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Fortunes: the Best of Mark Brine

by Mark Brine

Released 2004
Shut Eye Records & Agency
Released 2004
Shut Eye Records & Agency
Consistently combining all of his early influences from American roots music and the blues to his passion for folk, this Brine's fifth independent release is the definitive collection for fans and uninitiated listeners alike.
  • 03:43 Lyrics Fortunes

    Written by: OLA BELLE REED

     There are FORTUNES in a life time
     All our money cannot buy
     Like the tiny little snowflake
     Slowly floating down from the sky
     There are wonders never ceasing
     Created by our Master's hand
     But the greatest of all our fortunes
     Its in God's promised land

     Oh the rich man with all of his money
     All of his silver and all of his gold
     He can’t buy one breath of life
     Or a home for his weary (eternal) soul
     For that is bought and it is paid for (already)
     By the blood of the blessed Lamb
     Yes the greatest of all our fortunes
     Its in God's promised land
     There are fortunes in a teardrop
     There are fortunes in a smile
     In the face of a weary pilgrim
     Or the face of a little child
     There are fortunes right in your Bible
     If you'll read it well then you'll understand
     But the greatest of all our fortunes
     Its in God’s promised land
    © Midstream Music (BMI)
  • 02:50 Lyrics (You Are) My Sweet Dream

    Written by:  Mark Brine

     I still dream a whole lot about you
     And think about days long ago
     And everyone knows I'm not happy alone
     Travelin' down all my roads 'cause
     As lonely as life often seems
     There's always a moment to bring back a scene
     And, you are my sweet dream
     But, I wanted freedom to ramble and rove
     There was a wide world to see
     I never dreamed I'd regret leavin' you
     I was selfishly thinking of me
     'Cause no matter how far, wherever I roam
     I still think of you all the time
     Wonderin' if you still think of me, too
     And am I still the one on your mind
    ©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 05:46 Lyrics The Parlor Song

    Written by:  Mark Brine

     In the parlor we shared Christmas gifts
     'n joys that haunt once more
     In the parlor we played games of chess
     'n checkers on the floor
     While the old black-and-white glowed above
     In the dimlit coziness
     Like a fireplace that tugs the eyes
     'n warms the inner-ness
     In the parlor on the table
     where the aged-old pictures sat
     In frames propped up like watching us
     our generations past
     Some I'd known 'n some I'd not
     But if only in that still
     their memories secured in me
     'n I'm sure they always will
     In the parlor stood the sofa I knelt upon in prayer
     Slept upon in sickness and sometimes used as a chair
     To sit amongst the silent love (lull) that softly settled there
     Yes, like a savored odor, I yet can smell that I long to
     but cannot share except in a song
     In the parlor where we lived and died
     And the spirits yet remain
     Like an echo in a tunnel scene
     Where things move, but never change
     I can see us close, though not to touch
     All together once again
     In the parlor in nostalgic mem’ries
     And in the fondly never dying then
    ©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:44 Lyrics So Lonely Without You

    Written by:  Mark Brine

     Hold me close, hold me tight, oouu, baby
     Touch your man, lead him in, oouu, baby, cause
     I've been so lonely without you I didn't know what I'd do
     I've been so lonely without you
     Take my love, take my life, oouu, darlin'
     Hold it close, hold it dear oouu, darlin' 'cause
     I've been so lonely without you I didn't know what I'd do I've been so lonely without you
     My life has been such an awful void of lonely days
     Wanderin' numb (2.'round) in a cloud of dreary haze
     But, it's so good to be back home, I'm so tired of bein' alone
     I've been so lonely without you
     Touch my eyes make them see again, darlin'
     They've lost sight, there's no life inside them, darlin' ' cause
     I've been so lonely without you, I didn't know what I'd do
     I've been so lonely without you
    ©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 04:34 Lyrics I've Always Been A Sucker For Your Smile (Miss Rebecca)

    written by:  MARK BRINE

     Remember when we was just knee-high to a grasshopper
     'n you talked me inta puttin' that thumbtack on Mrs. Daley's chair
     Well, I sure got my behind warmed 'n you just sat there 'n smiled, Rebecca
     'n in spite of all my agony, somehow I just didn't care
     Then, there was the time down at Miller's General Store
     when I tried to steal that candy bar for you
     Well, I sure caught the devil 'n once again you just smiled that famous smile
     'n in spite of all the scoldin' I just had 'ta laugh about it, too 'cause
     I've always been a sucker for your smile, Miss Rebecca
     From childhood thru high school days, I always was (2.played) your fool
     Your ever-true accomplice 'n you've known it all the while
     Yeah, I've always been a sucker for your smile (ah, Miss Rebecca)
     All those crazy episodes, oh the stories we could tell
     That time ya got me to climb down then take ya to the movies
     with them coins from the wishin' well
     Yeah, it's been one situation after another for you 'n me
     We've sure had more than our fair share of adventures 'n catastrophes
     But, now we've grown a little older 'n you're sure bloomin' inta a fine young lady
     'n I can see a different sorta mischief in your eyes
     'n yes, I can tell what's on your mind 'n I'm game, just like ev'ry other time
     'n I swear I’m gonna be that way until the day I die. 'cause …
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:03 Lyrics You Sure Got A Way

    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     I don't know what it is about you
     But you sure can satisfy
     You've got some kinda lover's knack
     You hardly even have 'ta try

     (it's) like you were born with somethin' extra
     You give me more than what's enough
     And, oh darlin' you sure got a way with love
     YOU SURE GOT A WAY with love
     You sure got a way with love
     You sure do know your stuff
     You sure got a way with love
     It all just comes so nat'ral to you
     So effortless and free
     And bein' on the receivin' end
     I guess someone up there sure likes me

     'cause, I've been blessed, by simply bein'
     The only one you're dreamin' of
     And oh darlin', you sure do do got a way with love
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:30 Lyrics for Karrie

    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     I wish ... I could write ... a song FOR KARRIE
     one that would win her love for me
     'cause, for Karrie I would give my soul
     'n tho that cliche might be overused 'n old
     it's just so true ... of what I feel ... for Karrie
     If I could only put in notes ... what I feel ... for Karrie
     'n find the choicest lyrics 'n word them perfectly
     'n place them just so right
     none that seem the slightest trite
     oh, how I wished ... I could write a masterpiece ... for Karrie
     for Karrie is my every girl
     My one 'n only true love in this world
     But, she doesn't know what I truly feel in me
     She thinks I'm just another fool in love
     with her natural, pure femininity
     But, it's so much more than that
     that makes me yearn ... for Karrie
     If I could serenade ... like Romeo ... beneath her window
     A romantic piece I'd composed 'n maybe win her
     But, my poetry's so weak ... it'd need be so unique
     to be like some knight ... in shining armour ... for Karrie
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:20 Lyrics 8th Grade Romance ( ... And They Danced)

    Written by: Mark Brine

     8th GRADE ROMANCE at the Friday Night Dance
     the boys in one corner 'n the girls in the other
     then I seen her come in ... in her plaid dress so trim
     angelic white blouse her girlfriends gathered about
     petite with silk hair all I could do was stare
     at her charismatic smile time stopped for a while
     then, the lover boys darted, even me I started
     till my shyness took hold 'n I just stood there cold ...

     AND THEY DANCED ... and they danced ...
     And they danced ... and they danced
     Each one of them wishin' he could be
     the boy t' walk her home, t' call her his own
     yeah, every one except me ...
     No, I (2. they) just stood there watchin'
     too afraid t' take a chance
     As they danced ... and they danced ... and they danced
     Out of the boy's room ... her, out 'a the girl's room
     "Hello, there" she said ... I turned my head
     Embarrassed a bit ... she overlooked it ... said
     "I couldn't help but notice you when I came in" ... I said "Me, too"
     "Was hopin' you'd ask me t' dance, but you passed me"
     I explained I felt shy ... she said, "That's the very reason why"
     she'd been taken to me 'n I came then t' see
     that sometimes what we hide is really, all the while, on our side
     'n if ya think I was surprised .. ya should'a seen the eyes
     of all 'a my friends when the new couple came in ...
    ©2003 Mark Brine  -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:21 Lyrics Riverboat

    Written by:  Mark Brine

     A scene comes back from, oh, so very long ago
     of a barefoot boy, upon these banks ... and the RIVERBOAT
     Riverboat ... carry me away
     (3.Before you go ... please carry me away)
     School days lost to wanderlust ... while my feet would soak
     in the flow of dreams ... that brought me you ... oh, riverboat
     Riverboat, you've passed my by ... oh, so many years
     Take me to where 'er you go ... 'cause you'd surely know ...
     Just anywhere ... oh, riverboat ... riverboat
     carry me away
     Time has aged you so ... old riverboat
     in the blurry mist ... you glide so slow ... old riverboat
    ©2003 Mark Brine -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:19 Lyrics The Tale of the Troll '˜n Me

    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Of my many travels, there’s one I ain’t surpassed
     While crossin’ a deserted bridge I never quite got passed
     Hearing sounds beneath me, I glanced down through a hole
     And to my amazement there slept an ugly troll
     Now people speak of fables mytholic fantasies
     But I can’t help believing in everything I see
     So fighting my adrenaline, I chanced to wake his sleep
     In hopes that he’d be friendly a worthwhile soul to meet
     And upon awakening I noticed very clear
     Rolling off onto his beard a single saddenin’ tear
     It seems that he’d been taken, no one had ever dared
     Others they just ran on by, they couldn’t control their fear
     And as we sat there talking, the hours just slipped on by
     All the while I kept thinking how glad I was I’d tried
     Cause all so many times in life, in fear we run away
     and leave behind what we’d ‘ve gained If only we had stayed
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:22 Lyrics The '˜God Will Be Up' Lullaby

    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Lullaby – Good Night
     Leave your worries with God
     He'll be up all night anyway
     Watching over his flock
     Like the Good Shepherd does
     'Til morning brings the light of day
     Lullaby its true
     He holds me and you
     In his warm loving arms like sheep
     And protects us from the world
     So now every boy and girl
     Close your eyes and go to sleep
     GOD WILL BE UP all night anyway
     With his angels to watch you
     'Til the break of day (in every way)
     So don’t fear my little dear
     'Cause God will be up all night anyway
     Lullaby - sweet dreams
     Leave your cares with Him
     He'll be up to turn on the light
     And protect you in this world
     Every little boy and girl
     Till this time again tomorrow night …
     and then …
    ©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:31 Lyrics Ay'ee Lou'siana (alternate take)

    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     The crescent moon is shining down on Lou’siana
     Reflectin' off 'a the bayou water
     The music's playing down in the French Quarter
     'n evenin' it just keeps growing hotter
     Ay … eee … Lou’siana
     Ay … eeeeee … eeeeee
     Rose perfume drifts through the romantic evenin’
    with the smell of the crayfish boilin' 'n steaming
     The Cajuns are dancing and they have me believin'
     that once you are here, there is no chance of leavin'
     The guitars are strumming, accordions playin'
     The hour is late but there's still celebration
     In the cool moonlit night, the lovers are swayin'
     While young ones in barefeet about them are playin'
    ©2003 Black Pottery Music (BMI)
  • 02:32 Lyrics Ukelele Yodelin' Blues

    Written by: MARK BRINE

     I'm a ukelele, ya harldy ever hear me these days
     Just a little ukelele, an instrument nobody plays
     So I got these blues, I feel so uke-less these days
     Ukelele-lay-lee, yeah, that's me
     I feel so little, man I feel 'bout two feet tall
     All them other instruments make me feel so small
     Yeah, my ole self-esteem, hardly got any left at all
     (so, I got these)
     Ukelele-nobody plays me blues
     Yes, no one seems t' need me, ain't this music business cruel
     I am obsolete ‘n useless, yeah it’s such a drag bein' so uncool
     'n wouldn't you know it, the only person who'd play me
     is some ole yodelin' fool, so I got these
     (Yeah, I got these) UKELELE YODELIN' BLUES
    ©2000 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 02:41 Lyrics New Blue Yodel

    Written by: MARK BRINE

     There's a new blue yodel
     Let me sing it here for you
     There's a new blue yodel
     Let me sing it here for you
     Jimmie Rodgers he done start it
     'N I'm 'a gonna see it through
     Cause the world goes 'round
     'N nuthin' ever really (gonna) change
     'Cause the world goes 'round
     'N nuthin' ever really (gonna) change
     Yeah, its just like one big circle
     It's bound t' come around again
     You know the blues been with us
     Ever since the world began
     Adam and Eve done start it
     Back when the world began
     'N its bound t' still be with us
     When the good Lord He returns again
     It don't matter where you're from
     Its only where ya goin' to
     How can ya go forward
     When you're always lookin' back of you
     Yeah, even Jimmie, he'd tell ya
     Its time t' look t' new
     So, there's a new blue yodel
     Gonna sing it here for you
     Yeah, there's a new blue yodel
     Gonna sing it here for you
     Jimmie Rodgers, he done start it (I know)
     But I'm gonna see it through
    ©1992 Black Pottery Music(BMI)/Rig Rock Songs(BMI)
  • 03:15 Lyrics Plea for Forgiveness

    Written by: MARK BRINE

    I was driving down the road, the other day
    Coming to a red light I stopped there to wait
    When I overheard through my window a man in a crowd
    Screamin’ “BLACK POWER” with such anger and hate
    Sitting there in my sadness my mind drifted back
    To the sixties ‘n how I marched and how I  truly believed in all that
    Yes, that men are equal and universal Brothers in one
    Like Jesus once taught us to forgive and to love
    But it seems like no matter how hard that we try
    t’ make up for wrongs we just can’t let ‘em die
    Innately we’re all trapped in our self serving greed
    For power and money so no one is free
    Yeah, its us against them and them against us
    There ain’t hardly no one in this world you can trust
    Except  for dear God so we put our belief
    in Him ‘n ignore his true road to peace
    Yeah, its white against black and poor against rich
    Muslims against Jews, Protestants and Cath’lics
    Yeah, everyone’s fightin’ too self-righteous to see
    That it ain’t good for nothing except more misery
    What a sad world it is and it just breaks my heart
    How mankind is so hell-bent on bein’ apart
    When the answers so simple ‘n in the words of Our Lord
    Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called
    The children of God
    ©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:53 Lyrics Rebel

    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Everybody called you REBEL
     A nonconfromist too.. 'cause
     You didn't like to do the things
     that normal people do
     They warned you youd be
     Dead and gone before age 22
     All that fast pace-living, son
     Is gonna take its toll on you
     Rebel, what you running from anyhow
     You live like there's no tomorrow in sight
     Try'na get it all in now rebel
     Whatcha runnin' from anyhow
     Abandoned like the joker card
     That don't belong inside the deck
     Fighting with a death wish
     That's always s breathing down your neck
     You're crazy, you're mixed up
     'n you're so confused
     You're the loner in the crowd
     With a complex screaming at you
     With a voice inside so loud
    ©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
  • 03:37 Lyrics And '¦ I'll Wait For You

    Written by:  MARK BRINE

     Dearest Kare-Angel (thief of my heart)
     Impatience … is a 'hurts-you'
     In patience … 'n true love …
    Forever … beyond all time
     'n when we're together again
     (at last!) you'll truly understand
     Jack Frost
     P.S. AND …
     Darlin' I'll be true
     And though we're miles apart
     You're right here in my heart
     And I'll wait for you
     Darlin' I'll be true (Darlin' I love you)
     Maybe I'm a fool to trust you, but I do
     Maybe in my absence you'll share love
     with someone new, still I'll wait for you
     Darlin' I'll be true
     But though we're miles apart your always in my heart
     And I'll wait for you cause darlin' I love you
     Tempting eyes, deceiving lies
     I'm sure you're gonna find them too
     But just remember like I do
     I'm so in love with you
     And so, I'll wait for
     Darlin' I love you
     I'll wait for you
     Yes, I'll wait for you
    ©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)
Following on the heels of 2003's highly acclaimed 'for Karrie,' Brine's new release chronicles the artist's career spanning over two decades and features highlights from earlier releases including his Grammy-nominated 'New Blue Yodel' tribute to Jimmie Rodgers that led to a debut performance on the Grand Ole Opry with Hank Snow and the Rainbow Ranch Boys, as well as several previously unreleased cuts.

The title track, 'Fortunes,' is a new cut and was written by Ola Belle Reed, a traditional balladeer and claw hammer banjo player who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and aspired to become one of the most influential forces in the traditional music scene. Given Ola Belle's roots, it seemed a fitting tribute that a portion of the sales of the CD go directly to benefit children and their families in Appalachia.

There are also two new stand out tracks, '(You Are) My Sweet Dream' with shades of the melancholy 'Miss the Mississippi and You' and 'The Parlor Song' that underscores Brine's ability to write and produce songs so full of nostalgic imagery that it has become his trademark. The closing tracks are two bonus cuts from 'Songs and Music from The Carol,' the soundtrack from his novel/audio book, 'The Carol - the True Folk Legend of Jack Frost,' a time-traveling Christmas tale of stories and songs woven around the saga of Jack Frost scheduled for release later in 2004.

A veteran of the Nashville music industry, Brine was signed with two record labels as both a staff writer and roster artist and has become widely known for his compelling songwriting, stylistic guitar playing and at times the social content of his songs. With his roots firmly planted in tradition, he continues to consistently combine all of his early influences from American roots music and the blues to his passion for folk and his latest offering is no exception. "Listen closely ... and you will hear what roots songwriting is all about." -- Roots Music Report.

Brine's cast of musicians includes stellar performances by some of Nashville's finest and beyond. Fiddler, David Russell (Boxcar Willie) filled in on several of the sessions for long time friend, Linda Joseph who teamed up with Brine at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in the 70's. Denis Colby on lead guitar (it's worth mentioning that while it's true Nashville is not want for exceptionally great guitar players, Colby should be their poster boy); Stacy Phillips (Bluegrass Union) on dobro, John Ownby on stand-up bass and drummer Rick Lonow (The Jamie Hartford Band and Burrito Deluxe) as well as a host of other characters fill out the lineup.

'Fortunes' is quintessential Americana and a rich and concise collection by this gifted singer / songwriter. The definitive collection for fans and the uninitiated listener alike, it offers a sampling of what others have come to associate with Brine's music. Geoffrey Himes summed it up best when he wrote in The Baltimore Citypaper , "Some of his songs are sentimental, some of them are preachy, but the best of them quickly get to the heart of the matter ... and all of them are delivered in an utterly distinctive voice -- a twangy, crusty tenor full of yearning, laughter, and unexpected power."

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