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Old Folkies At Home
Written by: MARK BRINE

Callin’ up talk radio complainin’ on the phone
Everybody gets their fifteen minutes to moan
Yeah, the old folkies at home

Sittin’ on a sofa all alone
Watchin’ the world news
Where’d it all go wrong?
Pointin’ the remote another station flicks on
For the old folkies at home

And, it’s women who love men who loved folk music
Who’ve lived t’ see Hattie Carroll played out in reverse
In the carnival courtrooms where justice puts
Another (a different) tragicomedy mask on
For the old folkies at home

The old folkies at home
Livin’ in the aftermath of an
Age, that’s so unknowin’
Of everything they worked for … and
Sang about in song, yes, the old folkies at home

©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)