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Won't Be Comin' Back (Gotta Move My Shoes)

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by: Mark Brine

1. When you see me on the railroad track ... walkin’, talkin’,
It’s a fact that, gal, I’m really leavin’ ‘n I won’t be comin’ back
‘cause, I’ve told ya time ‘n time again ‘n every time since way back when
Ya never paid a single-mind ‘n now, we’ve reached the end ...
I gotta move my shoes ‘cause, gal, I told you a thousand times
I could count ‘em for you down the three ... four
2. I’m just not the kinda guy t’ harp ‘n harp on reasons why
I let it live ‘n let it die ... please no more alibis
‘cause, baby, it just ain’t no use...had every chance...ain’t no excuse
Gonna travel on ... soon be gone ‘n I won’t be comin’ back ...
Chorus 2:
I won’t be comin’ back ... Cause, gal, I warned you a thousand times
Need I count ‘em for ya down the three ... four
(continue to 8 or 9 on beat)
3. So many many nights...too many tears...too many fights
I just can’t find one reason ... ya know deep down, I'm right
‘cause nuthin’s like it used t’ be ... it’s all but gone for you ‘n me
‘n all that’s left t’ do now is to set each other free
4. For there’s no love between us now ... the only thing between us now
Is bitter hearts ‘n broken vows ‘n that’ll never do, no how
So, when you see me in the fadin’ dawn ... just close your door ‘n carry on
And don’t leave the ole portch light on, ‘cause I won’t be comin’ back
©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)

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