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The '˜God Will Be Up' Lullaby

Mark Brine
Mark Brine


Written by:  MARK BRINE

 Lullaby – Good Night
 Leave your worries with God
 He'll be up all night anyway
 Watching over his flock
 Like the Good Shepherd does
 'Til morning brings the light of day
 Lullaby its true
 He holds me and you
 In his warm loving arms like sheep
 And protects us from the world
 So now every boy and girl
 Close your eyes and go to sleep
 GOD WILL BE UP all night anyway
 With his angels to watch you
 'Til the break of day (in every way)
 So don’t fear my little dear
 'Cause God will be up all night anyway
 Lullaby - sweet dreams
 Leave your cares with Him
 He'll be up to turn on the light
 And protect you in this world
 Every little boy and girl
 Till this time again tomorrow night …
 and then …
©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)

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