1. Amen
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Written by: MARK BRINE

You and your evil message you are Satan’s advocates
Spreadin’ his spiritual A.I.D.S. to our young, impressionable kids
It makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear your trash
Clutterin’ up the airwaves sellin’ your souls away for cash

Promoting the god you’ve chosen here on earth in what you say
With your arrogant disposition you are going to have your day

Sellin’ suicide and distorted life ‘n when it all hits the fan
You run off ‘n hide your spineless self ‘n wash your blood-stained dirty hands

Yeah, it’s off to your sin-bought mansion cryin’ “nobody understands”
But, I’ll tell you what Mr. Superstar fool the rest of the world if you can

‘Cause I can see right thru your make-up and your snarlin’ 8 x 10s
There’s a day of reckoning comin’ and when it gets here I’ll say “Amen!”

Yes, your rewards foretold in the Lord’s own words why don’t you take a look sometime
In the Good Book Luke Seventeen verse two ‘n it’s all just a matter of time
©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)