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Time for Me to Be Gone

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
1. I think I’ve seen enough of this town ‘n it’s come time for me to be gone
Yeah, I can hear my name ‘a callin’ down the line and it’s a tellin’ me to come on
It’s like that ev-rytime .. it sorta echoes in my mind, until I’m long gone
Then you see me on the tracks, the fadin’ image of my back, goin’ away from
Yeah, it’s come time for me to be gone
It’s come time for me t’ move on
All I got ta say is so long
‘Cause, it’s come time for me t’ be gone
Y’ know I couldn’t agree more like I’ve always done before with my own suggestion
Yeah, cause movin’ down the line, it always suits me real fine without a question
Y’ know, this hangin’  ‘round ‘n feelin’ down, I’m sure that it’s the key to my depression
And so these shoes are gonna move ‘n when they do, they always do in some direction
Y’ know, I’ve tried to settle down so many times but like the stone I keep on rollin’
Ev’ry place I ever been’s another place I left or somewhere’s I was goin’
And I can feel it comin’ on, it’s like a storm that’s buildin’ up, I’ll soon be blowin’
Yeah, like that wind I’ll disappear before they get the chance’a ever really knowin’
©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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