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Bouncin' in the Buggy

by Mark Brine

Released 2019
Released 2019
  • 02:26 Lyrics Bouncin' in the Buggy

    Written by: Douglas Atkin & Mark Brine

    Bouncin', Bouncin', Bouncin'... in the Buggy
    You 'n me... takin' a ride... through the countryside
    Up 'n down... all around... in this crazy world (that) we're found
    Bouncin' (3x)... in the Buggy

    1. Will you ride in my Buggy?... Will you sit close by my side?
    Will you promise me forever?... 'n be my lovely Bride?
    Will you be the light that guides me?... The Wind inside my Sails?
    Will you ride in my Buggy... through the rough 'n rocky trails... Wooo...

    (Repeat Chorus)

    2. It's 'a little slow goin'... I know!... in a world of speed 'n rush
    But, I prefer to take my time... Who needs that kind 'a fuss?
    It's an empty road, less traveled... So, we can do whatever we please
    Just you 'n me... Bouncin' along... in a rumblin' Buggy seat... Whew!...

    (Repeat Chorus)

    ©2019 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)/Doug & Larry Music (BMI)

The Alfalfa Yodel

by Mark Brine

Released 2019
Kjk Recordings
Released 2019
Kjk Recordings
"Wild Blue Yodeler" -- Billboard
  • 02:47 Lyrics The Alfalfa Yodel

    Written by Mark Brine

    1. Just 'cause I had a cowlick... 'n sometimes sang a bit out of key
    You always used to call ma "Alfalfa"... 'n tease 'n aggravate me
    -yes, 'n just 'cause I looked like a beanpole then.. with my britches
    an inch or two high...
    that weren't no reason, Miss Smarty Pants... to be makin' me feel
    awkward 'n shy...

    Chorus 1: Yeah, you always used to call me "Alfalfa"...
    You never could tease me enough...
    'n all the while, I could hear my heart singin' out to you...
    I'm in the mood for love...

    2. That Tomboy stage... them knuckle sandwiches... I was glad
    when you grew out of that!
    But, they were only to be replaced... with them slaps on my face
    oh, those teen years I spent holdin' back

    3. But, then it all turn backwards... 'n soon there-afterwards
    you fell in love with me...
    So, I changed your name... But, no matter what else I change
    that nickname will forever haunt me...

    Chorus 2: Yes,  to this day, you still call me "Alfalfa"
    you still can tease me enough...
    But, all the while, I still hear my heart singin' out to you...
    I'm in the mood for love...

    (Tag) Yes, darlin', it's true... Alfalfa loves you...
    'n I'm still in the mood for love.. with just you

    ©1993 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)

Wild Blue Yodeler -- Billboard

Real Special Feelin'

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