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You're an Old Timey Tune

Mark Brine
George Mooney


Written by: George Mooney (aka Will Travis)

1.  She had all the qualities my Daddy said to look for
    before I got married
    a sweet disposition.. a practical mind....
    were some of the traits that she carried
    She never got bothered... by things that would bother
    an average soul...
    And she said she looked forward to growing old...
    and I would always smile at her... 'n say...


    You're an Old Timey Tune... you're a picnic in June
    and a ride on the Merry-Go-Round
    You're the Penny arcade... you're a pink lemonade
    and a Summer night under the moon


2. Well, we courted much longer than people our age...
    but, we had our reasons...
    like knowing each other...'n knowing ourselves
    'cause people can change like the Seasons
    We said all the vows when we married... 'n we understood them
    (yes, we did)
    'n after we both said "I do".. I kissed her 'n said...


3.  Well, now we have children.. that do as we tell them..
    'cause, we do the same things...
    we raise them right... so, they won't do wrong..
    we let them learn by our example
    we pass along all the things that will help them..
    when they're men 'n women...
    'n then when they meet the right ones.. they'll
    probably say... 


©2000 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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