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To Gain The World

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine
Of all the dreams and wishes
I’ve cherished with deep love
There’s none so great as yearning
to be with my Lord above
The ultimate ... eternal love
We all have strived to reach
But all fall short as numerous
As the sands upon the beach
And even if I gained the world
To lose God in the end
Life would be fruitless as the moment it began
What would I accomplish when it’s too late then?
To gain the world and lose God in the end
That’s where my eyes look to,
That’s where my heart strays
And it’s just so hard to live for it
In this world we live today
And sometimes I feel lost,
but in my deepest dreams
I hope that in this sea of life
My Lord will throw a rescue rope
©1989 /Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

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