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In God They Trusted
Written by: MARK BRINE

IN GOD THEY TRUSTED, in God they came (went)
In God they endured beyond all the pain (no matter what they were sent)
Thru sufferings and toils to a new found land (in this)
In God they trusted to lend (them) His hand

They sailed for the New World missionaries on a quest
The Promised Land, Plymouth Rock each day further west
And in all their hard travels no mater how dreams got dusted
They never turned back for in God they trusted

In the Revolutionary War one nation under Him
Fought against tyranny ‘n was blessed to win and
In the Civil War they all prayed in a song
Yes, when this country was divided they sang His truth marches on

In God they trusted, in God they marched
Thru the death and the mis’ry with that song in their hearts
Thru the mud and the blood thru the terrible fight
In God they trusted to lead them to right

The World War’s came and they turned to Him
Believin’ in freedom and that He’d help them again
‘N in the good times as well you’d always hear them sing
God Bless American from shore t’ shore it would ring yes

In God they trusted, in God they’d sing
In the schoolrooms’ ‘n just everywhere you’d hear it ring
For the blessings He’d shown for the freedoms they’d known
In God they trusted never standing alone

Then this nation forgot all that He’d brought them thru
Turning their backs on the God they once knew
‘til they slowly unraveled ‘n lost all they had
‘N the world still remembers them in this epitaph sad

In God they trusted in God they received
In God they did things almost too great t’ believe
But in God they grew tired too (high ‘n) mighty to tell
And for that very reason in God they fell
©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)