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Them Good Ole Days

Mark Brine
1985/ 2010
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. I remember drinkin’ cola (or: Moxie) in the summertime
sittin’ ‘round the old corner store
Listenin’ to the stories that the old men told
‘about their women ... Their cars ‘n the war
Yeah, I recall it very vivid ... those days of yesteryear
Them childhood mem’ries so dear
That little neighborhood was my whole world
‘n nothin’ else mattered beyond there ... in ...
Them good ole days ... them good ole days
Livin’ was so easy back then
Them good ole days ... them good ole days
If I could only be there again ... oouuuu ...
Them good ole days
2. Summer nights my grand-dad, he’d take me down the square
just t’ sit ‘n watch the trucks roll by
We’d stay ‘til it was late ‘n then go get an ice cream cone
‘n I’d be just so satisfied ... in ...
3. The mischief I’d get into ... the little girls I’d tease
The never-endin’ school days, I’d sit
starin’ out the window at the grown-up world
Just wishin’ I could get in it
‘n now it’s so ironic ... ‘cause here I am
workin’ for the man ev’ryday
Starin’ out the window at the little kids outside
just wishin’ I could find me a way ... back to ...
©1982 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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