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Ay'ee Lou'siana (alternate take)

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by:  MARK BRINE

 The crescent moon is shining down on Lou’siana
 Reflectin' off 'a the bayou water
 The music's playing down in the French Quarter
 'n evenin' it just keeps growing hotter
 Ay … eee … Lou’siana
 Ay … eeeeee … eeeeee
 Rose perfume drifts through the romantic evenin’
with the smell of the crayfish boilin' 'n steaming
 The Cajuns are dancing and they have me believin'
 that once you are here, there is no chance of leavin'
 The guitars are strumming, accordions playin'
 The hour is late but there's still celebration
 In the cool moonlit night, the lovers are swayin'
 While young ones in barefeet about them are playin'
©2003 Black Pottery Music (BMI)

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