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"Farm Girl is a timeless Americana gem, weaving tales of love and life. With over four decades in the industry, Brine's voice, described as comfortable as a favorite coat, paints vivid pictures of early rural American roots. A true storyteller, make him a standout in Americana music." -- Radio X5 Stereo


"I could listen to him sing all night long … he does a good job that boy does." -- Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree Appearance 1980


"A fine young man who I think has a great future." -- Hank Snow, Grand Ole Opry Debut 1992


"Wild Blue Yodeler" -- Billboard


"His Jimmie Rodgers tribute record was one of the great listening experiences of this reviewer's year to date. A DISCovery Award Winner for sure." -- Robert K. Oermann, Music Row


“Opry-worthy” –- Village Voice


"Since migrating from Cambridge, Mass to Nashville some four decades ago, Mark Brine has carved out a strong reputation as an uncompromising traditionalist on the country music scene which has made him one of the elder statesmen of Americana." -- Shaun Dale, Cosmik Debris Magazine


With each and every recording, Brine cements his standing among the best singer/songwriters ever.” -–  Music Monthly


Outstanding” –- Roots & Rhythm


“Brine knows his stuff well enough to know that there was a time in this country when blues, country, jazz, gospel and popular song were not nearly as isolated from each other as they are today.”  -- Baltimore City Paper


“Combining all of his early influences from country and the blues to his passion for folk, Brine lives up to the laudable media attention he’s received … with a unique sound, comparable to so few these days, we expect to hear a lot more from this artist.” – Tammy Phillips,


Mark Brine has been giving fans of Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Snow et al what they need to keep ‘em real for most of the 90’s … songs of love, hardship, faith and redemption with a front porch pulse.”  -- Grant McAllum, Real Groove


“Check this guy out, then you’ll see what Hank Snow, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Grammy Awards people are talking about.”  -- Boston Sound Check


His career has pursued the path of a truly independent artist – someone who follows his soul and does things his own way … his ability to write and produce has made his name synonymous with quality.” -– Doug Floyd,


He’s got his finger on the pulse of America, and he’s what country music might have evolved to had it had the chance to do it normally”  -- Bob Everhart, Tradition Magazine


Mark Brine must be Americana’s best kept secret … I tell you, I am absolutely knocked out by "for Karrie" and its warm stories and beautiful picking.” – Pete Smith, Country Music Round Up  


“Brine could easily have been added to the cast of ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou’ without raising an eyebrow.” - – James McSweeney, Flyin Shoes


“Real Americana Music” -– New York Street Beat


Listen closely and you will hear what roots songwriting is all about.” -– Roots Music Report