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Written by: MARK BRINE

The raven swoops down 'n in through the sliver-like street
You follow as it glides through the darkness ... the narrow 'n bleak
into the dismal haze that has settled, complete like a fog ... thickly silent...
running down Amity Street

In the attic, hunched over a desk like a madman in chains that caress
He writes in a flickering candle-lit-ness
his shadow quivering on the wall's yellow-ness
'n his thoughts they wander away down Amity Street

Chorus: Oh, if the world only knew
the pain that you suffered through
(2. That they put you through)
the rejection 'n poverty (2.sadness) too
the Artists, they always mis-use
the Gifted, they forever abuse ... Yes,
Edgar, it's just too true
�2008 Mark Brine Music (BMI)