kill again...
©2000 Bob Perilla- Pigtown Publishing (BMI)

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