1. One Big Body
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Written by: MARK BRINE

Chorus: This World is ONE BIG BODY try'na stay alive
I need you, you need me, we work together to survive
Like the heart that pumps its life-givin' blood
Like the one hand that washes the other
This world is ONE BIG BODY... 'n we all need each other

If your heart refused to do its job ... oh, what trouble you'd be in
why, your members, they be hangin' around..with no means in which to begin
'n that's the very reason that our world is in this mess
too many lazy hearts, ungiving ... all try'na feed their selfishness. but
If your brain said to your feet, "Let's move, there's danger on the way"
'n your feet said, "No, I don't have t' ... I'm gonna stay right here 'n play"
well, we all know what'd come of you, but in the same breath, we can't see
how our world is headed down the very same path for its own stupidity, yes...
©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)